Naming Your Chickens--When Your Chicks Arrive

The starter to naming your chickens--some basic ideas of what to name them.
By AnimalGeek23 · Jun 21, 2018 · Updated Jun 22, 2018 · ·
  1. AnimalGeek23

    Having chickens is a fun experience that everyone loves. However, we have chickens for different reasons. Some people have them as pets, for meat, or for eggs, etc.
    I've read articles here on BYC that were extraordinarily helpful. Whenever I read those types of articles, I think to myself, I could never write an article so detailed like that. If I do, it probably wouldn't help anyone.
    This article is a little bit unnecessary. It's about naming your chickens.
    Some people name their chickens. Some don't, some don't care about that. Chicken owning has a lot of different types of people involved. If you're looking for a name for your chicks, dig right in!

    Picking Out A Breed
    So, a name can depend on the breed of chicken you have. For example, I'm getting 2 Buff Orpingtons and I am planning to name them Peach and Sunny after their golden coloring. Think of what name suits your chicken's coloring. HOLD ON! You don't have to name your chicken purely because of it's plumage coloring... there are way more options!

    Getting Your Chicks
    Here's another option--naming your chicken after how you got them! If your chick is a lucky survivor of some sort of incident that happened along the way to your post office, it could be named Lucky. One of my friends have a family dog that she got because she made it to her Water Polo Travel Team, so she named it Polo. If there was no special way on how you got them, then... read on!

    All chickens have their own quirks, whether you care or not. Why not name your little chicks right after their personality traits? Here are a few suggestions!
    STRONG: Ekon, Maximus or Max
    GENTLE: Clementine, Debby, Poppy, Daisy
    FUNNY: Kiki(short for Kekiokolanee), Gilly
    You think of some!

    After Your Favorite Shows And Characters
    Why not name your chicks after some of your favorite Disney characters, Broadway shows, or book characters?
    Here are some creative names found from the internet:
    Snow White

    Any Potterheads out there?!:

    With Humor!
    I love being funny, watching comedies, I have funny friends, I speak the language of humor... If you're a humorous person, why not name your chicks a funny name? Here are some suggestions:
    Albert Eggstein
    Chicken Little
    Yolko Ono

    Of course, you can always name your chicken a classic name or a random one, this article was just to help. Hope this article helped a little and


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    I'm all about animals! I'm living with 2 turtles in NYS and a future flock of 3. :)
    Though I don’t have chickens yet, I love studying poultry so I’m pretty knowledgeable on them. Please PM for any questions are suggestions!!

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  1. farmboyjohn
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 22, 2018
    Very well-written and helpful article. Made me think about the names I chose for my girls. Thanks!
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  1. aliciaFarmer
    Great ideas! I got 28 chickens last month, 7 this month and 15 more on the way next month, with names all over the board. A lot of my older girls are named after herbs, trees and flowers (Olive, Rowan, Apple Blossom, Poppy, Daisy, Buttercup, Juniper, Basil, Rosemary...). I also went on an older and strong lady name kick (Mable, Delilah, Clementine, Oprah). With some of my newest, I picked more classic names from their origin for some. For example Dutch names for my Barnevelders. Now I'm on a Viking name kick after discovering my heritage. Some are named after personality or other traits (Scruff, Lyric because she's LOUD, Mystery because I didn't know what she was at first, Aura because she's blue and beautiful). I have 3 more without names so love your ideas as I'm at a loss. (I might have too many chickens. ☺)
    1. AnimalGeek23
      Awesome names!
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  2. GrannyHeeney
    Years ago, a family friend found 2 puppies abandoned in a box on the side of an Indiana highway--she named one Hoosier and the other Freeway. Adorable article with great ideas! :D :thumbsup

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