1. Trimurtisan

    Need a hug, take a hug.

    Howdy folks of BYC my name is Chris aka Trim. The main purpose of this thread is to create a safe place to let go of the stress of life. I know for myself just having someone to listen is often all I need. If this is something that does not appeal to you, I simply request that you move to a...
  2. AMaggio

    Ducks depression?

    Hey everyone, I have chickens and ducks but just yesterday one of my drakes, a Runner, who is coming into adulthood, has challenged the head drake, a Pekin. The Pekin doesn't want to fight and ran away and all day yesterday the Runner would not let him back into the flock. We were able to get...
  3. S

    Severely Depressed Houdan Rooster- Help!

    Hi! I have a 7mo old mottled Houdan roo (has not started mating or crowing yet). I raised him and a Polish hen in the house, because my only mature hen (silkie) took the other chicks fine, but rejected these two. They have been VERY close from the time they were a few days old. When they were...
  4. TheChickenLady1

    Depressed hen?

    Hello all, Unfortunately, two nights ago my hen, Onyx, got a very bad case of impacted crop and we had to put her down. I know that I'm heartfully distraught, but I have only one other hen who was very very close with Onyx. I'm worried that she might become depressed as she's constantly clucking...
  5. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Bullying, Egg-Eating, and Depression?

    Poor Darla our EE is having a rough go of it. She's a new layer, can't figure out how to use the boxes, is getting her eggs eaten, and now is the target of bullying. She's also seemed to have gotten depressed, or worse, is under the weather. Original thread is here...
  6. D

    I think my chicken is depressed

    so, I got a new dog last Saturday and the second day she was out she attacked one of my chickens and made a deep wound in her back/tail and I tried to help the chicken by cleaning the wound and blood and after that I set her down in the coop and she just done was she normally would do but 2 days...
  7. DrBwell

    Not an egg in weeks

    Hey, I’m new to this group and I’m looking for some advice. I have 4 girls that are 1 1/2 years old. We raised them from chicks and were good layers up until 2 months ago. We’d get usually 3 eggs per day for a while. Now, if I’m lucky I find an egg once a week. The weather on Long Island has...
  8. piper123

    Our chickens are very depressed

    I have one rooster and two hens that have recently become extremely depressed. They don't eat hardly at all, they don't want to get out of their cage in the mornings, and when they do, they just lay in the barn or on the porch all day. I know it's because just last week we lost the main hen of...
  9. FionaRose

    Behavior Change In Rooster

    Hello! I was hoping to get some insight as soon as possible on an issue I’ve noticed in my rooster. He’s always been a very good bird, watching out for his flock and keeping them healthy. A few days ago they were unfortunately attacked for the first time out in the yard. We don’t know what...
  10. A

    Chicken behavior He. help

    Hi! New member here. I had 1 backyard chicken named Pidgey who was totally free range and would even come hang out with my cat and dog on the porch and share food occasionally, and even come inside. Shes basically a pet. Well, she IS a pet. We live in a small, tight knit community and nobody has...
  11. CapricornFarm

    What is up with the Stock Market?

    Anyone else taking a beating? 401K is way down! Is there another Depression on the horizon?
  12. BuddyADucks

    Chicken starving herself

    We have had a run of bad luck lately. A fox has been killing off my flock. He killed my rooster and three hens two weeks ago but didn't make off with them. He came back yesterday, when I thought he'd moved on, to kill one of my geese and take off with a hen and a duck. Now I have one chicken...
  13. auce99

    Newly 'single' duck behavior?

    I had two female Pekin ducks that grew up together, and one suddenly passed a few weeks ago. The survivor was the less friendly of the two, only in that she never was one for human attention. She was fine being 'independent', so long as she had her buddy. Once she realized her buddy was gone...
  14. chickenlover chickencrazy

    Depressed and Grieving Hen

    Help! My chicken, Lavender, is struggling after her "mother" and "best-friend" died. Lavender is a silkie hen, about 1 to 1 1/2 years old, laying frequently (every day). We had an ill Rhode Island Red hen that was her "carer" in a way - they were always together. She got an impacted crop and...
  15. S

    Potentially Ill Muscovy- Unsure and Looking for Advice

    Hello, I currently have seven Muscovy Ducks (six female, one drake) from two different families that have lived together happily thus far. The drake and two females are three years old, and the other four girls are just over one. Though they do not share their sleeping quarters, they are pen...
  16. Donna Dolittle

    Hen mourning her friend & refusing to eat. Any meds that will help?

    Hi, my favourite madcap hen Pammie died last week (she had salpingitis which was treated but recurred) her best mate Joanna has lost the will to live since she died and hasn't eaten or drank really for 6 days, I've tried every favoutite food possible including nutribullet smoothies with...
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