1. ChickenGirl555

    Decorating My Run For Halloween - Ideas?

    I absolutely love Halloween and decorating. I mainly love the holiday for its decorations. And this is my first Halloween with the chickens not being tiny chicks in a brooding bin. I have a new run I would like to decorate, but I would like some ideas from you guys! Anything easy, DIY, or just...
  2. Adding A Little Jazz To Your Coop and Run

    Adding A Little Jazz To Your Coop and Run

    Jazzing Up Your Coop If you're keeping poultry, you have to have a basic coop with a basic nest box, roosting spot, feeder, waterer, etc. However, a coop would look better with a little bit... decoration. Here are some simple things you can add to your coop and run to make them look a little...
  3. Sunshine Flock

    Do you decorate your chicken coop for Christmas?

    I'd love to see photos of your chicken coop decorated for Christmas. I'm not going to string lights that could interfere with their roosting, but I do look forward to making a wreath for the door on the front of the coop and the door to the run. Stockings hung outside would be really cute...
  4. Chicken lover 123

    DIY chicken coop decoration ideas

    this is a thread to post all the cool decorations people have come up with as I am redecorating my coop.
  5. Fanci Feathers Marans

    Coop Advice Wanted

    Please ignore junk, and yes, the roof is burgundy. That's another story. Hi, everyone. I have a coop on the works. Any ideas on how to increase the curb appeal to a chicken owner? It is 4x7 free-range house on skids. It has a vermaculite floor (which is almost like really durable...
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