1. The Prettiest Chick

    The Prettiest Chick

    Isn't she just adorable
  2. thekeetlady

    A silly little idea :)

    Hey, fellow chicken lovers! In these trying and boring times I’ve been spending a lotttt more time with my chickens and it’s just wonderful. Sitting on the porch throwing grubs, blackberries, and grapes got me thinking: I can create “chicken selfies”! I decided to put my phone on the ground and...
  3. Coop-elation!!!!  If I Can Do This, You Can Do This!

    Coop-elation!!!! If I Can Do This, You Can Do This!

    Holy "insert-swear-word" insert-good-word" "dont-insert-anything" Call me naive, call me a little overeager, call me "New Chicken Owner Crazy", call me "COVID Bored to Tears"...........I'm just not sure what possessed me........but here we go..... I don't know which category to put my coop in...
  4. Jeff1.jpeg


    On of my Red Star Chicks, Jeff, didn't want to socialise with her sisters and when I propped a little mirror up in the brooder she went right to it and would sleep next to her "mirror friend." They're 6 weeks old now and she still checks on her mirror friend in a much bigger mirror!
  5. Jeff2.jpeg


    One of my Red Star chicks, Jeff, thinks she is a parrot. When I open the crate the girls are in until the weather clears so they can start staying out in the coop, she immediately flies out and sits on my shoulder, head, or climbs on my back while I clean to "survey."
  6. I'm gonna get you!!

    I'm gonna get you!!

    One of my muscovy females landed on a thin wire in my garden and the cat immediately rushed to try to get it
  7. Scissors65

    Love to hear some Old timer stories!

    I was just thinking, wouldn't it be interesting to hear stories/memories from members on how your parents, Granny and Gramps, or Great-greats raised their chickens in backyards and farms. Where did they keep them? What did the feed them, funny stories, etc.... I have read a few comments in...
  8. A

    Do not wash a ducks beak with soap.

    Names have been changed to protect the dignity of the guilty. I let my ducks out like usual this morning, and then IT happened. My sweet, adorable, well-loved, well fed drake found a disgusting little dead mouse (my chickens are famous for killing mice and then leaving them around the yard in...
  9. Chicken_loverXx

    Guinea looking his picture taken 😂

    I was recording my dog and Guinea wanted his picture taken 😂
  10. Abriana

    ~Fools Gold~ (a daring role play)

    So, I bet you all want to know what you're doing here, huh? Well, buckle up, buttercup. Welcome to The Island of the Golden Fools. Or, get ready to end up there. Name's Abriana and here's the deal. We're a group of criminals and the world doesn't really accept that. I've came up with a...
  11. chrissynemetz

    I don't know who originally penned this, but it still makes me smile... Got a letter from grandma

    Got a letter from Grandma today. She writes... The other day I went up to a local Christian bookstore and saw a "Honk If You Love Jesus " bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed by a thunderous prayer...
  12. DiYMama540

    Goose Shenanigans

    I want to hear your favorite mischief story! We all know our geese are just feathered toddlers, and here's why... Duck mischief is always welcome too :D
  13. DiYMama540

    Truer words were never spoken...

    My sister sent me this today...I can't agree more!!
  14. Quail_Kid

    Chicken Challenge! post as many chicken memes before October!

    Let's try to post over 200 chicken memes before October i'll do the first!
  15. DiYMama540

    Goose vs. Great Dane

    Hear ye! Hear ye! On this 12th morning of September, an epic battle between Gander and beast took place for the love of Princess BB. Sir Chance fought bravely, defeating the terrifying creature and saving the kingdom from certain death! He will be remembered for all time as the knight who...
  16. SniperGoose

    "I'm not a boy, mom!"

    Long story short: I rescued a baby pigeon that was found on the floor of my barn a few months ago now. Decided to keep the pigeon, as it wouldn't have survival instincts being raised by a human. He does great and has adapted well to indoor life (though I do take him outside with me a lot!)...
  17. justcallmekinn

    Knock Knock

    Ok, so a little background on this thing I have to share. I had two chickens, I now have one, she sounded so pitiful all alone in her yard that my mom let me get some chicks. The chicks( in a brooder box) and the chicken(started pullet) are currently in my fenced in carport while I fix them a...
  18. DiYMama540

    Just for fun...

    Just wanted to have a couple laughs and smiles far that's the only thing my birds are giving me...not so free joy and entertainment. No eggs here yet. Was wondering...what are your favorite bird behaviors? And your least favorite...? My favorites are when I catch any of my crew...
  19. Anime2lover

    Evil chicken, funny chicken???

    Just a chat post, post pics of your chickens that make them look either funny or evil/scary Best of all, have fun. Heres my first one. My chick, baby looks possessed with glowing eyes.
  20. cluckmecoop7

    Some pictures I just took today....

    ..of my sweet 17 week old BO's and GLW's! Some are pretty funny! :gig Hope you like them! Cluckmecoop7
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