1. WannaBeHillBilly

    Another attempt to sell duck-eggs

    Hi Friends, i did not thought it would be so hard to sell duck eggs around Charleston, WV! In our first attempt on a farmer's market we barely broke even, just earned the money we'd paid for the table. I don't want to become stinky rich with duck-eggs, but it would be great if they'd pay the...
  2. Taylee

    1 week old Pekin duck need home C,CA

    Hey All! I have a special Pekin duck that was originally purchased for consumption as a balut egg. I didn't have the heart to let it pass on. So... with my make shift incubator I now have a healthy duckling who just happened to hatch on my birthday Unfortunately, I am moving out of the state...
  3. Kiki

    ➡I accidentally bought Balut eggs: 2 live ducks! Now a Chat Thread!

    THIS FIRST POST WILL BE UPDATED WITH LINKS TO CERTAIN POSTS. . He is HERE!!!! We hatched a baluttie! #10449 Monday July 9th shell peckers: morning#9346 evening #9782 BALUT ROUND #2 Started June 29, 2018! :celebrate Starts here:#7934 and #7957 My day one video: #8120 Day 2 video...
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