1. Jlmiller5289


    Gender? I got this little bantam Cochin out of an assorted bantam bin. I’m really hoping it’s a girl because I only have one other little bantam to go with him/her. The other one I’m pretty positive is a girl. (I have full size chickens that I’ve decided to keep separate because I have a full...
  2. B

    Roo or a Hen? You Decide!

    Hello All, We got this Rhode Island Red (RIR) from rural king back in April. It has grown a lot but its comb and wattles are far more developed than any of our other chickens. It has not crowed yet but we strongly believe it might be a cockerel for the following reasons: 1. It is very...
  3. C

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Our California tans were all supposed to be pullets and the same age. Now nearly 6 weeks old and we’re thinking we have a roo, what do you think , have pictures of the rest of the flock if more pics are needed
  4. L

    Sapphire Gem cockerel in East Tennessee, free

    We have a 2 week old Sapphire Gem cockerel available to a new home, free. TSC gave us a baby roo instead of a female and we don't want any roos. We're in east TN.
  5. Chicken_Mammy

    Cockerel lowest in pecking order?

    I just reintroduced my young cockerel to his old pullet playmates since he’s feathered out enough to join them. However, I noticed one of the pullets seems to bully him. If he walks by, she will chase, peck, and try to pull feathers! Will this pass? The other pullets don’t bother him. They’ve...
  6. WakaFlockaChickens

    Pullet or cockerel - 6 weeks old tomorrow.

    I have five chickens of various breeds/mixes and I’m trying to figure out who is a roo since I can’t keep them in my city. I got them all at 1 day old and they will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. I’ll sort them by color and their names in parens with the breed/mix below. Red and white (Twitch)...
  7. ChurchsChickens

    Aggressive Australorp

    Hi all! I just joined this community, looking for some information on an aggressive Australorp... I JUST received my four (4) backyard chickens - on Wednesday, 4.27.2022. I purchased my girls from someone local that raised chicks, so I didn't have to deal with that whole process... I have...
  8. F

    Help me figure the sex out 😩

    Hi!! I have 7 chicks 4 I got from the tractor supply pullet bins. 2 Smokey pears, 2 ISA browns 3 I got from a local breeder 2 are Araucana/Maran crosses (olive eggers) 1 is a brahama, we thought partridge but I sent her photos and she said buff. Anywho. The two little olive eggers we think...
  9. Fuzzychicken98

    8 week old Polish Gender help

    Hello all!I have 2 silkie/frizzle girls who are 16 weeks old, but I am having a little trouble gendering my 8 week old Polish crested. I'm really really hoping all pullets but I have one I suspect to be a cockerel. They are at the bottom of the pecking order, and had their crest picked almost...
  10. Nicole_Z

    HelpMe Sex My 8 Week Old EE!

    This is my 8 week old Easter Egger. Let me know if you think this is a pullet or a cockerel. I have my guess, but I'm keeping it to myself until I hear from ya'll. Regardless, I will keep everyone posted as they develop :)
  11. milogirly

    Easter Egger Cockerel

    Chiclet needs a new home. He will be one in June. I just lost another hen this morning and don't have enough ladies for him. Located in Salida, CO. He loves looking after his ladies. He's not mean and isn't terribly loud.
  12. D

    Sapphire Olive Egger gender help

    I'm starting to question my whether my SOE is really a pullet. She's 5 weeks old, and has a decent sized comb coming in, no color to it yet though. Most of my other pullets have pea combs, so I know hers would be a bit larger than theirs. She's definitely CCLB and I'm guessing barred rock mixed.
  13. Nicole_Z

    Easter Egger Sexing // Help Me Sex My Favorite Chick

    Hi folks! I have 4 EE chicks that arrived mid February. I originally ordered three, but four showed up in the mail. I suspect that one is a rooster. None of them have outright distinct rooster/cockerel characteristics at the moment. But this one definitely displays the most rooster-like...
  14. Momoftres

    Got me confused- buff Orpington 11 weeks

    A week ago I was certain that this one was a pullet but now I’m questioning…. The tail has me confused 🤔
  15. R

    Could we have a roo?

    This is only the second time raising chicks and we picked up twenty from the local farm store. We’re hoping we might get one rooster from the batch since we will want to free range them once they are old enough. One of the barred rocks was clearly from a prior hatching than the rest and was the...
  16. Diveks

    Silkie cockerel or pullet?

    They are around 3 months old now i think? With one of them being a few weeks younger from what i know. I want to know if they can be sexed yet at this age. As i am looking to quickly sex them so that I could switch them with another chick if they are indeed the same gender, im thinking of dna...
  17. ninja333pirate

    chicken noodle soup

    So I am looking to make a chicken noodle soup with 2 small cockerels I butchered, one is a Sebright and the other is a Silkie, they were a little older so figured soup is the way to go with cooking them. I currently have them defrosted in the fridge soaking in a brine. what I am looking to do is...
  18. Juliamilton

    New Easter Egger “pullets”. Are they in fact pullets?

    We just added a few new “pullets” to our flock. What do you think, are they in fact pullets? Please tell me they are 😩 lol Bird #1 is black and gold. Bird #2 is the silver and buff/gold Edit to say they are about 3 months old!
  19. zachcpierce

    Available for Rehoming - 6x Male F1 Crosses in Beaufort, SC

    I am aware that cockerels are a dime a dozen, but I wanted to make these boys available to anyone willing to rehome them. They were hatched out by a broody hen in our backyard, but the eggs came from a mixed flock of all pure breed hens and two roosters. There were two roosters in that flock...
  20. Diveks

    Lazy or obese cockerel?

    Im not sure if this cockerel is lazy, obese, or has some kind of condition. He is a brahma cockerel so he is a big breed. But i have realized he is a bit rounder than my other brahmas (they are pullets though). I have felt that he sits down an awful lot. He would pant a lot too even if he is...
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