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  1. chicken3fly

    adventures of KINGDOMVILLE! *****Sparkling toy RP******Chat thread

    Hi please leave all comments that are not RP related here Thank you!
  2. orloffer

    orloffer's Nest

    Welcome to orloffer's Nest! :frow orloffer's Nest is intended to be a kind and positive thread where BYC members can chat, share their poultry (and other pet/animal) photographs and stories, and share and discuss their hobbies and projects, &c. Anyone and everyone is invited to jump in! This...
  3. TheChiggens

    Calling All Nature Lovers! (chat thread)

    To all of you who love nature! Let's chat, share pictures, share stories AND HAVE FUN! Let me start it off. Have any of you ever had a close encounter with some kind of predator? I have with a mountain lion!
  4. TheChiggens

    Delaware~ CHAT Thread

    Thought I'd make a thread on Delewares knowing there a great breed! So talk away my enthusiasts! Also, I would like to see pics and hear from people trying to breed the purebred Deleware. I know for me I just have hatchery quality. But still find them AMAZING birds :love Here is Little...
  5. Claires Poultry

    Duck Lovers Unite! - *A Chat Thread*

    Hi fellow duck lovers! :frow I am a crazy duck lady. I love ducks like crazy! This is a thread where duck lovers can unite and share their passion for ducks. Feel free to post pictures and stories of your ducks, especially pictures! I LOVE seeing pictures of ducks! Everyone is welcome EXCEPT...
  6. Claires Poultry

    Elly, Clucky, and Fluffy's Chat Thread

    Hi everyone! :frow Welcome to our chat thread! This is a chat thread that me, @cluckmecoop7, and @FluffTheDuck are hosting. There will be chatting, pictures, stories, and more! But remember: Please Read First A) By participating in this chat, we promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and...
  7. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Thread *COME JOIN THE CHAT!*

    Come Join The Chat with Cluckmecoop7! I own chickens: I own fish: So why not share stories, pictures, facts, etc. about our pets????? I made another thread sort of like this one, but it did not get very many replies. It only went to page 3. I want this thread to GET...
  8. ejtrout31

    farmers life

    so this is a chat thread for all us crazy farmers. To become close and have a good laugh. I will start with introducing my self- I am a small town girl born and raised in 4-h and ffa i am currently in high school i have always had chickens, cattle, rabbits,ducks, barn cats and a dog. I am the...
  9. 9SpiceyChickens

    The Normals Chat Thread!

    The shop is cold today. I yawn, scared of what might happen if I fall asleep again. And they find me... I look around, wanting to see if Rhiannon is here yet. She would come with Pierce, obviously. I decided to text her. R U coming? She responds, Ya, brt Brooke. I set up my jazz music, and...
  10. 9SpiceyChickens

    My Flock!

    Hey, it's Kate! Pull up a chair, we're going to chat about chooks, dooks, and geesies (and other poultry). Today, I would like to start out with some pics :) :love So, um ya, I'll try to get bi-weekly updates!
  11. Gypsy77

    The Remaining Wolves OCC

    This is where we discuss about the Remaining Wolves roleplay or what we feel like. Also, post the character sheets. Here's a link back to the roleplay:
  12. Fanci Feathers Marans

    Chessmen Chat

    Aye, back again are ye? Well, that's fine. Right fine indeed. Here, help yourself to some toast and jam while I get the tea 'a brewin. Hope you don't mind me pipe... I met a Dryad once that just hated the smell. What? You say ye like it? Well, so do I. T'ain't nothin nothin quite like a warm...
  13. Thing2

    They Feed Off Fear - A Demon/Shapeshifter Role-Play Chat Thread

    Here's the chat thread! Post any questions, concerns, etc. here! Or just chat. :)
  14. RiverStorm

    Writing Chat Thread!

    Hello there! This is a chat thread for writers, authors, role-players, and people who hope to/plan on writing! You can talk about world building, character building, giving/sharing tips, how to stop writers block, authors you admire, books you like, why you like certain books, how to make a...
  15. PouleNoire

    ♞Equestrian Chat Thread!♞

    Hello!:frow Welcome to the equestrian chat thread! This thread is for anyone who absolutely adores horses or just rides every so often! No one if left behind! If you ride, train, breed, show, drive, etc, welcome this is the thread for you! I am so excited to get to meet others who are as...
  16. DiamondSwan

    ◇DiamondSwan's Phenomenal Chat Thread!◇

    Hey, everyone! :D Glad ya joined. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like you or not, but I'll welcome ya anyway and pretend like I know you already on this boring, white page of nothingness. OF COARSE I'LL LIKE YOU!! I LIKE EVERYONE!!! * *If you're a nice person WELCOME TO...
  17. Amer

    A Wisp of Sand chat thread.

    All Byc rules apply. I made it cause I have a Role Play. I don't know if anyone is going to chat on here, but I made it so people can if they want.
  18. Feather Hearts

    Duck Owners Chat Thread

    I'm wondering how many of you guys own ducks, or have owned ducks. I have a ton of ducks, muscovies, pekins, appleyards, the lot! Post pics and stuff here to!
  19. RiverStorm

    Bonded (A Planetary RP) Chat Thread!!

    will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum. B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages. C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or...
  20. LilJoe

    ~/*The Wonderous Three's Chat Thread!*\~

    Hello, I decided to make this thread for fun stuff! Chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys, geese... etc. any animal! Anything you would like to talk about is welcome here! (Only one rule; follow all rules! All BYC rules apply!) You are probably wondering what the name of this thread means... My...
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