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    Evangeline taking a nap
  2. Pennys Mama

    Heinz Variety Hatch-Along

    I just now set 56 of my own quail eggs, plus 10 guinea eggs, and in a week I'll add 11 +/- LARGE breed chicken eggs to hatch-along with the guineas. I've also got 3 turkey eggs that go in lockdown Sunday for a planned CHRISTMAS hatch!!! :bun:jumpy:yesss: :fl Edited: 59 quailies & 12 guineas...
  3. Justy0

    Quail Spring Hatch a long!

    I just put 6 of my Coturnix quail's eggs into the bator today. Last year I tried with 24 shipped eggs and only got 1 hatch. But this year I am pretty excited to have my own quails laying fertile eggs!!! Not sure how high the fertility rates are but we shall find out! I also have a friend who...
  4. Matieus27

    December hatch along

    I’m having a staggered hatch first hatch due December 1st second hatch will be December the 5th and not sure yet when the third hatch is going to be Come join the hatch along
  5. Quail Stack

    Northern Bobwhite Quail Hatch-Along and Questions

    Hi, I'm hatching Northern Bobwhite Quail and wanted to share my journey with others on this site. The eggs started incubation on July 2nd, 2018, and are expected to hatch on the 24-25th. I'll be putting pictures of the Embryo development every 2-3 days here, and show some pictures of the hatched...
  6. vivaciouswoman

    HELP!!!! Humidity all wrong!!!

    I’m not sure how this happened, but ive been aiming for 70-80% humidity in my incubator. The lowest it has gone is 66%. We are at Day 14, and air sacs are pitifully small. Is there any way to fix this? Take humidity WAAAAY down for a while? I’m desperately trying to preserve the genetics of a...
  7. GeoGreyWolf

    Duck Incubation time.. (first timers)

    So my daughter has been begging me to incubate the eggs we have been getting from our 1 Pekin laying, figured I would try out 6 of them that we have collected. Mom Pekin - Dad Blue Swedish. A few things to consider with this which could cause us to have a poor hatch rate; first time hatching...
  8. Farmer Connie

    New Year Hatch w/Connie,Wickedchicken6,BantyChooks,penny1960,CapricornFarm,Auroradream26 & Rubysword

    This is a thread created by em-wah to keep my BYC Buddies informed and/or involved with the progress of the Chicks that I hatched on New Years Eve/Day which were dedicated to them.. @Wickedchicken6 @BantyChooks @penny1960 @CapricornFarm @Auroradream26 & @Rubysword . :thumbsup For those not "in...
  9. K

    Duckling hatching help

    Seven of my eggs are hatching. One baby couldn't pip, so I followed instructions and very carefully made a small hole, then found her shrink-wrapped. I made the hole bigger and am keeping her wet, but she started helping and now I'm afraid the hole is too big because there are visible veins? The...
  10. clucknquack

    Muscovy egg incubation

    Hello! My Muscovy females decided to go broody before I wanted them to. So, I took their eggs and busted up their nest. I'm hoping for more eggs. But, I decided to put 11 eggs into the incubator. So, here we go! I am going to update every few days with my progress! I hope you will follow...
  11. DaveMorehouse

    Chicks and Quail together?

    Hi folks. Is it possible - and practical - to incubate quail and chickens together? I was hoping to start the chickens 6 days prior to adding the quail eggs. Then they would both go into lockdown at the same time and hatch about the same time also. This way I would have both sets in their...
  12. ChookLover02

    Are there any Emu breeders in Florida, or any that ship?

    Hi, are there any Emu breeders in Florida, or any breeders that can ship newborn Emu? I want to buy one :)
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