1. cluckmecoop7

    The Clucky Coop Adventures - 2020 CHAT

    Hello, :frow Welcome! Want some mealworms? This thread is called "The Clucky Coop Adventures". This is my 2020 chat/updates thread. I'm hoping to update it daily. I will be sharing **LOTS** of pictures and stories + updates and questions. I'll start with my pets: I have a small flock of six...
  2. TheChiggens

    Hop Up On The Roost! [Roleplay]

    I never have done a roleplay but I'm going to give it a try since The theme for this is your flock of chickens meeting for the first time! And going about your daily tasks! laying eggs, dustbathing, eating treats from your owner! Here is the character sheet~ Name- Rocky Breed- Dominque rooster...
  3. TheChiggens

    What Breeds are Going Extinct?

    Does anyone know what breeds are going extinct? I know they are heritage breeds. Also, does anyone else has experience with trying to keep these heritage birds pure and alive.
  4. MysticUniKitty

    2020 Flock And General Chit Chat

    Hi! We had so much fun with 2019 Flock journey that I wanted to continue it for the new year! Totally open for chatting, chicken updates, and general Flock gossip! Enjoy and let the new year of chicken was begin!! :jumpy
  5. TheChiggens

    The Cat Chat Thread

    I know there are probably lots of cat lovers out there so I decided to make a thread where you can post pictures share stories etc. SO let the fun begin! :celebrate
  6. TheChiggens

    FIND Hidden Pictures

    Anyone can post pictures with a hidden objects and everyone else is trying to find them! It can be any theme. (Christmas preferred) How long can we keep this going??? SO LET THE SEARCH BEGIN!!! :celebrate Can you find the brown feather, black pot, and grey feather? Good luck!
  7. TheChiggens

    What is Your Favorite Christmas Dish? (PARTY!)

    For me, we have coffee cake and YUM IS IT GOOD! :drool:drool:drool What do other people look forward to eating at Christmas? Let's make this chat long! (foods my favorite topic aside from chickens!)
  8. TheChiggens

    Anyone Who Is Bored CHAT

    Anyone wanna start a poultry-related or none poultry-related conversation by saying something. And then we can continue to express our viewpoints or stories etc. And see how far we can go. Lol just kinda bored. So how about I start it off- What your Christmas traditions? What do you eat? What's...
  9. TheChiggens

    Show Off This Years Pullets/Roos!

    Show off pics or chat about this year's pullets/roos here!
  10. TheChiggens

    Pencil/Painting Chickens CHAT

    I have just started trying this out and I suggest you try to! It's hard at first but if you understand the basic body of different breeds it not too hard! I do hope to see people in this chat! I haven't seen many on this topic though. I just use a pencil and colored pencils. And blend it to...
  11. TheChiggens

    Dominique/Barred Rock Thread

    Dominique~ Bird of the pilgrims! Primary Use: Meat and eggs Egg Production (annual): 230 Eggs Size: Large Temperament: Forager, docile, personable, hardy Egg Color: Brown Origin: U.S.
  12. TheChiggens

    Everything Buff ~Chat

    Post pictures Share stories about any chicken BUFF! Orpington, Brahma etc. You know what to do!
  13. john_wrightson2003

    Educational Hatch Adventure and Chat Thread!!!!

    So, i will be getting some silkie eggs from a bycer who has been so amazing to work with! And I should be receiving them the second week or so of November! I may also be getting some Lavender orpington eggs to hatch with them!!! So to fill the time between me getting them, and then the time...
  14. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Thread *COME JOIN THE CHAT!*

    Come Join The Chat with Cluckmecoop7! I own chickens: I own fish: So why not share stories, pictures, facts, etc. about our pets????? I made another thread sort of like this one, but it did not get very many replies. It only went to page 3. I want this thread to GET...
  15. MelissaRose

    MelissaRose's Chat Thread

    Hello all! I wanted to start a chat thread to meat some new peeps on the forum and hang out with some I already know. So just introduce yourself, you don't have to say your real name if you don't want to, and maybe share something about yourself. What kind of poultry you have, your hobbies...
  16. ejtrout31

    farmers life

    so this is a chat thread for all us crazy farmers. To become close and have a good laugh. I will start with introducing my self- I am a small town girl born and raised in 4-h and ffa i am currently in high school i have always had chickens, cattle, rabbits,ducks, barn cats and a dog. I am the...
  17. puffypoo


    I had a dream last night, that we got more chickens. Obviously The Best kind of dream! I tend to have those ones a lot. In my dream, we brought home a TON of chickens. Our coop was miraculously bigger than it is currently. Lots of easter eggers, ameraucanas, and mille fleur d'Uccles (some of...
  18. Peachfuzz221

    Suggestions - Reading Watching, etc.

    Hello everybody! I am basically looking for recommendations on just about anything and everything; books, movies, music, hobbies, etc. Consider this a thread where you can just drop and share your favorite things and maybe have a little chat with me about them. I am using this thread as an...
  19. Nats Chickens

    Aussie Chicken Owners!!

    Okay, I know there aren't many Aussies on BYC, so this could be a massive fail. But, everyone who's Aussie and owns chickens, come chat HERE!
  20. RiverStorm

    Writing Chat Thread!

    Hello there! This is a chat thread for writers, authors, role-players, and people who hope to/plan on writing! You can talk about world building, character building, giving/sharing tips, how to stop writers block, authors you admire, books you like, why you like certain books, how to make a...
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