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  1. H

    Bald chicken - advice needed

    Hi all My first time posting. I’ve recently rehomed some ex battery hens and they’ve all being doing really well in terms of fattening up a bit and growing healthy feathers. A few have had issues around their necks though, with one in particular who’s lost feathers all down her neck and chest...
  2. jtmorgan86


    I have 2 silkie roosters they both are missing ALL their tail feathers. What could cause this? What should I do for it? Pests? Plucking? I’m confused! I inspected all the birds today. Some had poop on their butts. No signs of lice eggs. Some girls have torn feathers but I believe it’s from the...
  3. Mdico19

    6 week old chick looks greasy

    I currently have 6 week old chicks and one of them for the past 2 weeks has had different looking feathers. Feathers almost look wet or matted. Does not look like she is missing any feathers they just do not look nearly as full as the other chickens. I do have 6 different breeds so I am...
  4. L

    Bare skin and poor feather growth

    Hello all! I recently inherited two Rhode Island Red hens (about 2 or 3 years old) as my Pop passed away a month ago. Any chickens that my Pop kept always ended up losing most of their feathers - poor things!! No one is sure why and being a silly old man he didn't seem to think much of it. I...
  5. MallardMama19

    Feather loss

    Hey guys! It’s been awhile, but I have a question… I apologize if it’s been asked before…. I have a mixed flock of 2 buff Orpingtons, 2 Easter eggers, and 2 reds, all hens. My one Easter egged, Willow, has feather loss. Theee are no woulds, just looks like she has been plucked. I have 2 big runs...
  6. m1chelle1

    American tufted buff with feather/skin “issue”..?

    Hi all, I have a new 2 year old American tufted buff and she seems to have some skin and feather issues :confused: She seems to fairly constantly itch her skin (more than just preening) and she has quite a few broken feathers. It’s strange, it’s like feathers that break in half and the...
  7. 5

    PLEASE HELP…..Feather Loss = Disease!?!

    Hi! In Fall 2020, one of my hens molted early, in November/December 2020 two of other my hens began to molt, one of the two had a hard molt. When winter ended, my hen that hard molted fully grew her feathers back, but my other hen didn’t. Two more of my hens have this odd feather loss that...
  8. D

    Can anyone guess my hens age?

    Hello all! I am a new chicken owner; I got two chickens a few days ago! Unfortunately I do not trust the place we got them from too much because although they seemed sufficiently (barely sufficiently) cared for, my chicken was definitely the victim of some bullying and pecking from other...
  9. S

    feather issue

    Hello all, Hoping someone can help me with my flock’s feather issue. We have five laying hens of all different cold hardy varieties (we live in upstate NY where one day it is 70 and the next it is snowing - really, this is our weather forecast for today and tomorrow). All five hens exhibit...
  10. I

    Red butt and rubber eggs?

    I am a new chicken mom and I need some help. I adopted 5 pullets in October of last year. I noticed that 3 of them were pecking the other 2 (white ones) around the cloaca area. They were loosing feathers and bleeding!! So I separated them until they healed and that seemed to solve the...
  11. J

    Care for Quail that lost feathers

    So a week or so ago rats managed to get into our quail enclosure. Only 3 of them survived and one of them has lost a significant amount of feathers. Many flight feathers seem to be missing but there's been no bleeding. What I’m more worried about is her back. Her entire bottom up to where her...
  12. B

    Duck back feathers sticking up

    Hello does anyone know why my Rouen’s back feathers are sticking up like this? I’ve had her for about 10 months and she should be fully grown by now. The feathers started looking like this a few days ago and isn’t present on any of my other ducks.
  13. Catbutts

    Is this molting??????

    Hi. My 11 months old Hybrid hen lose her chest feather since last month! Is this molting or some kind of disease? she doesn't show any sign of sickness and doing pretty well. Ps. She is a leader of the flock so I don't think it's pecking
  14. Elraishem

    Chicken’s feathers growing too close together? Really weird

    I’ve just started raising my first flock of chickens, and I have a 3-mo australorp named Merle whose feathers are growing too close together. She’s had a “fan” between her shoulder blades since her adult feathers started coming in. Upon closer inspection I found that she has some sort of skin...
  15. B

    Weird feather colors after isolation.

    My pet chicken , Kitty , is now 6 months old. It turned out to be a rooster. I had to leave for a while and she has been in her cage. My mom fed and watered her , but has never took her out for sun. I came back to see her waddles all gray and shriveled. After some care and outside time she is...
  16. Spellbound4u

    Weird feathers???

    I dont know how else to put it. Lol one of my lavender orpingtons feathers aren't smooth and flat like the rest of them. She doesn't get picked on that i see and she seems perfectly healthy and happy. Any ideas?? She is about 14 weeks old. A picture for reference...
  17. MamaDuck1985

    Duck wing feathers

    Our Pekin has had discolored wing feathers for a while now. We thought she was just molting, but they have looked beige like this for a few months now. It’s on both wings. She is eating and laying regularly. She has daily access to a pond. Everything seems normal except the large wing feathers...
  18. LunaMarieWolf

    Help with Sex-link feather pulling?

    Hey everyone, I think my older sex-link is pulling feathers from herself? I am just really unsure what is going on. I don't know her age, but she is an older girl and she is a rescue battery hen. She seems to be fine, but I know something has got to be bothering her for her feathers to look...
  19. N

    Feather loss on neck

    I’ve noticed that several of my girls are missing feathers on their neck, specifically under their chins and on the sides of their neck. Not the part you’d expect missing feathers from an over eager rooster. I’ve checked them for lice but they look clean, and there are no wounds on the parts...
  20. Maddy10122


    Hello everyone! Some background: My ducks were born in June of 2017. Being a first time duck/chicken mom, I when they came to age, I promptly trimmed their flight feathers in fear of them flying away. One of the ducks has molted multiple times in the years since, but the other duck still has...
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