1. A

    Pullets or Cockerels? Breeds? 6 weeks

    I think I originally posted this in the wrong spot (under "raising chicks"). Sorry about that. Maybe here it will get more traffic. :-) Rooster is Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, but the hens were a mix of Rhode Island Reds/Blues, different varieties of Wyandottes, White Leghorn, Welsummers...
  2. A

    Pullets or Cockerels? Breeds? 6 weeks

    Rooster is Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, but the hens were a mix of Rhode Island Reds/Blues, different varieties of Wyandottes, White Leghorn, Welsummers, Plymouth Barred Rock, Buckeye, and Golden Comet. Any ideas on pullet vs cockerel and/or breed/mix of each greatly appreciated! I'm mostly...
  3. O

    Light Sussex cockerel UK

    I have a 5 month old show quality light Sussex rooster I am willing to give away for free as long as he goes to a brilliant home and isn’t turned into stew. He is quite skittish around people but loves his hens. We are in Wiltshire near Salisbury so if anyone is interested please tell me! (5...
  4. D

    Cockerel Fight

    Hi, I gave my neighbour a cockerel hatched by one of my hens at the end of summer 2020, we named him The Bandit. He came back yesterday and attacked my bantam pekin cockerel Napoleon, his own father no less! There was a lot of blood so I gently cleaned the comb with warm salty water, and put...
  5. G

    Are we SURE this is a pullet?

    I posted picture of "her?" about a week ago and everyone said pullet. But she has started mounting my laying hen every chance she gets. She's about 25 weeks and not a single egg yet. I thought White Rock chickens were supposed to start laying around 20 weeks? My laying hen is an Easter Egger...
  6. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  7. G

    Breed and Sex? I got 2 from Atwoods, they look nearly identical. 11 weeks old

  8. A

    Pullet or cockerel? Rhode Island Red, 5 months old.

    Hello dear community, It's my first time raising chickens and first time posting here. I purchased these 7 Rhode island Red chickens and now they are about 5 months (19 weeks old). I noticed some of them have larger combs and wattle and I suspect they must be Male. Do you confirms this...
  9. SunnyRue

    Pullet or Cockerel

    Here's my ameraucana girl Beatrice. She and her buff orpington friend Bonnie are almost 3 months old now and I'm wondering if Beatrice is a pullet or a roo. What do you guys think?
  10. lavenderforluck

    Re-homing advice (Black Copper Maran cockerels)

    We have three beautiful Black Copper Maran cockerels who were hatched in September who are getting ready for their own flocks. They free range and have been raised on non-GMO feed. Does anyone have advice on finding them good homes? I recognize re-homing roosters can be tough as not everyone is...
  11. tacosta1009

    Diarrhea - 3 Month Old Cockerel

    Hi, all! First post here! I have a flock of 10 chickens. After losing my rooster earlier this year, I wanted to replace the rooster. I met a breeder who said he's NPIP certified and brought home a little Brahma. He's eating and drinking, but the first day there was blood in his stool. The...
  12. Lenny in the tall grass

    Lenny in the tall grass

    Young easter egger bantam cockerel in the grass
  13. G

    Are these Delawares?

    I'm thinking they are both cockerels Got them from Atwoods and they are 5 weeks old
  14. J

    Thoughts on my 8 week old Japanese Bantam?

    My little jap bantams are 8 weeks old. The black one has a slightly larger comb than the other two I have (not pictured) but it's not bright red and no waddle development. Is this a female or a late developing male? Photo of its "brother" hatched hours apart, same breed and quite obviously a...
  15. lighthouse

    Chicks playing.

    Hi there. If two chicks play with each other hitting their chests against each other all the time, does it mean they are two cockerels? Thanks in advance.
  16. shammond

    4 week old Pekin Bantam sex?

    Hi all, I currently have 5 chicks who are all around 4 weeks old. We chose to get a few different breeds, but this has made it very difficult to sex them as we have nothing to compare to! This baby is Dumpling, a Pekin Bantam, and of course I am hoping all chicks will be pullets, but I am...
  17. equitationbound

    Need to Rehome SLW Cockerel in SoCal

    Hi everyone! I recently got a bunch of chicks, and ended up with two accidental roosters. I'm hoping to rehome my SLW cockerel, he's super sweet and was hand raised. I just have far too many boys! I'm located in Southern California, in the LA suburbs (on the border of Ventura County).
  18. CayugaMama

    Sick Welsummer?

    My 6 week old Welsummer Cockerel has been acting strange the past couple of days and I am wondering if anyone sees any red flags. The night temps have dropped here in Texas the past few nights, but only to the upper 50s. - He is usually very active when I let the birds out in the mornings, but...
  19. W

    Wild chicken Foster Mom!

    Hello! (long back story but my question is at the end) I'm also a chicken novice! I live in Hawaii and we have TONS of wild chickens running around. Specifically, I have this 1 hen that cruises around my neighborhood with another hen and rooster. Eventually the other hen and rooster phased...
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