1. RosyChickens

    Christmas Card

    It's a bit late, but wanted to share my christmas card this year - taken of 3 of my lovely ladies
  2. Joyfillednomads

    Christmas Chickens & Santa

    I want this.... inflatable Santa. From tractor 🚜 supply
  3. Hanusaur

    Chickens and Their Hilarious Personalities

    I just needed to share this story from today. A week ago, I watched my smallest hen grab some green thing twice the size of her head and sprint away with it. I caught up with her in time to watch her literally swallow an adult praying mantis whole. It was still alive when she did it, and I was...
  4. micknapp

    Who else has ever had a broody White Leghorn? 🤣

    Hello everyone!!! I’m just popping in to see how many have been in the same boat as me… I’ve heard it’s relatively rare to have a truly broody White Leghorn. But I raise you… Ruth Bader Hensberg!! She’s been brooding for almost 2 weeks now. I didn’t believe she’d last, so i’m just now putting...
  5. Raptorchick

    Found these hungover chicks in my yard...

    The "water plate" was warmed by the brooder... when I checked in this morning, they gave me a heart attack, I thought they were dead! Everybody is fine, just hanging out :gig
  6. HeathenHavenHomestead

    First Crow

    Okay Yall I have never heard a rooster crow. Like ever. I’ve never been around chickens much but yesterday started the first crow from one of our 11 week old cockerels. I’m dying laughing. I was working on the new coop screening it in when I first heard it. My husband and I thought a chicken was...
  7. marsmallowthesilkie

    Who here has a funny BYC signature?

    Well, there are a lot of funny signatures on BYC, and mine is "My life, my way, 2 silkies, 2 polish hens, 1 houdan, 2 ameraucanas(real ones), 1 EE(labeled rainbow egger, I knew she is an EE), 1 beach loving polish roo, 1 RIR, 1 Black Star. Easter Eggers are not Ameraucanas, or Americanas. *What...
  8. Blue Raptor

    Post three funniest picture of one of your chickens you have!

    Have you caught one of your chickens doing something goofy? Post a pic, or tell us the story! This silly bird is an Australorp named Penguin. One of the kids buried her in dirt, and she didn’t mind! :gig:gig:gig
  9. Peskypigeon

    An uncommon love story...

    I love Hitoko, but don’t always have time to follow him around when he’s out of his tank getting into trouble. So I knew I needed a friend for him. ...but I’ve only ever had bad luck hatching my own eggs, partially due to a garbage incubator. So he’s never gotten a little i don’t have a...
  10. My Pretty Pekins

    Because I Don't Like Chickens: Tales of My Flock

    I've wondered about starting a flock thread for a while now, after seeing and enjoying many others. So, in the hopes that just perhaps it will entertain someone else, I'm taking the plunge. (I know. That was dramatic.) We'll start from the start (how very logical, don't you think?) when my Dad...
  11. Lacy Duckwing

    Where Can You Put Bernie?

    I've been seeing a lot of memes going around, and now I want to get involved. So... Where can you put Bernie? Here's a template that I found online for you to use: Where's the best/funniest place that you can put him?
  12. HKG

    Feathered legs vs clean legs

    Which do you like better feathered legs or clean legs?
  13. Elraishem

    Angry angry Brahmas

    I memed Dupree (kudos to anyone who knows the original comic)
  14. T

    Anybody else...

    Constantly finding yourself trying to use BYC emojis elsewhere!? Cause I am. Like... I’ll be on Facebook or Twitter or texting someone and I will literally type out : lau or : love (without the spaces of course). Or I’ll be wanting to use this one :ep or this one :hide because 😱 or 🙈 just...
  15. It isn't that bad!

    It isn't that bad!

    Feeding Prince in reverse. I laughed way too much making this. :)
  16. Henzilla!


    Terrifying isn't she? ;) Will homeowners insurance cover damages when she poops?
  17. Bock,bock bubble butt.gif

    Bock,bock bubble butt.gif

    Bock,bock bubble butt lol! ♡
  18. Clown car.

    Clown car.

    When the carrier was a day to day necessity they absolutely hated it. Now, not so much.:)
  19. Finger lick'in weird!!

    Finger lick'in weird!!

    Are your chickens souls extra crispy or original recipe? And do they or do they not come with sides and a biscuit? I present Colonel Sanders in his true form, a greasy fingered ghoul coming to reap your nuggets.
  20. Heeeey piece of candy!

    Heeeey piece of candy!

    Jerry my goofy illegitimate chicken son sort of loves bourbon fettuccine grape candy....who knew right??? Don't try this at home!!!
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