1. pizzaduck

    Looking for photos of Call Ducks and Ducklings!

    Hello, As the title says, I'm looking for all kinds of pictures of call ducks, and if you have them, ducklings. I've noticed that it can be hard to find good pictures of different colours and especially of their colours when they are ducklings. I'm starting a project to create a complete...
  2. NikkiNik

    Can you tell the sex of my 20 day old Coturnix quail chicks by these feathers?

    Hi! I hatched 5 Coturnix quail chicks. I’d love to know your opinions on if my 20 day old chicks are male/female. Can you definitively tell at just 20 days? One photo is of the five quail chicks chests and the other photo is of the mom and dad which is obvious. I’ve only been doing this a few...
  3. D

    Can you breed the smallness out of bantam chickens by crossing them with a standard size?

    Can the smallness of bantams ever be bred out ?
  4. KhalSancho

    Ameraucana blue x lavender.. why or why not?

    So.. I’ve been scouring and still can’t find a clear answer.. I’ve raised chooks before but this will be our first attempt at breeding and I want to get it right.. Why is it that you don’t want to breed blue to lavender? Does it weaken genes? Is it just because of the colour they produce (if...
  5. TheChiggens

    Delaware~ CHAT Thread

    Thought I'd make a thread on Delewares knowing there a great breed! So talk away my enthusiasts! Also, I would like to see pics and hear from people trying to breed the purebred Deleware. I know for me I just have hatchery quality. But still find them AMAZING birds :love Here is Little...
  6. TheChiggens

    A Big Cycle

    Howdy! So recently I have grown interested In managing the flock by hatching eggs every time a birds dies. replenishing the flock. Basically a giant family/life cycle. Obsiosly trying each time to select the birds expressing traits I like. Anyone tried this? What was your experience?
  7. B

    Neighbors Birds

    Hello Everyone! Our neighbor raised 4 turkeys this spring. The males are are very friendly and tame. There are 3 males and 1 female. Will the female be injured in the spring by the males? They are very large, and I'm afraid the might hurt her. She is too skittish to put a saddle on. Any...
  8. OneMountainAcres

    Hen/turkey Saddles

    Protect your hen's backs from the Spurs and claws of your roos and toms! My handmade hen saddles are denim backed for strength with patterned fabric on top for looking great! X-small (Serama/seabright)- 2 for $10 Bantam (silkie sized)- $6.50 LF chicken- $8 Heritage turkey- $12 Broad breasted...
  9. L

    Breeding Question

    How do i get my oegb hens to lay more eggs in the winter I'm trying to breed them in winter i live in north Georgia
  10. F

    Holding two female ducks together ?

    Hello. I want to Keep this as short as possible but knowing myself the Question probably will be quit Long. I live in Germany and 5 years ago we found an lonely duckling. Back then we tried to go the the river that was near by but there wasnt a single female duck with other ducklings. We tried...
  11. AltonaAcres

    To breed or not to breed (rabbit)

    Happy Fall everyone! So I got a Black Mini Rex doe three weeks ago. I got her off of craigslist, a lady was selling the last of her bunnies as she is now in college. I named the bunny Zinnia. She is one and a half years old. Very healthy, active, and curious. Her pedigree has lot's of show...
  12. WallyBirdie

    Polish and Guinea Affair?

    My White Crested Polish, the one who steadfastly insists on tagging along with the juvenile guineas, is ready to lay any day now. She's been squatting! Thing is, she has access to different nesting boxes, and she keeps trying to squat/lay in the dame place as my adult guinea hen. Is that...
  13. W

    Male king quail not interested in mating

    hi everyone, I’d like some help on knowing why my male king quail does not appear to be interested in mating and any suggestions on solutions please. 2 weeks ago, the mate of our male king quail died suddenly and we suspect that it was due to overly aggressive mating behaviour from the male...
  14. rocking chickens

    Breeding Question

    Will this work? Here is the calculator I used Chicken Plug-in Calculator. To make eggs blue without beard and muff w/ pea comb Brahma (Columbia light) over silver partridge Easter egger Male F1 without ear tuft over Female F1 without ear tuft Male F2 without beard over Female F1 without...
  15. Jraba1315

    What are the best and worst chickens for breeding?

    I am looking to start breeding chickens and selling the fertilized eggs/chicks. I think I am going to do BBS Ameraucana, BBS Orpingtons, BBS Marans, or Favacauna's. What are your opinions on breeding those chickens? And what do you think are the best chickens to breed to make money/break even...
  16. Jraba1315

    Is a BBS Ameraucana and a Favorella mix considered a BBS Favacauna?

    I'm considering what chickens to breed and I was wondering if my BBS Ameraucana and my Favorella rooster would have BBS Favaucana chicks. If they don't then how do you make them?
  17. jojo2bobo3

    What would these babies be?

    I recently bought a new male at the beginning of breeding season. I was told he was an IB split to Purple WE Peacock. (picture attached) But he has a White Primary Flight feather on both sides, and it is just the one front feather. Because of this i was told he could be a IB Pied Split to purple...
  18. ASteelman

    Aspiring Breeder & Exhibitor

    Hi everyone! My name is Adrienne. I am new to the forum, but not to chickens. I think I ordered my first batch of chicks from a hatchery five, maybe six years ago? Most of those chickens are long gone now unfortunately, due to predators getting into their coop. My husband and I have gotten a...
  19. N

    Breeding silkie hens with non-silkie roosters

    Morning. We're rehoming our flock and one friend wants our two little silkie hens for the purpose of breeding with her full-size, half-silkie roooster. We were concerned that silkie hens might not be up to the task of breeding with full-size rooster. They are so small, but have been laying for...
  20. Citychickengal

    Isabel cochins?

    Do Isabel cochins exist in the US? I think the color is gorgeous and I’d love to find some, but I’m not having any luck. Does anyone know names/contact info of anyone who breeds them? If not, can anyone point me in the direction of some good info on genetics and how I’d even go about breeding...
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