1. Etorb1

    Polish 9weeks losing feathers or being picked on?

    I have a 9 weeks polish that I noticed has a lot of feathers missing on the back of its head. I didn’t notice it being this bad yeaterday. It is in a run with bird of the same age that have been together the whole time I have had them which is about 9 weeks. Is this new feather growth or is it...
  2. sunnie7

    Feathered Feet Genetic Question

    I just hatched this cutie from the egg I believe my Ameraucana Hen x EE rooster (my only rooster). I only have 1 Ameraucana in my flock and no other colored egg layer that’s laying yet. However I can’t figure out where the feathered feet came from?! Only feathered feet in my flock are 2 light...
  3. K

    Broken blood feather advice

    One of my ladies somehow broke a blood feather on her tail. It seems like she keeps opening the blood clot that forms while preening (there are many new feathers coming in around it so she’s back there a lot) and it bleeds. I’m not real comfortable pulling it and it seems the advice on pulling...
  4. B

    Duck back feathers sticking up

    Hello does anyone know why my Rouen’s back feathers are sticking up like this? I’ve had her for about 10 months and she should be fully grown by now. The feathers started looking like this a few days ago and isn’t present on any of my other ducks.
  5. Rhode island chick sleeping by a feather

    Rhode island chick sleeping by a feather

    rhode island chick with a feather placed next to her for comparison
  6. Elraishem

    Chicken’s feathers growing too close together? Really weird

    I’ve just started raising my first flock of chickens, and I have a 3-mo australorp named Merle whose feathers are growing too close together. She’s had a “fan” between her shoulder blades since her adult feathers started coming in. Upon closer inspection I found that she has some sort of skin...
  7. CityDucklings20

    Ancona Ducklings Growth

    Just wondering if anyone else has raised Ancona ducks? I have 3 that I hatched exactly 3 weeks ago. One started quacking at 1 week old and is fullly quacking now with only peeps when its separated from the others. And they all started getting feathers on their tail and wings before 2 weeks of...
  8. Bird_Lover_17

    Cleaning Feathers?

    Hi! Obiously, it's molting season. My barred rock rooster has been loosing a lot of his sickle feathers (which are beautiful). I want to collect them, but the problem is that they are loaded LOADED with poop. Does anyone have any feather- cleaning advice? I don't want to mess up the barbules...
  9. T

    Ducks eating each other's feathers??

    I have two pekin ducks, both around two months old. The smaller one is often the one who leads the larger one, but I find that the smaller one always nibbles and plucks out feathers from the larger one's wing. The smaller one plucks the feathers out to the point where the other duck even starts...
  10. AlexD98

    Moult or sick

    I've just got a new hen for my flock(lavender araucana), the previous owner said she's just started to moult... I've got home and upon further inspection ( hope this makes sense) the strands coming out of the feather root/ centre thing are very short ( on her back) also she has quite watery...
  11. FathertoFeathers

    Why do my Muscovy's feathers look so bad?

    My female muscovy ducks feathers look pretty bad and I don’t know what’s up with it. My other Muscovy hens feathers don’t look like this. There is two drakes I have but they don’t really mate with my Muscovy hens they prefer the mallard hens. I’ve looked for mites but can’t find any. l
  12. Elie And Her Flock

    what feather pattern is this?

    Just got these silkie/ameracauna cross chicks. They all have a distinct feather pattern. One has black on buff/tan, one has white on brown, and the other has orange on black. (Sorry about the black one being dusty, she tried to dust bathe in her food.) What is the feather pattern called? I can't...
  13. missmaqs

    Sick, or just growing?

    The Silkie in the image (left, 3 weeks old) has a funny feather or two that stick out as of two days ago. Other than that, she has no other symptoms of any illness, but I am not sure if this is sort of an onset sign? I had a chick pass away a week ago from this flock who had a few feathers...
  14. Fwchickens

    What is going on with this BC Maran?

    This is a 7 week old BC Maran. My question is what is going on with it’s feathers? It is hard to photograph but they almost look frizzled. The shaft is extremely fine, the feathers curl and seem fuzzy. Has anyone had a bird like this? Does this go away with maturity?
  15. E

    Is this feathering normal?

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone could help explain if this feathering’s normal in Bantam chicks? It’s only in 2 out of the 3 chicks. Thanks a lot!
  16. M

    Black Ameraucana X Golden Laced Wyandotte: One Week Old. Gender?

    Hello, I am new to raising chickens. I have two chicks. I read I could possibly sex them by looking at their wings over the first week. Based off the information I have seen it seems this may be a rooster. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. The chick's mom is a Black Ameraucana and...
  17. greygoose

    Turkey genetics/ feather color!

    Hi there, this has probably been gone over several times. I did make an attempt to search through other posts and couldn't quite find a situation like mine. I am just trying to understand what I am dealing with, sorry if this is a repeat! My husband gifted me a pair of young Bourbon red turkeys...
  18. mjvv88

    Dry skin

    Hi. Can silkies get dry skin? My black silkie had some white dandruff on her neck and butt feathers. It's not there everyday. It comes and goes. She is broody at the moment and plucked some chest feathers out like before. So was just wondering. Advise for the newbie will be appreciated.
  19. cluckmecoop7

    My chickens are getting a little bored...

    Hi everyone, I am recovering from a cold right now and can't give my chickens as much a attention as usual. They are used to getting a lot of attention. I don't want them to get bored and start feather picking, etc. :hmm Does anyone have any ideas that I could make/do for my chickens? It would...
  20. Dfarago

    Plucking Muscovies

    I just processed about nine of my Muscovies and let me tell you, those feathers were a pain in the butt. We did three different methods. They were dunked in boiling water before being plucked. We used latex gloves, garden gloves that were textured and paraffin wax. After all that there were...
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