bully behavior

  1. CCsRanch

    Mean rooster

    Help! I'll try to look around at previous notes, but one of our 4 'pullets' turned out to be a rooster. He's six months old and not been too mean to the hens until yesterday, when I found that one of the two year old hens we have has been injured on the head and won't move or eat. I separated...
  2. B

    Cockerel bullying pullets. Help!

    Our cockerel (4 months old) is bullying all of our pullets (4 months and 3 month) he jumps on top of them and starts pecking at their head, all the other cockerels peck the pullets at nighttime when they're about to roost. We're keeping the bully rooster that jumps on hens in a coop outside...
  3. BestDiscoMan13

    What chicken should I get?

    What chicken should I get? More importantly what chicken fits me? I want a chicken around 4-5 pounds so they are around the same size of my Easter Eggers so it’s not much bullying or fighting what so ever. I want a nice breed that’s some what around 4-5 pounds any ideas? What would get along...
  4. SemiQ

    My quail can't get along? URGENT

    I have two female quail that are having trouble getting along. For context, I have a wild coloured one called Rigby and a Italian coloured one called Butter (Rigby is slightly larger in size). They have laid eggs so I know they are both female. Rigby was hand -raised alone, while Butter was...
  5. hot_breakfast

    How to stop older hens from bullying younger hens?

    I recently got 2 young hens, both of them are around 2-3 months old. My older hens are around 1 year and 4 months old, and they won't stop bullying the younger ones. The little ones are too scared to even come out and drink water. What should I do?
  6. D

    Buff orpingron doesn't like husband

    I have 2 bufforpingrons... we got them as eggs and have raised them. The will hopefully begin producing eggs in late September early October. About a month ago, the less dominant hen has begun "bullying" my husband: pecks, charges, growls or yells anytime he is near her-- and no one else. Why...
  7. DuckyLuv

    Help!!! Bully in the playground.

    Hi, I raised my Khaki Campbell from the egg 9 years ago; she provided me a bounty of eggs for many years. She stopped laying eggs several years ago and shortly after that, she developed a tail curl feather. She maintains her hen quack. Has anyone else ever had this happen??? If so, how did...
  8. spiritpots

    Why is one of my chickens molting in July?

    I hope someone can help me with this! I have three new chickens (now 16 weeks old) and have been in the process of integrating them to my existing flock of three chickens (each about 17 months old) for the last several weeks. Today I noticed that one of the existing chickens, a Maran, has...
  9. MBH

    Help!! Momma hen turned mean

    Need some help! We have had backyard chickens for three years now. Our one hen gets broody every spring, the first time we tried to break it but then gave up and got her hatching eggs. She was a great mom had a little trouble when the babies first hatched, but then raised them like a pro. We...
  10. BigBlueHen53

    Three Nights in Jail, Right?

    Three nights for a bully hen, right? Our older flock consists of eight hens and a year-old rooster who has just earned his spurs, so to speak. The younger flock is 14 weeks old and yes, we did integrate them a little early by a couple of weeks but for the most part it's going well. The chicklets...
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