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  1. Elraishem

    Chicken’s feathers growing too close together? Really weird

    I’ve just started raising my first flock of chickens, and I have a 3-mo australorp named Merle whose feathers are growing too close together. She’s had a “fan” between her shoulder blades since her adult feathers started coming in. Upon closer inspection I found that she has some sort of skin...
  2. B

    Weird feather colors after isolation.

    My pet chicken , Kitty , is now 6 months old. It turned out to be a rooster. I had to leave for a while and she has been in her cage. My mom fed and watered her , but has never took her out for sun. I came back to see her waddles all gray and shriveled. After some care and outside time she is...
  3. Spellbound4u

    Weird feathers???

    I dont know how else to put it. Lol one of my lavender orpingtons feathers aren't smooth and flat like the rest of them. She doesn't get picked on that i see and she seems perfectly healthy and happy. Any ideas?? She is about 14 weeks old. A picture for reference...
  4. MamaDuck1985

    Duck wing feathers

    Our Pekin has had discolored wing feathers for a while now. We thought she was just molting, but they have looked beige like this for a few months now. It’s on both wings. She is eating and laying regularly. She has daily access to a pond. Everything seems normal except the large wing feathers...
  5. LunaMarieWolf

    Help with Sex-link feather pulling?

    Hey everyone, I think my older sex-link is pulling feathers from herself? I am just really unsure what is going on. I don't know her age, but she is an older girl and she is a rescue battery hen. She seems to be fine, but I know something has got to be bothering her for her feathers to look...
  6. N

    Feather loss on neck

    I’ve noticed that several of my girls are missing feathers on their neck, specifically under their chins and on the sides of their neck. Not the part you’d expect missing feathers from an over eager rooster. I’ve checked them for lice but they look clean, and there are no wounds on the parts...
  7. Maddy10122


    Hello everyone! Some background: My ducks were born in June of 2017. Being a first time duck/chicken mom, I when they came to age, I promptly trimmed their flight feathers in fear of them flying away. One of the ducks has molted multiple times in the years since, but the other duck still has...
  8. Derek Kwas

    Rhode Island Red White Tips

    Hello, as the title says, I have noticed 1 of our 4 chickens (Rhode Island Red, All Born 3/30/17) has white tips on her feathers at the top of her head and has some baby feathers loose as shown in the pictures. I feel this may be molting due to age and we haven't seen her go through it but the...
  9. Barredbuzzard34

    Scraggly feathers

    My chickens are all probably about 6 weeks old, and most of them have nice, soft and sleek feathers. A few of them have feathers that look unkempt, like they haven't been groomed. Is there anything I can do to help their feathers become more healthy? Attached there is one pic of a bird with the...
  10. mjvv88

    Is it moulting?

    I have these white specks on my black silkie's feathers before. It has come and gone and doesn't seem to affect her. Just want to know is it part of the moulting procedure?
  11. CLovesDucks

    Angel wing? Or just slow feather growth?

    Hey y’all! Our newest girls are 5 weeks old. We have a runner and two blue Swedish. One of my blue Swedish has some weird stuff going on with her wing feathers. I’ve never had a duck with angel wing, so I’m not sure if it’s that or just slow feather growth. They were fed Manna Pro Duckling...
  12. joannmartin

    HELP! Duck feathers look terrible!

    I am totally stumped trying to solve my ducks feather issues. I initially thought it was a wet feather and did a Dawn soap bath....checked her oil gland and it looked fine. Took her to the vet and they didn't see any mites. Kepted her in all winter because I didn't think she would be able to...
  13. Laineybug

    Help chicken feathers stained

    So I have a fair tomorrow and my breed the commercial laying hens which are 3 leghorns wre recently bathed 3 times. However my birds feathers are still dirty and look browner than the other ones. It is. Really bothersome because I worked very hard on them. Is there anything o can do to clean the...
  14. LemonyCatapult

    Seemingly healthy pullet but showing strange symptoms

    I have a 6 month old pullet with a strange backstory. So she hatched from my two Easter Eggers and was always quite small for her age. When she was 3.5 months old, her feet got severe frost bite and she lost all her toes. She has lived in our house since but has been showing weird symptoms since...
  15. Chippychick123

    Brown clumps of feathers?

    Anyone know what this maybe and how I can treat it, I’m suspecting something along mites but the weather is getting nicer so that might have something to do with it too? She hasn’t lost an appetite and her egg laying is normal, the vent isn’t blocked and seems normal as well as her poop.
  16. classicsredone

    Feathering issues - creepy crawlies or mean girls?

    This is Sweet & Sour. She is about a year old and was matched my sister's classroom. She doesn't keep chickens, so we ended up with some of the chicks. Sweet & Spur is next to the top of the pecking order. During the molt, she lost some saddle feathers but looked okay. She does not have smooth...
  17. Angelita

    Black mold/mildew on tail feathers

    Hi, so I’m a little concerned about my girl, she’s a 5 month old buff Orpington and I’ve noticed she’s had little black mold-looking specs on a few of her tail feathers. She’s an indoor chicken and I clean her coop daily so it’s always clean and dry. I use cedar wood shavings now that she’s...
  18. T

    Week old chicks not well

    Came home from work today and found our chicks looking like they are dried out. Feathers very thinned and dry and crusty to the touch. They have water with electrolytes and probiotics. The heat lamp is on and at a safe distance. This is our second time and with the same setup. We had no issues...
  19. alex5chickens

    Crazy weird feather loss!

    My chickens are losing feathers straight down their chest, and it isn't molting. They seem great otherwise, and I don't see any lice eggs. Maybe mites? They are only losing feathers on the spot they lay down on, so maybe the feathers are just getting worn out? I can't find any information on...
  20. MistyDF

    Frayed Feathers

    One of my girls looks like her head feathers are frayed on the ends... maybe I am just seeing things but has anyone ever encountered this? It has been really cold here until today so of course I went out taking pics! That’s when I noticed this on her. None of the others look like this. 5 hens...
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