1. chickbee

    PLEASE watch video: Cull/Euthanize?

    Please watch and let me know thoughts? Do I go ahead and just end this poor girls life? This has been going on for about a week. https://youtu.be/upnqRAoKrZQ This hen has changed quickly. Less than two weeks ago she was her usual full-feathered, sturdy self. Also the leader...
  2. Chirbuls

    HELP!! Chicken making weird noise and gasping

    I have a one year old hen which is making weird coughing like noises and gasping occassionly. She is drinking and eating just fine but i am very concerned since my other hen who was of same age died earlier this year. She also was completely fine except for the coughing like noises. She died...
  3. K

    Not sure what’s going on...please help me!

    So this morning when I was refilling the food bin for my ladies, I noticed my black RIR hen, about a year.5 old or so, had a weird thing going on with her neck feathers. I’m not sure how to search for the issue so I’m including a photo in my post to hopefully get to the bottom of it. None of my...
  4. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    Rooster losing voice after his girlfriend died very suddenly

    Snowball the rooster is losing his voice a today. Normally I wouldn’t be worried but 3 days ago one of his favorite girlfriends died suddenly. The only symptoms she had 3 hours before death were strange sounds while breathing and she couldn’t stand anymore. Could the rooster’s horse voice be...
  5. Raptorchick

    Mites spreading disease?

    Hi all :) I've had this slow spreading disease in my flock since I brought some girls home in September, I'll try to keep the story short. I've been keeping chickens a number of years now, never had a pest or disease problem... I also don't usually buy hens elsewhere, sorta have a hatching...
  6. P

    Please Help, Sickly Chickens

    Today I picked up 6 pullets from a poultry supply store. It wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t find any local breeders this time of year. Upon inspecting them at home, I found poultry lice all over them and at least one of them was sneezing every minute or two. I’ve heard all chickens have a few lice...
  7. M

    Viral white dots, stripes on Australorps?

    Hey all! Our Australorp has developed some odd white dots/stripes on her face and back. It almost looks like she got white paint on her (but there isn’t any paint around). Is this some sort of disease or just markings? Picture attached. Thanks!
  8. D

    Bumpy/Weird Eggs & Poop below Vent

    Not sure what breed this girl is, but she’s almost 7 months old & we’ve raised her from a chick since we got her at the local farm store. When she began laying eggs in August, they were normal, hard shelled, and regular appearance. They started out smaller & gradually grew larger, as expected...
  9. C

    Sleepy, ruffled hen with possibly abnormal faeces - Cocci?

    Hello! New member here, so hopefully I'm posting correctly?! I've always been too shy to post or join the community, but I'm getting desperate. I've been lurking the forums for a long time now since I've lost another hen to similar signs, but I want to see advice specific to my case. My usual...
  10. Qualien

    Respiratory illness

    I've got a strange respiratory illness moving through my flock. So far none of my chickens have died from it. it started with one of my roosters. He was fine that morning, running around picking as usual. 20 min. Later he was falling over, couldn't stand up, he was wheezing, and had thick ropy...
  11. Qualien

    Sick roosters

    I have a flock of 4 month old crevocuers, mixed with 3 month old ameraucanas. 2 weeks ago all of my flock appeared happy, and healthy. Then in one afternoon one of my roosters started swaying, falling over, and couldn't stand. I suspected snake bite because the symptoms literally appeared in...
  12. Salleh

    Canker?? Chicken expert please!?

    So I've been told that my 6 year old girl, Dorothy, has Canker. She's had gaspy/rattly breathing for over a year now, it started gradually but seems to get worse at times. I've seen that she has got some solid white/yellow plaque on the roof of her mouth/throat, and she's usually always...
  13. A

    My girl Isabella died of a mysterious disease?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share a story about my hen Isabella and see if anyone has ever seen anything like this. She was a Rhode Island White and less than a year old, one day she was fine and the next one she didn't want to move or eat. She was the hungriest chicken in the flock and when I...
  14. divineangel94

    Crow issues

    My 3 year old rooster is hardly eating his bird food, ate spam and half a hot dog, wont eat grass anymore, and does drink. His poop keeps changing but mainly is green yellow white or brown. Sometimes all of the above. I have him separated and noticed he went to crow but no sound came out. I...
  15. C

    Is this fowl pox? EMERGENCY

    Is this possibly fowl pox or what? The turkey is with another one that has not gotten these lesions. Please help!
  16. M

    Sore on eye and sore around mouth, should I be concerned??

    Hi, first time chicken mom here. I have been reading about avian pox, canker sores, and other kinds of diseases but I'm not sure which this is. Or even if it is anything at all. Please let me know what you think I should do. Is it a disease or injury? What's the best protocol to help? The first...
  17. Qquails899

    Quail with swollen eyes

    Today when I got home, I took a look at my quails and found out that one of them has swollen eyes. I immediately took her to the local vet but the problem is that he is known for misdiagnosing animals. He said it is an allergy and gave her some kind of injection. I hope he was right, can someone...
  18. Maryam.

    Not sure what’s going on

    Hi, I have a 3y.o female pekin called Cookie, she’s my pet duck and lives indoor. Almost a month ago she suddenly started limping, exactly on the very day that I added levamisole to her water for worming. Her ankle was a little swollen but not like joint swelling, just a spot. I took X-ray from...
  19. B

    Strange Poop

    My chickens just went through one round of roundworm medication a week and a half ago. I've noticed they have consistently been pooping white cloudy poop that outlines their dark poop + they have diarrhea often, but that might be because of the fruits we've been feeding them lately because of...
  20. Chickenma65

    3rd rooster sick

    My friend lost two roosters in the last year and a 3rd rooster is now showing the same signs as the last two. His head slightly tilted yesterday, today he’s off balance. Vets couldn’t determine what was going on other then if it happens again to send him in to exams after he passes. This is...
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