1. Winter Creek Coop

    Hatchery Catalogs 2021...

    Which paper catalogs have you all recieved. I have only gotten McMurray. I expected Cackle by now. Just like seed catalogs they are some of my favorite reading material.
  2. N

    What’s best for a newbie to start - chicks or pullets?

    We want to end up with 6 hens this coming year, each one of a different breed (BCM, Silkie, Polish, Lavender orpington, EE, Cochin). Our plan was to get 6 chicks this Spring, but upon more research I’m concerned we will end up with some roos if we get them all as chicks from local breeders. I...
  3. Mustafa Aamir

    Any advice for hatching, brooding and selling chicks... Small Homemade Hatchery Business

    Hi guys, so i recently have bought a diy homemade incubator from someone. i have placed eggs of different exotic breeds (chicken ofc)... they are on there 12 day now... anybody wanna give me a few tips for hatching, brooding and selling chicks... especially selling chicks.
  4. T

    Should I raise pheasants for profit?

    I recently started a small family owned hatchery in Southern California. Right now I’m selling all the popular egg laying chickens and Coturnix quail. The quail in particular have been very profitable due to how quickly they grow start laying eggs. I recently saw some pheasants in person for...
  5. Feathers & Friends

    SURPRISE CHICK mayham!!!

    I am new to true blues! They are simaler to easter eggers/americaunas, etc. in the sense that they come in many colors and variations. I purchased them from McMurray hatchery. I narrowed down my mystery chick down to one of these three....Can you help me? Which 2 are true blues and which one is...
  6. chickenchicklady

    Mystery Bird from McMurray Hatchery

    Hey all! I got a mystery bird thrown in my order of Meat birds (If I could have, I would have opted out of receiving a mystery bird because I think it will be too cold for it pretty soon), and I’m wondering if anyone has any guesses on what it could be? I’ll update with pictures every so often...
  7. chickenchicklady

    Jumbo Cornish X Vs. Cornish Game Hens

    I ordered Jumbo Cornish X and Cornish game hens. 12 of each. I asked hatchery to separate them or mark them so I could tell the difference, they did not. Will I be able to tell when they are older? I know Game hens are usually ready before Cornish X. That’s why I’m a bit worried. I don’t want to...
  8. Verbon30

    Hatchpoultry are they a good place to order chickens

    https://www.hatchpoultry.com/ Has anyone ordered from them before? And how would you rate them
  9. Kloie Grace

    Starting a small hatchery ~ HELP

    Hi everyone. I have wanted to start a chick hatchery for a long time now, and want to sell my blue d' uccle chicks, and in the near future, quail. First off. What all do I need to start? I have found a 7 egg incubator (I also have a broody hen), we have a tall metal trough we have used for years...
  10. Tre3hugger

    Anyone have experience with welp hatchery cornish x?

    Going to be getting some meat birds soon, and welp has cornish x on sale all of june for $1.50. Any one raise any birds from them? experiences? Thnkas!
  11. TK421

    Caution about small order chicks-8 of 10 dead chicks in the mail

    Everything was planned out perfectly. I needed new chicks but I wanted to try to let mama raise them, but didn't have a broody. So I ordered 12 wooden eggs, and placed one per day into the nestbox. At day 10, my dominant hen went broody!!! After 2-3 days, we were sure the broody was going to...
  12. Celeste Cannon

    Ughghhhhgg quail hatchery help please

    I have been through such a long journey on finding what breed of quail I want, what colors, where to find them, what incubator to use, how many to get, what to get for the chicks and the list goes on. I had found a lovely place with amazing coturnix quails with crazy different colors, and...
  13. Speddy13

    What breed are these "surprise" chicks?

    Chick #1 - possible easter egger, has feature of beard. Chick #2 - no idea Chick #3 - has feathered feet. Thank you!
  14. Amgill0415

    The Chick Hatchery in Lansing, MI

    Hi everyone! Ive been looking online, comparining prices, availability, minimum orders, e.t.c for different hatcheries in the states and im leaning towards The Chick Hatchery in Lansing, Michigan. They offer smaller min orders in the time frame I want to order, plus their prices are a bit...
  15. FathertoFeathers

    How long until they’re here

    I ordered some Jersey Giant chicks off of tractor supplies website on Tuesday and it still is registered as processing. How long did it take until your chicks arrived? I’m really excited and I just want a time frame so I can look foreword to the day and be able to plan pickup accordingly.
  16. N

    Chicks in East Tn

    I have been keeping a small yard flock of chickens for a couple of years. I want to have some regular breeds, heritage breeds and broody breeds. I dont know where to find them in East Tennessee. Any suggestions?
  17. Beccazon

    Your go-to online hatchery...

    Ok. I have one local farm store I like for chicks but they of course carry only in spring for a short while. I would like to order some in the year other than during spring for one month lol. I have heard many hatchery names here on the site. I would like to know who you use and why. And where...
  18. awyman

    Best Hatchery For Ducklings & Goslings?

    I am wanting to order more ducks and maybe even two goslings. I want to make sure I order from a very reputable Hatchery, just want some healthy babies. So does anyone recommend a specific Hatchery? Or have any bad experiences with any I should stay away from. Thank you in advance. :)
  19. BigMoma3

    Is There a Standard for Hatcheries/Breeders for Diseases?

    Hi! I've only been keeping chickens for about 2 and a half years. I've nevered ordered any on my own and am clueless on the process. Our flock came from a friend who ordered 25 chicks from a hatchery and we split them. We received Rhode Island Reds and I love them, but they are proned to...
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