1. BestDiscoMan13

    Looking for a rooster

    I currently have four Easter egger hens, they were attacked my an Akita dog before Valentine’s Day. Today they got attacked by a hawk and this time one got hurt and was bleeding but not hurt too much but was missing feathers but because we started hitting the hawk she wasn’t dead. I live in New...
  2. WallyBirdie

    A Hawk Came Into the Yard....

    A hawk came into the yard... Sounds like a setup for a joke with a lame punchline. But it isn't. A hawk came into the yard and attacked my chickens. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it, but I came onto the scene too late. It got my Polish pretty good, she was bleeding and scared...
  3. familyfarmer4

    Jaundice comb on cockerels

    I have 3 5 month old cockerels that have very light red combs with a strong yellow hew. This morning I noticed that one had watery stools. They were hatched here and raised with the rest of the flock. They free range during the day and have access to chicken feed and fresh water. They are all...
  4. FoodFreedomNow

    Mystery Rooster - Guesses Welcome!

    This boy hatched from my washed and refrigerated eggs incubation experiment last spring. He's the only one of the 19 chicks that had this coloring - the others were clearly part Easter Egger (muffs and beards, hens lay blue/pink/green eggs), mostly reddish coloring (a few buff and a couple...
  5. rascal66

    Looking for Blue Partridge Brahma in western WA

    Does anyone in western WA raise and sell Blue Partridge Brahmas? Id love to get a cockerel for my future breeding. I'll consider chicks, older birds and even hatching eggs. Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm hoping to find a local breeder.
  6. KikiDeAnime

    What to do with cockerel?

    We currently have our 7(almost 8) month old cockerel named Spotted Elk inside as the girls have him at the bottom of the pecking order and refuse to let him get food from any of the feeding areas. They mainly free range but I've recently had to keep them locked up in their yard due to some work...
  7. Jraba1315

    BBS Ameraucana cockerels WA

    After my first hatch I have some excess cockerels that I need to sell/find homes for. They are 5 weeks old now but I’m going to wait at least another couple of weeks before I get rid of any. I just would like to see if anyone is possibly interested in taking one or more. If I had to guess I...
  8. Bcpayne

    Silver laced Wyandottes, 2 cockerels FREE

    Hey guys, I have two SLW cockerels hatched Sept 6th 2019 who need a home or homes. If you take both you're welcome to have the pullet as well (also SLW). They free range daily, eat high protein food, and are really beautiful birds - we just aren't interested in having roosters since we have a...
  9. Bru

    Rare Roosters/Cockerels Central MD

    All birds are around 3 months old and have been vaccinated for MAREKS. At this point, we are quite certain they are roos. Liege Fighter Roos (4) $50 each (Light-feathered large Roo in pics not for sale). These are a very large Belgian breed known to be docile toward humans, but fierce towards...
  10. Sagey_7878

    *VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA* Selling 3 cockerels!

    Hi everyone, I am located in Victoria, Australia and I am selling 3 cockerels that are about 7 weeks. I have the following: Silver Laced Wyandotte Light Sussex (not pure) Australorp I have included pictures of them.
  11. RiversideChick

    I feel silly even posting this...

    I'm 99% sure these two are cockerels, but we ordered sexed chicks so just to be sure... Gold Laced Wyandottes, just shy of 4 months old. The two in the front of this photo with greenish tails. No crowing yet. Generally very nice dispositions. They always defer to the older hens (we have a mixed...
  12. bees4hchickens

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hi, again! I have six other chickens I had questions about, so I'm going to go ahead and post their pictures and hope someone can help me out! Their breeds and names are on their photos, along with pictures of their feet if that helps at all!
  13. bees4hchickens

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hi! So this is my first year owning chicks/chickens, and I cannot for the LIFE of me tell if my Plymouth Barred Rock chicken is a cockerell or a pullet, I'd super appreciate some help with it! Thank you bunches in advance!
  14. Jessiestake

    Cockerel or pullet 10 weeks old

    I feel like this is a roo. Got from rural king as a light Brahma just to find out it’s an ee. Is this a cockerel or a pullet for sure?
  15. rascal66

    Experience with Frypan birds?

    Husband and I got a Frypan special (from cackle hatchery) almost a month ago. It was a nice mix of what I believe are Buff Orps, Rhode Island Reds, GL Wyandotte, Barred Rocks, Light Brahma and I think some Leghorn. We have raised and done well with Cornish. But our main customer base love the...
  16. ValerieJ

    Gender of 8 & 9 week chicks

    Tried to add this to my original post at 6 weeks but no responses tells me it doesn’t show up anywhere. So here we go again. I’m sure about 3 of them but have a question about one, Absalom. This is Absalom: This is Hatter, a cockerel for sure: This is Alice, a pullet for sure: My...
  17. WallyBirdie

    Gentleman Roo

    When does a cockerel reach full maturity? Adam has grown in size, behavior, and personality, and he's a surprising gentleman. He watches over the flock, shows the girls where all the good food/treats are, digs dust baths and leaves them vacant for his leading ladies, and he enjoys dancing...
  18. C

    Brahmas & Buff Orpington's. Pullets or cockerels? (Pictures)

    Hi all! We've got 5 Brahmas that are 3 months old and 5 Buff Orpington's that are 2 months old. I've attached some pictures and wondered if anyone wanted to play the guessing game with us? Or is it still too early to tell? Here's the gallery, I've uploaded two photos of each chick at the same...
  19. WizardsUnited

    Orange County CA Newly crowing cockerel needs a new home

    Scrappy just let out his first crow, dissolving my denial once and for all. He is one of seven in my backyard flock, and I am unsure of his breed— I suspect a RIR. He is 22 weeks old, and has lived in Orange county his whole life, so he has had no known exposure to that disease that has our...
  20. comish83

    Barnevelder Temperament

    I have 10 birds and all of them but my 2 Barnevelders (pullet and cockerel) will eat from my hand. The Barnevelders seem to be incredibly skittish. So many people on forums reviewed Barnevelders to be very friendly with a few skittish comments here and there. My question is, do even the most...
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