Adding A Little Jazz To Your Coop and Run

Want your coop to look a little more fancy? Read this article to receive a few suggestions!
By AnimalGeek23 · Jun 22, 2018 · ·
  1. AnimalGeek23
    Jazzing Up Your Coop
    If you're keeping poultry, you have to have a basic coop with a basic nest box, roosting spot, feeder, waterer, etc. However, a coop would look better with a little bit... decoration. Here are some simple things you can add to your coop and run to make them look a little more cozy for your chickens!

    Who doesn't love the pleasant sight and smell of flowers? Adding a little around the border of your coop would look great. Using your chicken's poop as fertilizer, your flowers will ought to look great around your coop or run! You can buy some coops that are made to have flowers, like this one.

    Picket Fences
    A small white picket fence won't do much good to keep predators out, but it looks cute bordering your chicken run. They can give a sense of cheeriness, and they can be used for those flowers, too.

    Nesting Box Decor
    Why not give your girls a bit of jazzing up to their basic nest boxes? You can add some herbs for the nesting boxes to keep flies away. They look great. Having nesting box curtains looks cute and fancy too, they give your hens a bit privacy and warmth when laying.

    Having a small instrument for your chickens to play with is not only entertaining for you to watch, but they are great for your chicken's thinking skills. They can increase curiosity for your chickens, and if you give them time they will be playing the small xylophone like Mozart! You can also add mirrors for your girls to inspect themselves.

    And of course--who doesn't like playing with a ball or swinging on a swing? Adding a Chicken Swing will look so cool in your run. Chickens love swinging on them and even sometimes roosting. Adding a few more toys than just a few sticks and a mirror can be great fun for your chickens like this ball. It'll give your chickens exercise getting their treat and fun along the way, too.

    Fancy Bath
    Chickens 'wash' themselves in dirt and dust, so instead of putting all their dirt into a small wooden box, why not jazz it up a little and add some decor? You can put small gems or ribbon around the rim and even stick a sticker reading "Chicken Spa". It'll really give the dust a more jazzy look. You can even add a little roof like the picture below for shade.

    To give your coop walls a good look, you can add some wallpaper along it. You can use fancy unwanted rolls of fabric and line it up against the walls. It will give your chickens a cozy room.

    Happy Coop Decorating!

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  1. crazychickenlady5
    For the nesting boxes which herbs would you use to keep flies away? Love these ideas :jumpy
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    1. aliciaFarmer
      Rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil and mint are my favorites. Lemongrass supposedly works well too but I've never tried it.
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      Thank you! :)
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