1. Backyard Birds Rehab

    Looking to support people! Looking for hatching eggs! (California)

    Howdy! I'm looking to purchase some Hatching eggs of any breed of chicken! If anyone has some available or soon to be available please let me know ASAP I will purchase anything.
  2. Papaye

    Hatching of my first ducklings of the year - Particularly stressfull, but lessons learned!

    Hello! My 12 first Indian Runner ducklings of this year are born between May 5th and May 7th...! ...Was a stressful experience, because for one : they were late. I had put their eggs on a broody Brahma hen on April 5th, and since last year, the ducklings were born at Day-25 or Day-26, I had...
  3. M

    Breach hatching with leaking yellow fluid

    We have an egg hatching on the pointy end with yellow fluid leaking out. Day 25 hatch. It’s not peeping at the moment but it does seem to be breathing. Reoriented the egg to reduce chance of drowning. We’ll wait for now but I’d like whatever advice anyone has. Especially if the fluid does turn...
  4. think_fast_chicklenuts

    Should I ship hatching eggs or pre-hatched chicks?

    When my chickens are old enough, I will put up a sign in front of my house and sell eggs for food. But, I'm considering breeding some of my chickens and setting up an online store to sell to people. The problem is that I don't know whether to ship eggs or chicks. Even with proper packing, the...
  5. S

    Help with breeds please - pot luck selection of eggs

    Here are our baby chicks at 1 day old and 3 weeks old, any ideas what they might be. Based in the uk if that helps. Thanks in advance 🐣😊
  6. S

    New member experienced poultry homesteader

    Hey there my name is Melinda and my family raises chickens,ducks,turkeys and Guinea’s We live on 40 acres and have been hatching for a year. We started with 22 $1 ducks and now have over 200 poultry….lol I have pretty much every chicken breed-Murans,Olive Eggers,Speckled Sussex,Brahma...
  7. LilFinnGirl

    Hen’s first time hatching eggs, How to prepare for the best outcome?

    Hello all, hatching day is TOMORROW and I am feeling slightly neurotic wanting to be prepared. Equal parts excited and nervous. Using this thread to document the experience for my own sanity. Had one of my Buff Orpingtons go broody in February and I couldn’t break her of it, so got three...
  8. TigerLily34

    Chick on day 41, help!

    Posted this on chicks but was advised to post it here. Hi all! I run a poultry farm and have hatched hundreds of eggs, and I’ve finally run into a first. I have a duck egg with high priority (laid by a now passed duck of importance to us) who is on day 41 with no pip or any indication of one...
  9. B

    Quail incubating

    Our quail started hatching mid afternoon yesterday. We still have eggs peeping. I know I need to remove the quail 24hours after hatching. What do I do if I still have eggs peeping? Can I open it and remove the 3 quail from yesterday real quick and just spray the remaining with water even with...
  10. M

    identifying beak and body parts

    In the middle of a hatch and I am pretty sure some of my chicks are malpositioned. How can I identify the beak (or any other parts) through the membrane? I have the air cells completely open (can explain later) and am keeping the membrane moist. Thank you in advance! Worried chick mama here...
  11. C

    For how long can hens lay fertilized eggs after they mate?

    I know that for chickens it is up to 2 weeks, and the fertility rate drops off sharply after that until basically 0 at 1 month, but what is it for ducks? If one of my hens mated with a drake a week ago and they have been separated since then, can she still be laying fertilized eggs? And would...
  12. S

    Upside down pipping?

    hi! I’m on day 21 with 6 silkies, 3 pipped earlier today and are chirping and moving, the other 3 are still rocking but no pips. 2 of the 3 pips are facing downwards, is this okay? They're within the air sac, just facing the floor of the incubator, I can’t get any good pics.
  13. TattooedChickenPapa

    First time hatching, hatching with a broody hen instead of incubator.

    Okay, so I have a Serama I gave 6 eggs to (all have survived thus far🎊🥳) and are due this weekend. I. Am. A. Nervous. Wreck. Obviously I have been reading, doing research, watching YouTube videos, and reading threads on here but I'm so happy, and excited, and utterly terrified/worried. I'm so...
  14. Starrponies

    I think I see my first pip! Very first hatch! I'm so excited!

    I've had quail for a while but always bought chicks! Today is day 16 on my very first eggs I have ever hatched. I am so excited and nervous!! I actually think I see the first pip! But I honestly have no idea what I'm doing! I sure hope I did everything right! :fl:wee:clap:celebrate:eek::jumpy
  15. Hannah12

    Me and My Chickens

    Hi all! I’m Hannah. I have two hens currently. We had a third chicken, a gorgeous rooster. Roosters and kids don’t mix well but I was fortunate enough to be able to rehome him! He needed more space and more hens I think haha. His name was buttercup (black Australorp) :) my other two are a black...
  16. Goose in the snake room

    HELP! Prolapsed naval/unabsorbed yolk in gosling

    I hatched this baby last night at 3am (12 hours ago). I noticed as soon as he hatched there was an issue and after doing research I decided to place him in a cup to keep him from flopping around and injuring his naval any further. He’s been in moist paper towels in a cup in the incubator for 12...
  17. talkinboutchickens

    Hatch-along coming soon!! Mixed breed edition!

    Hey fellow chicky nerds!!!! I've always found hatch-alongs super fun and I finally decided, well, I should do one! I am doing a semi-large batch so that a lot of people can contribute! I am not going to be keeping them, if any, maybe 1 or 2. But hey, it will still be fun to name them and see...
  18. Cocohens

    Twisted neck on week old Chick

    Hi there, I have just hatched 13 chick eggs from a mixed batch. One of them was fine for a couple of days but has developed a horrible twist in its neck. I have been feeding it egg yolk and chick crumb. Can someone advise me on the best form of treatment please.
  19. N

    how old are my duck eggs

    hello i rcently found duck eggs in my yard i have kept them alive and just got a incubator how old do you think they are? any tips on hatching and raising ducklings?
  20. M

    Mother off eggs

    How long can a mother hen be off her hatching eggs before we have problems? I’m in Ohio, weather has been in low 40s today, max amount of time that we are for sure of is 4ish hours give or take. Eggs are around 12 days along. I’ve been meticulously checking these eggs every morning and night...
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