1. hysales

    Pox? 3-month-old hens with new eye problems.

    About nine dags ago one hen, Trish (The tan/white one) grew some lumps around one of her eyes. A few days later she got a bump in front of the other eye. A day after that bump appeared it turned into the color of a blood blister. She's behaving normally, eating, drinking, etc. but possibly has...
  2. Estrellathehen

    Disease maybe?

    Recently, I lost one of my chickens, Mariana. (she was a rir) I still don't know why, although I think it may be mareks? I don't have much experiance with diseases and such so i'm not too sure. One day I went to check on her and she couldn't use her leg. The day before her leg was fine... it...
  3. E

    Fowl pox in chick 12-16 weeks old; vaccines/treatment?

    Hello, I have a happy, seemingly healthy young chick born mid April. She showed a few black spots on her comb. One quickly became inflamed and scabbed over. Now she has one on her eye and one on her chest. They get bigger daily. Is this fowl pox? If so, do I just use the sprays or vaccinate? If...
  4. Savannah_Likes_Chickens


    So, in some of my recent posts, I’ve been saying I used to have 5 chooks. I did, until muffin (we don’t know what gender but oh well) passed away. We know it was mareks. It has been at least 2 months since and none of the others have caught it. Any thoughts? Also, I’m fairly sure muffin had a...
  5. Z

    Does my chicken has cancer? Cyst? Abcess? Doesn’t move

    Help!! We adopted this lady about 3 months ago and from the start she didnt have any interest to roam in the garden like other ladies and she very didnt move around if its not necessary and looked a bit depressed. We noticed she didnt take care of her rear feathers and that they were poopy from...
  6. ThatChickenLady708

    Is this a case of mites?

    This afternoon a wild bird appeared in front of our windows. Our house is only 100 yards or so from our chicken coops. It looks sick. 😭 I was going to put it out of it's misery, but by the time I got around the house to it, it was gone. 😔 What are your thoughts?!
  7. MissGreenJeans

    One rat in the coop: should I decon?

    Hi, wise chicken friends! I’d love your 2 cents about a first for me: a rat coop intruder. I have a small-ish coop and 7 chickens. I modified the coop with a crazy amount of thick hardware cloth and thought I’d made it virtually impenetrable. No holes anywhere wider than 1/4 inch. (I’ll put a...
  8. S

    Cornish Cross with skin issues?

    We have a small flock of Cornish Cross due to be processed by the end of this month. However when tending to them, we noticed on one of our roosters this skin issue? Maybe? We aren't entirely sure what it could be and Google has come up empty. Thought maybe someone here could help photos...
  9. horselove

    Partial paralysis, among other symptoms, help diagnose!

    Today I noticed a hen that could not use one leg. She also has a purple-black tinge around the edge of her comb, as well as a prominent keel and fluid in her abdomen, plus missing feathers around her butt despite being at the top of the pecking order and lately she has had weak eggs, but all the...
  10. Tarynj

    Shaking heads and death

    Ugh help! About a week ago we had a chickens attacked by a fox. She was saved and doing fine but until we catch the fox we have them locked in their runs instead of free roaming. Sometime in the week they started shanking their heads like something was bothering them! I though perhaps they have...
  11. C

    Respiratory illness

    This morning 2 chickens are dead. 1 laying hen and one near laying pullet. Other birds are getting bubbly noses and are coughing/sneezing. The hen that died had swelling in her face and had a floppy comb. Her neck was kind of wonky looking. Some birds have light diarrhea. I'm setting up an...
  12. H

    Black on Buff Orpington’s Tail Feathers?

    Hey all! I have a mix of breeds, all 18 weeks old (Australorps, barred rocks, buff orpingtons) my orpingtons have black on their tail feathers (photos below) Mites? Disease? I checked and didn’t see any mites or bugs on them and I use the deep litter system for their coop so I can’t put DE in...
  13. SnowballTheChicken


    Im pretty sure my hen i have just rescued has omd (ocular marek disease) and i have a small flock so i dont know what to do they might all get it now
  14. A

    What is happening to my chicks?

    I recently integrated my chicks with my flock and they have been doing well other than the fact I have some chicks just puffed up standing by themselves. I took them inside and some were fine and were eating and drink full of energy but there were a few who became very weak and plopped over. I...
  15. lillyahoo

    Very weird thing my chicken laid (?)

    I have a Novagen hen around 4 years old who yesterday was looking a bit droopy and lagging behind the flock. I brought her in, gave her calcium and water with electrolytes and left her in the "sick chick" crate indoors overnight. This morning, THIS thing was in the crate. What the heck is it...
  16. 907poultry

    Sick/injured Turkey Poult, possible wry neck?

    I have a (Royal palm?) turkey poult hatched 03/14 (~3 weeks) He/She weighs 119 grams. The others weigh 357g, 312g, 245g, and 253g. His/Her neck is held severely sloped to the side, it runs backwards in circles, and chirps incessantly. The neck started a couple days ago, it arrived small and has...
  17. F

    2yr Hens -- Reproductive Issues?

    Hello! I've been having some issues w/my laying hens. They are almost two years old -- will be in May. I have lost two hens so far in the past month. The first one occurred while we were out of town for a weekend, so I didn't get to see the "buildup." All I know is that the day we got home...
  18. Y

    3 birds died in 6 months

    Looking for advice, We had 8 laying hens but over the course of the winter have lost 3 and I fear another one soon. These are 3.5 old birds. Egg production has decreased but we assumed due to it being winter and they are indoors more. The first bird seemed rather sudden, one morning we went in...
  19. O

    URGENT: Chickens losing feathers on base of tail!

    Someone please help me, My birds have recently started losing feathers near the base of their tail. They are quite young, turning a year old next month. They have been laying a lot of eggs regardless of illness (all my birds have a history of so, the two that died in the past laid eggs on their...
  20. The duck father_

    More ducks dead and paralyzed. Botulism?

    Ten dead now. They're always either paralyzed or have parts paralyzed. I'm getting a culture done on one of them. The Muscovy in this photo thankfully looks better after some TLC charcoal chick starter and probiotics his neck is not locked anymore and he can move. There are now three in that are...
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