1. davidmpenning

    Correct Order for Specific Genetics in Breeding

    With all the research I’ve been doing, I’ve seen a lot about how to breed for certain genetic traits in a breed, line, and/or strain. I’ve read about how specific genes are dominant, recessive, etc. and what that means when two different chickens get together. I’ve played around with an online...
  2. TundraFang

    Breeding Project Ideas

    So my girls are starting to lay and I'm hoping to start a breeding project to learn more about genetics. Here's what I have to work with: Easter Egger Sapphire Olive Egger (Hens only) Amberlink (Hens only) Prairie Bluebell Egger (Hens only) Australorp Maran Orpington Wyandotte Brahma (Hens Only)...
  3. TundraFang

    Silkie feathering

    Hi, I bought some silkie chicks and most of them have hard feathering. I'm planning to breed the hard feathered ones with the chicks with the correct feathers. How many generations I'd need to breed before all the chicks I hatch have the fluffy Silkie feathering?
  4. K


    Hi Everyone I am Dominique a new chicken keeper., aspiring breeder. I started my flock with some Black Australorps about 6 months ago. I currently have Splash & blue australorp chicks that I am also raising. Exiting times! Dominique
  5. Gizmo Carp

    How long will unwanted male duck sperm stay in a female duck?

    I have multiple breeds of ducks that live together, but I plan on separating them by their breed, that way I’ll hopefully get true duckings of each breed. The problem is that I don’t know how long any unwanted male sperm will stay in the females eggs. Maybe 2 weeks or a little less? Thought I...
  6. M

    Disabled Rooster- can he mate?

    Hi all! So my ladies all got killed by a fox attack about a month ago. The sole survivor of the attack was my Leghorn Rooster who defended as best he could with the other rooster, our beloved creamy legbar who sadly died also. So Avalanche(our only remaining rooster) was left with bites and a...
  7. Adil_Ali

    ducks and chickens togethor?

    Hey there, i breed polish chickens, and I got ducklings a few weeks back. I’ve noticed that the ducks have no grown up and cause a huge mess 💩😭, and polish hens need a dry environment, do you recommend I sell the ducks/ make them a new coop? are ducks even suitable to keep with chickens...
  8. Adil_Ali

    Chicken isn’t laying after deworming

    Hey, I had a buff laced polish hen. Almost two years old, she was laying everyday or every other day, until I dewormed her. It’s been four days since deworming and still no eggs. What can I do cheers Adil
  9. Adil_Ali

    What does “self” mean?

    I’ve seen many posts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where people say “self” blue, or “self” white. What does the self mean? cheers Adil
  10. Adil_Ali

    Polish chickens

    Hey there im new to the website, however I had a question, what do i get if i breed a buff laced polish rooster with a white polish hen?
  11. Rose Quartz

    Future breeding rooster

    To start things off I can't say my barred rocks are anything special. They're all from backyard breeders so far as I know, and what offspring I've hatched myself. My highest goal is for non-aggressive roosters. However I'd also like to breed my birds toward the SOP. Even if I don't end up...
  12. Ashley4

    Change roosters

    I have read that you can still incubate your chicken's egg 30 days after no rooster. I am not sure if that is true or not, but my question is, if I change my rooster, how long do I toss eggs until I get the breed I want? Maybe not toss eggs....but you get what I mean.
  13. P

    Cornish X breed to a American gamefowl

    I'm curious if can I breed my gamefowl to my cornish x, I really wanted to have new chicks can i able to breed them?
  14. davidmpenning

    Adding Naked Neck (Turkens) into Breeding Program

    Has anyone tried (or thought about) adding some Turkeys/Naked Neck gene into their sustainable meat program? From what I’ve read, the NN gene carries so many benefits - easier plucking, more meat production (especially in the breast), more resistant to diseases, great mothers, good taste...
  15. Zoohtasim

    Budgie breeding 101

    I know this is a chicken forum but if someone here finds this post helpful, I'll be more than happy! Soooo, you wanna breed budgies? You're in the rrright place! So, lets start with, why? Maybe you just bought them and want some eggs real fast? I know that feeling, I was like that too. But you...
  16. OrlandoMama

    No eggs yet but breeding

    My flock is 17 weeks and 1 day and with the exception of my rooster that was gifted to me that’s for sure over a year. I have 2 rhode island reds, 2 light brahmas, and two prairie bluebell easter eggers. I have seen absolutely none of the girls squat or lay eggs but for the last few days I’ve...
  17. Hannahnic14

    Breeding pair question

    So, I have ended up with too many roosters, (as one does) but I seem to have the same breed hen for each rooster if that makes sense? My question is, can I keep them together as breeding pairs without any problems? Or would I need multiple hens for the roos? I want them kept as pairs for several...

    *POLL*What do you consider too much money for a chick ?

    Ok, guys. @Overo Mare @The Moonshiner @Nabiki @nicalandia @Kiki @ChicKat @Conan @muddy75 @Sapphire Sebright @ColtHandorf @casportpony @room onthebroom @Redhead Rae Please tag whoever else you can to join in. This is something I've been thinking about for a bit. My wife and I were conversing...
  19. Ari_m

    How are the various colors in one breed developed?

    I haven’t been able to find any articles about this- not even sure how to search for it. All that comes up are egg colors.... I love how there are so many varieties in colors within a breed. I know that people usually introduce another breed and keep breeding, culling, and selecting for the...
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