egg bloom

  1. Store Eggs vs. Farm Eggs

    Store Eggs vs. Farm Eggs

    This article was originally a poster I made for 4H, but then I decided to make it into an article so others can enjoy it. It took a long time, but I finally finished, so here it is. I added in more information, and kept most of the old ideas too. This was my poster. After further research, I...
  2. mvdct

    Sticky bloom... any thoughts?

    Hi all, Quick question. Attached are two photos of an egg from one of our chickens (a Rhode Island Red) in the nest box. First shot - top of egg. Second shot - egg rotated to reveal the bottom. Notice the chippings of hemp stuck to it. (we use Aubiose Hemp Bedding in the boxes). We have 3...
  3. AmaranthineAcres

    Observations on Egg Blooms

    In my budding obsession with egg colors and all the factors influencing them, I have scoured the forums for information about blooms, but beyond knowing the purpose (sealing the egg to prevent bacterial contamination or moisture loss), I've found very little info. I know that bloom thickness...
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