egg color

  1. ChickChic00

    Olive Egger and Starlight Green Egger

    What would happen if a breed an Olive Egger Rooster and a Starlight Green Egger Hen Together? Would the eggs still be green? Either olive or light green? Egg Production estimate? Egg Size? Egg Color? Chicken weight estimate? Any help is appreciated!!
  2. Texas Transplant

    Welsummer with heavy bloom pale eggs ??

    I have a Welsummer pullet (hatched April 13th '20) that has been laying for 2 weeks. She eats high quality organic feed, free choice oyster shell and lots of fresh dark greens, veggies and fruit. Her eggs have a HEAVY bloom and more often than not, appear pink. If I wipe them clean they are...
  3. NeedsMoreChickens

    Are these eggs from the same chicken?

    Is it possible that these eggs are from the same chicken? The greenest one is a week old, the second green one is from yesterday, and the blue one is from today. I have 3 Easter Eggers. I've never had more than one tinted egg a day, and they haven't been as green since the one picture here from...
  4. connieconnie

    Your opinion Best Backyard chicken breeds? free range, friendly, docile, good egg layers and color

    Hi, I'm new to raising chickens, and I've just recently hatched some barred plymouth rocks! :jumpy However I want to have a few different breeds to have egg color variety (Cream, blue, brown, green etc.). They'll be living in my back yard, free ranging and would ideally like them to be super...
  5. Angileen

    Can I expect larger eggs in the future?

    I have 29 Pullets and 4 Cockerels, they are 4 months 3 weeks old right now. I have 2 Calico Princess that started laying at 3 and 1/2 months old, 2 Midnight Majesty Marans that started at 4 months old and 1 Easter Egger that started 4 days ago. I was wondering if their eggs will get larger when...
  6. chickpeasoup

    Red ears, but white eggs??

    My BR just started laying, and her eggs are white. I'm just a bit shocked,I know there are a few breeds that don't follow the red ears=colored eggs, white ears=white eggs rule. However barred rocks shouldn't be in that category, right? It's pretty neat! Does anyone know how this could happen? As...
  7. 8dirtybird8

    Hatchery Olive Eggers

    i just want to warm everyone that the sapphire olive eggers sold by Hoover’s hatchery are not true olive eggers. I paid nearly $8 a bird and only one out of three lays olive eggs. One lays brown and one lays blue. They’re really just easter eggers with a fancy name.
  8. Dewclaw83

    Who's laying the dark brown eggs?

    Hello! So my pullets (well, hens now) have reached laying age. From my previous research, I thought all of them should lay just like your basic brown eggs. However, now that they are laying, someone is laying these beautiful dark(er) brown eggs and I have no idea who it is! These are the eggs...
  9. IamRainey

    Earlobe & egg color question

    I've read that white earlobes = white eggs and red earlobes = dark eggs. I've got 20ish week old pullets with very dark brown earlobes. Any indication what I can expect? I realize this isn't absolutely reliable as an indication but I'm just wondering what might happen as I've never read...
  10. LunaMarieWolf

    Question about keeping hens in cages (to determine egg color)

    What are your thought on keeping hens in a cage all to themselves temporarily, to see what color egg they lay? I know keeping chickens in cages for an extended period of time is a no no, but what if you put them in a cage for a small amount of time (at most a week)? Of course, they have acess...
  11. LunaMarieWolf

    Egg color genetics?

    I have a question about egg color genetics. Does the roo pass on the egg coloration to his children? Is it the hen who passes the gene on? Or is it a mix of the parents eggs colors. Like if you breed a brown layer roo to a white layer hen, is the daughters of this mix going to lay white...
  12. A

    Chicken egg color

    hello, I have six Easter egger chickens and some have recently started to lay eggs. I had four really light blue fairy eggs when they first started laying at 18 weeks and since then have gotten 6 green eggs and they are 20 weeks now. Do the eggs color change from fairy egg color or are the blue...
  13. BrittChick15

    Pearl Egger Question!

    who else has Pearl Egger hens??? Show me your eggs! I’m stumped where my second egg came from today. It’s brown but my other brown egg layer doesn’t look ready to lay yet!
  14. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Confused about this pullet

    we had a broody who hatched this egg. It wasn’t hers, just a fertilized egg we got from the feed store. The egg was a greenish tealish blueish color, but this hopefully a girl looks just like a Barred Rock. Could she just be a mix?
  15. Kris5902

    Big enough for hatching and other egg questions

    I'm desperate for more blue and green Layers as well as Black Copper Marans. The Farm where I live just bought six green layers at POL to directly compete with me for the niche I found in the local egg market. :he So much for a friendly supportive family farm environment. :( I’m considering one...
  16. R3M1X

    Egg color pondering~

    Ok so I know that breeding different chickens with different egg colors can result in various colors and shades, such as blue and brown can make green. But I dont think I have heard about pinkish or rosy colored eggs. Maybe its temporary since she just started laying, but my 5.5 month old...
  17. LunaMarieWolf

    Can one hen lay two eggs that are different colors??

    I know that hens lay one color of egg their entire life, but can that color change from time to time? Example: can a hen who has laid an almost spot-free brown egg give me another egg that is brown with dark brown speckles??
  18. littlefarmgirl9

    What color eggs do your hens lay?

    Hey everyone! This thread is for all who want to know the color of certain breeds’ eggs. Feel free to post pics of your prettiest eggs alongside the chicken breed that laid them. Maybe we’ll see some pink eggs! Have fun! (: This egg is from my Ameraucana hen, Cocoa.
  19. Thechickentrainer1999

    What does this egg mean?

    What do these dots mean on my eggs? You can scrape them off.
  20. B

    Chicken Genetics

    Hey, so I would like to know a bit more information about chicken genetics. I enjoy genetics, and I basically just want to share what I know with others and hear from others what I don’t know. Some of what I know (Just what I can remember of the top of my head): Egg Color: A chicken egg’s color...
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