1. Esther says hi!

    Esther says hi!

    Esther almost pecking the camera
  2. TesoroSena

    Your Daily Truth Serum!

    Hi guys and welcome! This message is your daily truth serum, and on this thread you must tell the truth! Anyone can ask anyone questions, about anything as long as it’s appropriate, and if you answer you have to answer with the absolute truth! You can also talk about anything you want, as long...
  3. KathiQuacks

    My drake is acting broody 😆

    Before anyone asks, yes, he is a drake, no doubt about it. Most drakes, from what I hear, will simply hang out near the nest while his hen does her thing. Some will stand guard over the nest, and very rarely, drakes will actually sit on the nest themselves. My drake has gone a little beyond the...
  4. CoopBoots

    Chicken Comics?

    I'm a huge fan of The Far Side and had this as something of a shower thought, but I don't think any non-chickeners would get it... Anyone else have chicken funnies to share?
  5. Galaxy_rules

    Is it just me…

    This is a thread of “ is it just me? “ because yes, I do stay up late in bed wondering if it is just me who, when they see a new thread, race to be the first one to reply and kick myself when @fluffycrow beats me to it… 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Podcast recomendation!

    Podcast recomendation!

    Coffee With The Chicken Ladies is a podcast about chickens. The hosts are Holly and Chrisie. This show has 4 segments. ●Breed spotlight This section usualy spotlights one breed of heritage chicken, and is at the start of the episode. ●Main topic This section talks about a variety of topics, and...
  7. IHeartChickens10

    Adventures of Crazy Little Chicks

    Here I’ll be posting stories of my 4 brand new chicks: Stormy: Silver and white Ameraucana chick Rebeaka: Black and white chick Abigail: golden brown chick Truffles: Black and yellow part Ameraucana Feel free to post your own chick stories!
  8. RadEggs

    Share your funny family photos!

    Share funny photos of your pets and family! ♡ Chicken photos also welcome♡
  9. CloneFly

    Blue Kote

    After hearing many amazing things about blue kote, I went out and bought some. I've used it 3 times so far and I have only one question... how long does the stain on this darn thing last?! Honestly, I'm impressed- not even sharpie has lasted this long without significant fading. But I would...
  10. Olivia The Semi-Blind Chicken

    Olivia The Semi-Blind Chicken

    Olivia was one of our original 8 chickens in 2016. She was a gentle Plymouth Barred Rock in a coop and large run with 4 other Plymouth Barred Rocks, 3 Buff Orpingtons and two “Easter Eggers.” She lived peacefully among the other chickens. However, at about 6 months it became clear that Olivia...
  11. MadinWonderland

    Chicken and Duck thoughts and quirks that make us laugh.

    I work from home, we have a small just dtarting out homestead and currently tend to 23 animals. I get a little cabin fever and try to rationalize some of their quirks and weird things they do. Thinking of doing a collection and illustrating it with feather babies and their thoughts on life...
  12. Henry&Friends


    My pullet seems to have received some SHOCKING news today! :eek:
  13. M

    Do Chickens Read??! 😂😂😂 #ChickenJam

    Can anyone tell me where to buy this chicken sign about blocking entrance. Hilarious, and definitely applicable to my chicks and coops. Please let me know. Thnx Here is the video I found on YouTube shorts. It's the sign in the end. 😂😂😂 YouTube Chicken Video
  14. Blue Raptor

    Funniest Picture, Joke, Meme or Video You’ve Seen. 🥴

    Literally just read the Title. Go on. Read it. All I’m going to post here are tags. Boring. Obey the Title instead. It’s more fun. @Bakbuk 😎 @the_peanut_coop 🥜 @Noah P 🔫 @PippinTheChicken 💪 @azurbanclucker 👾 @Chicken poppy 🥀 @Anime2lover 🎭 @arwoon 🍤 @catloverlu 🐈 @cherrynberry 🍒...
  15. ShrekDawg

    Dog or seal!?

    🤣🧐🤔 Def a seal in disguise 🤣🤔
  16. HenriettaPizzaNolan

    Ella the Painted Lady

    We're having our house's exterior painted. I get a knock at the door a little bit ago, and it's the painter. He says, "I'm so sorry but one of your chickens got paint on her!" I walk out and sure enough, Miss Ella was there, covered in paint, with the other hens trying to peck the paint off her...
  17. pekin queen

    chicken photo contest ends may 31 NZT (NZ is one day ahead of most other country's like america)

    hi and welcome to the chicken photo contest. pleas read the rules! as you may all ready know this contest ends may the 31st in NZT (New Zealand Time) rules (pleas read). . the photo must be one of your own (not from the internet) . one photo per entry . max entry's per account/person (yes...
  18. Disintegration

    These Photos Have the Same Energy :)

    Featuring Simba :) I took a photo of my rooster and realized it looked eerily similar to a meme I hadn't seen in a while lol.
  19. Aprilxoxo


    Hi guys so for the last week in Aus we have been getting incredibly hot days and i found that one of my turkeys has a very interesting way of spreading out to cool down. She lays in her sandpit splooting (legs directly out the back) and with her wing fully extended and head and neck fully...
  20. TheBirdBabe

    Must see chicken brows! ...yes, BROWS!

    I had to share this! Every time I see this chick, I have to laugh! 🤣 Her eyebrows make her look so mean & it just looks too funny on such a cute little fuzzy baby. This batch of chicks has some very cute coloring, but I've never seen something like this! She has one on each side. lol Have you...
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