1. Rusty Shackleford

    Is there a feather growing under my hens eyelid?? (Pictures Included)

    Yesterday I noticed something wrong with one of my hens eyes. I thought she got poked or pecked but after looking further I noticed something in the corner of her eye and then tried to pull it out but it seems like there are feathers under her eyelid. I tried to remove it but it definitely seems...
  2. H

    Black on Buff Orpington’s Tail Feathers?

    Hey all! I have a mix of breeds, all 18 weeks old (Australorps, barred rocks, buff orpingtons) my orpingtons have black on their tail feathers (photos below) Mites? Disease? I checked and didn’t see any mites or bugs on them and I use the deep litter system for their coop so I can’t put DE in...
  3. O

    Rhode Island Red Chick Feather

    First time raising baby chicks, I have two Rhode Island reds we got at Tractor Supply and one has a feather that looks bent. Should I be worried? Is this painful to the chick? Attaching pictures for reference. TIA!
  4. C

    Toulouse Gosling is overpreening/itchy

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice for my gosling. I recently got a shipment of 4 chicks of various breeds and a gosling to help protect my backyard flock. They're all being raised together, but since about day 2-3 of having them, we started to notice a wet spot above her right wing, which...
  5. M

    Help! Injured chicken with Burns and patchy feathers!

    A little information, My uncle found a chicken and he knows that I have a few of my own so he asked if I wanted to take on a rescue chicken and of course I had to accept. from what he told me the chicken was in a wrecked car and was stuck onto the vehicle. The vehicle was going to be towed to a...
  6. MidlandChicks

    Fully feathered?

    Hi guys, would you consider our chicks fully feathered? They seem to have a little fluff on their bottoms but the rest looks feathered to me. I’d like to keep them in their coop tonight for the first time and wanted to get your thoughts. They’re 7 weeks old and the temps will be in the mid-50s...
  7. B

    Ursula or Ursuhim?

    I know everyone keeps saying that chicks have to be at least 6 weeks old before you can tell their gender. However, I have one sweetheart named Ursula and they are just soooo much different than their counterparts. They turned 4 weeks old this past Monday. I have 7 Brahmas altogether and...
  8. Nadilli

    PLEASE HELP Feathers being pulled + bumble foot

    This little girl, named Willow (Willow Ptarmigan) is having some issues, apx 9-10 weeks old . I recently got her from a local breeder, and she’s had issues from day 1, with her own clutch mates! My older chickens don’t bother her at all but her clutch mates constantly pick at her tail feathers...
  9. jtmorgan86


    I have 2 silkie roosters they both are missing ALL their tail feathers. What could cause this? What should I do for it? Pests? Plucking? I’m confused! I inspected all the birds today. Some had poop on their butts. No signs of lice eggs. Some girls have torn feathers but I believe it’s from the...
  10. Greystone farm

    Feather plucking—how to treat?

    My little mallard duck, Rowan, flew over the fence divider between my two flocks today 😬 Her flock loves her, but my second flock are three times as big and don’t like her at all. I found her tonight on their side of the run with the feathers on the back of her little neck all plucked and raw...
  11. Z

    Roadside chicken and possible feather follicle cyst???

    Hello, I recently found what I believe is a Langshan hen abandoned on the roadside. It's the middle of the wet season here and she was in a shallow ditch of water when I retrieved her. She's been quarantined for two weeks and was going to be 8ntroduced yo the flock tomorrow but I finally got a...
  12. bossfrog

    what is going on with this feather

    my silkie chicken has curled toes and as a result walks on some of her foot feather follicles. was looking at her foot this morning, noticed a little fuzz that seemed out of place and pulled on it with tweezers and this monstrosity came out. is this how deep quills go? the bristly part at the...
  13. edgy6ellie

    ingrown feather?

    One of my hens, has a feather growing in a U shape, it seems to be pretty painful when I touch it and is a lot thicker than the rest of her pin feathers, it doesn't look like any of the ingrown feathers I've seen and I can't find any information on it at all, I will try to take a picture of it...
  14. chickenGrant

    Pecking out feathers STILL! HELP!

    Hey everyone, I am going to apologize in advance for how long and confusing this may be. Alright here we go… By the way these Chickens are just over one year old. So last winter (winter of 2020) is when it all started, I noticed a fair amount of feathers were missing on two out of the three...
  15. C

    Pests or rooster?

    This may be stupid but my Roos favorite hen has this on her feathers. She’s the only one of my flock. Her feathers are crispy? feeling and discolored. I’ve not tried cleaning it off. Is this pests? Bad aim? It’s only right above and beside her tail. None of her feathers look chewed or shortened...
  16. dita

    Recovering Hen with Deformity

    Hello! If this is not the correct area I'm sorry in advance. I felt this might be the closest forum section to post this. I have a Golden Laced Wyandotte less than a year old who is a bit of a special case. She has had a deformed neck since birth and it isn't wry neck. I have taken her to vet...
  17. 5

    PLEASE HELP…..Feather Loss = Disease!?!

    Hi! In Fall 2020, one of my hens molted early, in November/December 2020 two of other my hens began to molt, one of the two had a hard molt. When winter ended, my hen that hard molted fully grew her feathers back, but my other hen didn’t. Two more of my hens have this odd feather loss that...
  18. chickenGrant

    Pecking each other has gotten worse.

    Hi there. I have three chickens, one golden laced Wyandotte one silver laced Wyandotte and one cinnamon queen. The cinnamon queen seems to be the lead hen and likes to pick on the others. But the golden laced Wyandotte is in second and she picks on the silver laced Wyandotte. Both the...
  19. ThatChickenLady708

    I guess feathers are yummy?

    For some reason my rooster keep grabbing my hens.. wherever he can grab at! He gets a mouth of feathers, swallow them & goes about his business! What on earth is going on here?! I've attached pictures of the weirdo in question.. my poor hens are starting to bald! :(
  20. R

    2 week old chicks losing back feathers

    Please help me with this thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/bully-4-week-old-chick.1475476/page-3 I have two week old chicks yesterday found with bald spots on their back near the tail area. Could this be caused by parasite? Or is just pecking by others? 5 out of 7 chicks have...
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