1. T


    If I crossed a naked neck x cochin, is it better to cross the offspring with the nacked neck or the Cochin? Or should I cross the offspring together?
  2. A

    Breeding blue egg laying Olandsk Dwarfs?

    Hi all, So I recently fell in love with Olandsk Dwarfs. They are so pretty, and I just love the mille fleur coloring! They are a pretty scarce breed, so I am considering breeding them to the SOP and selling eggs and chicks. However, I also love colored eggs, and I was thinking of having a...
  3. McCluckster

    Lemon Blue Silkie Rooster?

    Hey there! One again back from a break to ask if this silkie rooster looks even a little bit close to Lemon Blue? I'm thinking about crossing Lemon Blue cochins with him to possibly make a Lemon Blue silkie. His mom was a buff, while his father was a black crossed blue(?). He hatched out...
  4. athomas718

    Eggs in Lockdown

    Hey guys, My daughter is hatching her second batch of eggs and we have the incubator in lockdown now. We have 12 eggs, and so far 8 of them have started wiggling. One has pipped externally. We are super excited for our second batch of backyard mutt chicks. So I just wanted to start a...
  5. S

    Coyote killed my Sweetgrass Tom

    I found the remains of my only sweetgrass Tom this morning. After all the work I put in to raise him and the sweetgrass females I planned to breed him to, it feels like a real kick in the teeth. Ever since the huge cold spell started the coyotes have been relentless in trying to get past the...
  6. D

    Does anyone know how a calico silkie like this could be replicated?

    Hello everyone! I recently came across this link to a Facebook page with AMAZING silkies 😍: Does anyone know how this color could possibly be made? The lady who bred them is retired now, but said that...
  7. Z

    Having fun with egg color genetics!

    Hello everyone! I never knew how deep into genetics you can dive when you start breeding and cross breeding to get fun variances! We have a mix of egg colors coming up in our flock and I’m looking for some help in better understanding the possible outcomes, and corrections on any wrong...
  8. L

    ISO Silver Hmong pullet or hen.

    I'm looking for a silver hmong pullet or hen. I attached a picture for reference. The picture is NOT one of my chickens. I already have a black hmong cockerel. I would like to have a breeding pair. Thank you for your time.
  9. SSHilltopHens

    Quality of stock from Greenfire Farms

    My boyfriend and I made the decision a few months ago to start breeding rare/endangered chicken breeds, and since then we have been working on acquiring good-quality stock from reputable breeders. We try to buy locally as much as possible, but we've had to drive upwards of 6 hours to obtain some...
  10. C

    Genetics question on breeding Cochins

    Hello all I am set up to breed Cochins. I have two roosters, a mottled and a lemon splash. My mottled carries black, some blue somewhere and mottled. My lemon splash carries all sorts of weird colors. He assumably carries buff and blue, but when I bred him to a lemon blue bird from his same...
  11. SSHilltopHens

    Intro/Where my TN folks at?

    Hey yall! I'm Alex, nice to meetcha 😀 Rocky Road the Fibro EE, Cassiopeia the Prairie Bluebell Egger and Pantera the Ayam Cemani. Fairly new chicken mama here (we got our first chicks back in February) who is just starting to dip my toes into breeding, so I've come to this forum to learn as...
  12. L

    Initial Clan mating

    I'm planning for clan mating / clan breeding. I've done research into it but still have some unanswered questions. I thought maybe I could bring them here and see if some of us can benefit by sharing thoughts and experiences. In a nutshell clan breeding is "at least three breeding pens of the...
  13. Itsacluckinconspiracy

    F2 Sexlink best practices

    What is the best practice for f2 breeding? I’ve looked high and low and only see how to create them, and am not locating information on how best to breed them or with what. My question is then what? Do I breed it back to the father or a brother 🤔 is there even a point it doing so? Is there a...
  14. goatsandpeacocks

    What color is this/should i breed him?

  15. Bella vista

    Polish breeding

    Can anyone tell me what color chicks I may expect by breeding my blue polish roo to a buff laced polish hen? Thanks!!
  16. A

    Partridge Chantecler X White Chantecler

    Does anyone know what the chicks would look like from a cross between the two Chanteclers; partridge over white? (Hope that's the correct terminology?) Thanks in advance! :)
  17. dublinducks

    Any Chance of Fertility?

    Recently we unexpectedly lost our favorite silkie rooster. He was absolutely perfect in type and my favorite color, splash. We affectionately called him Splish the splash silkie. When we lost Splish, we lost the ability to breed him. Our hens and roosters are kept separately from one another...
  18. Cloverr39

    Would this work? (Collecting eggs for hatching from 2 roosters & the same hens)

    I have a plan and a single pen for 2 different breeding projects. The same hens (I might take away some hens if I'm not looking for chicks from them from a specific roo), 2 diifferent roos. Let's call them roo1 and roo2. I want to collect/set eggs from roo1 in early February. I would seperate...
  19. C

    Breeding genetics advice needed for lavender

    I am new to this site so I will do my best. I was excited to get a lavender roo and in isabel lavender orpington hen Thinking I will get a lot more if I bred them together , After reading some previous threads about genetics, I know. I will need more than five minutes to grasp Everything. I'm...
  20. Cloverr39

    Will he get the hang of it?

    I have a 6 month old silkie cockerel. I've decided he is my keeper. I'm obviously keeping him for breeding purposes, so the fact he can't figure out how to mount hens is a little concerning. I'm not super worried yet, as he is only 6 months old and I only need to hatch chicks from him in 3-4...
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