1. DecT

    Are Quails Neighbour-Friendly???

    So let me tell you the reason I am asking this very question... our neighbors were complaining about are RIR Rooster and how it was interrupting them during unsociable hours (evening, early morning) because of it loudness of his crow and to be quite frankly it did annoy me a little, so sadly we...
  2. SoftSilkie

    Non-Emergent: Cockeral Wheezes after Crowing

    I feel sort of guilty posting this when others have much more urgent problems, but I'll do it anyway. My eight month old silkie rooster, Peter, wheezes after he crows. I'm not sure, but I think this is new. I noticed it yesterday morning, because he crowed several times. He crows, then sharply...
  3. AstraChick

    6 week old cockerel trying to crow already

    OMG... 6 week old pure Australorp cockerel trying to crow already, maybe he can hear the rooster across the road. they are still in the brooder inside as we have a spare room right down the other end of the house, we cant hear them from the main part of the house. In the five years i've been...
  4. H

    How Humane Are No-Crow Rooster Collars?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a local rescue. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very nice and not aggressive. But he crows, without fail, at the crack of dawn every morning. He’s fairly quiet the rest of the day though. We’ve been looking in...
  5. JaneBrook

    Rooster/cockerel starting to crow- who’s used a ‘collar’?

    Hi everyone- need advice about my cockerel ‘Poach’ Has anyone used a no crow collar? What’s your experiences with caponising? Or do any of you have any advice about how to stop a rooster crowing {loudly} or at least quietening him down? Can anyone share their experiences…
  6. SweetTree

    Finally Got my Roo To Stop Crowing!

    Hello friends! First post but a LOOOOONG time lurker! Sorry for the post length; TL;DR at the bottom. I know the title sounds like a clickbait article, but this has been a bumpy road for us! I have a small backyard flock in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city. We don’t have any laws about...
  7. T

    Managing a rooster with neighbors

    Hi I have a flock of 6 and recently found out my one silkie chicken is a rooster. The rest were able to be sexed as chicks and are all hens. However I have neighbors and I am new to the neighborhood and am doing my best to be a good neighbor but he crows so early in the morning. Do handle it I...
  8. Blazegglo

    Dog attacked my chickens

    I came home to a woman trying to round up her dog yesterday. Her dog got loose and ran to my house and attacked my chickens... Killed one of my black chickens injured a couple others. One was my white silkie rooster... He seems to have gotten it worse next to the one that was killed... Ripped a...
  9. Wonderling

    Rooster crowing with beak closed

    We currently have 3 little roos that we were planning to re-home/sell or take to the auction when they're a bit bigger. The handsome cream boy is only 6wks old and just learning to crow but so far he keeps his beak closed and it's the most adorable muffled crow. I'm assuming he'll learn to open...
  10. Ginmary

    Anyone try to sound proof the coop?

    Like maybe putting cork up on the inside. My Serama roos start crowing at about 6-6:30am which means they will have to be brought into the house every night until I can rehome them.
  11. AmandaKJ

    Too soon for a crow collar??

    Hi there! I have three little 7 week old d’Uccle gentlemen that I just adore, but also close neighbors that I’d like to remain friends with. Here are my questions...Are crow collars really that effective? How soon can I start using them? Would using them sooner, rather than later, help...
  12. Karen Glatz

    Do roosters always crow?

    After a dog disaster (killed all but one hen) I bought a big fence along with 9 pullets...and got 8 hens (I hope) and one rooster. He is about 21 weeks now and is jumping on anyone who stands still long enough and doesn't get too angry. Including my one survivor hen, though she is willing to...
  13. Momplus1

    Adorable Attempt at a Crow for 8 week old Cockerel

    I just had to share this because it's too cute! "KnotHead" is 8 weeks old. He is from a Crested Cream Legbar Hen and Copper Maran Rooster. My daughter named him this because he has always had a knot on his head, right before his beak starts. All 3 guys are going to be joining their bigger flock...
  14. Thechickentrainer1999

    Dead Cock/Rooster from mating?

    I just found out that cockerels/roosters can die mating, what would cause that and how do you prevent it? I've also read that a rooster can kill a hen mating how?
  15. Thechickentrainer1999

    Rooster not at the top of pecking order?

    Is there any cases of full grown roosters and hens where the rooster is not at the top of the pecking order (in other words being pecked on by the hens)?
  16. emmakate

    how to get a rooster to not crow. (if possible)

    i got two new baby chicks 2 weeks ago. they’re both barred rock. i got them from a breeder who did not check if they were hens. there is a possibility one could be a rooster. the one i’m worried about is named bee. she’s two weeks old. she’s extremely attached to me unlike her sister. i have...
  17. ILoveSilkieChickens

    What gender is my 3 and a half month to 5 month old Brahma, Cindy Lou/Cody?

    I really want to know because she/he is my most favorite chicken that I have ever had and I have a very strong bond with her/him. And how old is she/he. My aid heard her/him this morning in the coop and the young bird was beginning to crow. If it’s a he then I have to get rid of him and his name...
  18. KikiDeAnime

    They're both not crowing anymore??

    2 weeks ago our roosters had gotten something and we've been treating them for it so they're currently in quarantine. They were crowing every time the light was turned on and it was beautiful crowing. I'm the only one who likes the crowing so I'm really worried that something may be wrong. They...
  19. IamRainey

    "Put a baby sock over the rooster's head"

    A co-worker in my husband's office says that a chicken keeper he knows swears by this method of keeping her rooster quiet. He says she slips it over his head at night when the roo's on the roost and takes it off in the morning when she's ready to let him crow. This chicken keeper says her...
  20. Kris5902

    Why are they crowing in the dark?

    I've never had cockerels before, so this might be a dumb question.... but Why are they crowing while it’s still full dark out? He (one Sapphire boy) started this morning at 5:45, really picked up about 6am-7, shut up again from 7-7:30 (going hoarse?) it’s “just” starting to get light outside...
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