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egg binding?

  1. D

    Won’t leave nesting box

    Hello, My chicken hasn’t left the nesting box since yesterday’s afternoon. They are free range the only time they spend in the coop is to lay and sleep. I’m really concerned something is wrong. I am on my way to the store to get yogurt because I herd that could help if she is having trouble...
  2. DustyChick

    Why has my Leghorn stopped laying?

    My 1yr old Leghorn started laying eggs last August-ish. Then once daylight started getting shorter in December, she & my other girls stopped laying. Well, here it is April and everyone has returned to normal laying schedule except her! She is my smallest hen, could that have anything to do with...
  3. Qquails899

    Quail stopped laying eggs

    One of my quails laid a thin shelled egg about 15 days ago and she hasn't laid since. The other one is screaming every time it lays an egg, and tonight the one who stopped laying screamed two times the same way but there is no egg. What should I do?
  4. D

    Help! I don't know what's going on with my hen

    Just yesterday we got 18 adult laying hens from somebody we know. Their living conditions were just awful and are expirenceing several deformities (twisted claws, missing feathers, ect) we have a much better setup for them now but I went to the coop to check on them this morning and one hen was...
  5. Texas Tillie

    Little bantam is straining; what's wrong?

    I don't know what's wrong with my girl. I wormed my three bantams on 5/26 and all seemed okay after that. But, I've noticed she seems "off" the last few days; saw her straining with some diarrhea in the nest box the last two evenings, but when I gave her an epsom salt bath today I saw that's she...
  6. Tycine1

    Hen never laid an egg

    8 months ago I bought 10 production red chicks; 1 died the next day, I figured stress. At about 3 months of age, I saw a couple of my birds had 'moco' (mucous) (respiratory illness, no vet to diagnose what variety), and treated the flock with the antibiotics recommended by the feed store /...
  7. mdelhomme

    Egg bound (?) hen

    I have a 2 yr old hen who is acting like she doesn't feel well. lots of sitting, I thought she was going to lay an egg in my compost pile yesterday, but she didn't. her lower half is very fluffed out. I don't know what a penguin walk is, but she's walking slowly, although she did run from me...
  8. C

    Egg bound chicken. -I think

    New to BYCs-I have a 2+ year old girl who I think is egg bound. She was not herself and had pale comb a few days ago ,kind of standing around slightly puffed up and today she was not doing better. Did some research and determined she might be egg bound. Stomach super tight and I can feel what I...
  9. jackoeVogel23

    Is my duck egg bound or brooding?

    i have 1 and a half year old pekins. I get an egg a day from each of them, all year round! They are very consistent except a few hick ups here and there. I noticed my one stopped laying about 3 or 4 days ago. I always see her in her nest, but never an egg. She goes back and forth to her nest in...
  10. Berryslippers

    Help! My hen is sick!

    HELP,!!! My beautiful ex-battery hen, Brittany isn't doing well. She is sitting around puffed up with eyes closed and seemed to be sitting in egg white but I couldn't find the shell. (I've been dealing with soft shelled eggs for weeks and giving her extra calcium, but she lays eggs at a rapid...
  11. Savanna Miller

    Help sudden chicken deaths!!!

    I've been losing chicken after chicken in the past few weeks I went from 7 chickens to 3 in about 5weeks. They're all americanas, and all being pecked mainly their butts. One had an egg stuck, but the other 3 just died suddenly. I also noticed that the 3 that died their vents were opened. I...
  12. lemenu

    infection, egg binding or ???

    hi chicken hive mind, i'm trying desperately to figure out what's wrong w "lil grey " she's an americuana easter egger 7 mo old. 2lb 10oz as of this am. she's sick, has a hurt foot but may also be egg bound ? her keen seems good, maybe a bit under nourished. skin turgor decent. no...
  13. Maddyluvschickens

    Does My Chicken Have Egg Binding?

    Hello, I have a Barnevelder who is about a year. I haven't seen her lay an egg for a while now, and a few days ago I felt under her stomach for an egg and I think I felt one. I waited to see if she was just taking longer than normal to lay her egg, but she didn't lay one. And today she was in...
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