1. M

    Hen or roo? 14 weeks roughly

    I'm not sure. At first I thought hen... makes a lot of noise but no neck stretching and crowing... squares up against my other hen one and awhile
  2. Y

    Possible Easter Egger Cockerel

    this is my first flock, and i’ve identified this “hen” as an easter egger due to the green legs, however the tail feathers are starting to make me think “she” is a “he”. Comb and wattle say hen (IMO) but like i said, first time raising chickens since i was 8-10 years old, so could use the expert...
  3. M

    Early signs of agression in Roos/Cockerels

    I have my first ever flock, we kept one rooster out of all the chicks I raised. He seems really sweet so far, does a dance for his hens, does a squat when I pet him, will let me pick him up and generally is a gentle boy when mating with the hens. He's fine around humans and our dogs currently...
  4. L

    Are all my roosters late bloomers??

    I have 4 cockerels that range from 5-6 months of age (silkie, yokohama, cochin, and giant brahma) and not one of them has made more than a peep. I have kept them both with my hens and with only each other and they don't seem anywhere close to crowing. They are all very laid back and chill dudes...
  5. Jikaaa

    Cockerel following Rooster around

    We have a wide farm where we keep non-heritage chickens free-range, they've already established their teams and hierarchies as far as I've observed. I released two imperfect Silkie cockerels into the farm, one of them became a lone chicken eating with the waterfowl. The other one found a flock...
  6. loyalcrowlist

    cockerel raising/fluffing up neck feathers but doesn't seem aggressive?

    Hi! So I have a bantam cockerel, he was hatched at the end of Sept. I've had cockerels before but I've never seen this exact type of behavior and I wanted to make sure I'm not missing a sign that he's uncomfortable or aggressive/upset. I included a picture of the neck fluff and then his...
  7. H

    Cockerel wheezing heavily for hours after first morning crowing

    Please help! My 5-6 month old cockerel just started crowing this morning, and now he has been sounding like this when breathing for hours since he was crowing. Could this be an issue with his vocal chords or should I be concerned about a respiratory issue? Thanks.
  8. 7 Week Old Splash Rose Comb Cockerel

    7 Week Old Splash Rose Comb Cockerel

    feisty little guy I named Donnie Roo, the poor guys massive comb is so large he can barely see what's in front of him!
  9. butterbirds

    Need to rehome a BLR wyandotte young roo and 1 or 2 EE cockerels WILDWOOD, MO

    This blue laced red wyandotte has just started crowing and has tiny spur buds.. approx 16-18 weeks. The two EEs are approx 14 weeks and are bonded, though probably just because they're the youngest in my flock. I wish someone would tell me the EEs were really pullets, but I am somewhat...
  10. DC_WIngnut

    Weirdly calm pullet addition

    So today I had two bielefelder pullets and one BCM cockerel I added to our main flock. There were 8 weeks. The cockerel while cute and lovely will probably be rehomed in the next two weeks but I didn’t want to separate him from his two gals to integrate them into the main flock and leave him...
  11. D

    what gender is this chicken.

    hello. this chicken is from my village it’s not mine. i took this picture month ago when i was in village as much as i know it was 6 month old that time. it’s a really odd one other roosters and hens are looking like as they are so you can tell their gender. this one doesn’t have neck rooster...
  12. B

    Easter eggers boys??

    15 weeks old, what do you think?
  13. Cloverr39

    Will he get the hang of it?

    I have a 6 month old silkie cockerel. I've decided he is my keeper. I'm obviously keeping him for breeding purposes, so the fact he can't figure out how to mount hens is a little concerning. I'm not super worried yet, as he is only 6 months old and I only need to hatch chicks from him in 3-4...
  14. BlueHorse17

    Silkie gender?

    My friend has a two month old Silkie they got from a breeder. The breeder says it’s female but just curious and trying to help them out. Thoughts?
  15. Lelers0820

    barred rock rooster wont move left side of body

    hello there. Just today I found one of our barred rock cockerels(about 4 months old) lying funny on the ground while the rest of the flock was free ranging just fine with him. We've found that for some reason his limbs on the left side of his body won't work, his leg and wing are completely...
  16. S

    For Sale in North Texas: Pasture-Raised Started Pullets & Cockerels

    These chickens were originally produced by—and received from—Hoover’s Hatchery! We have had no health concerns within the flock since we’ve had them. They’re intelligent, curious, and accustomed to human interaction; many are also used to being handled and will happily engage with us. They are...
  17. Genesis Farms

    Cockerel wheezing for a few weeks

    About two and a half weeks ago I noticed one of our gold deathlayer cockerels wheezing while breathing. He seemed fine otherwise so I cleaned their coop extra well to get rid of any accumulated dust. Figured it must have been either because of that or perhaps a case of stridor. We gave him a...
  18. C

    2 Roosters, 12 Hens - Small flock with multiple roosters?

    I know nobody can make this decision for me, but this is my first flock and I’d really appreciate your advice. Our chickens are 15 weeks old and two of them are cockerels, a Blue Laced Wyandotte and a Barred Plymouth Rock. They are both beautiful. All 12 chickens have grown up together since...
  19. Ometra

    Is it even possible one of these 3 is a cockerel?

    I have three French Cuckoo Marans who are 16 weeks old. I thought by now it would be perfectly obvious which sex they are. To me (newbie) they look like girls, but the behavior of one makes me think it’s gotta be male. At 16 weeks anyone think one is possibly a roo?
  20. Sliiiq

    Questions about Swapping a Rooster?? :(

    Hello, second ever post here. I’ve got three chickens, and they’re about 9 weeks old. After realizing I had a cockerel, I wanted to make sure neither of my other ones were as well. Now comes the issue of swapping him (he seems to be the top of the pecking order, considering my hens follow him...
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