1. MountainUp1

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    We have flock of twenty-some chickens. About five months ago, a lone peahen arrived from 'nowhere' and began free ranging with our chickens. She's never left us. She is so beautiful. We named her Lucy. We'll be hatching some new peahens from purchased fertile eggs next spring, and building a...
  2. U

    Handling and picking up

    We have three eight week old girls, two Easter eggers and one Copper Maran. We were instructed to handle them as much as possible while they are young. The two EEs are flighty and nervous, and run away when we try to touch them, although they are now eating out of our hands. The Maran has been...

    Handling Hens

    My hens are about 17 weeks old. my issue is this, I never trained them to be handled. They come to me whenever they see me, as they know I will have some tasty treats. I know I have to check them regularly for health issues, but not sure how to get them used to being handled. Did I ‘miss my...
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