1. Hatching Shipped Eggs

    Hatching Shipped Eggs

    I've wanted some breeds of birds that weren't available in my area or were too expensive so I started looking into shipped eggs of those breeds. I've bought a lot of eggs and I've learned information along the way. I've been seeing several people post questions about incubating shipped eggs and...
  2. Codys_chickstagram

    Broody hatching eggs!

    I had a hen go broody and the eggs finally hatched! I am so exited to see how the chicks will do!! This is my second hen to ever go broody (both got 7 eggs)! I will add images to this as I take them!!!! (Also, if anyone else here uses Instagram, i will also be posting images with updates on my...
  3. Songbird21

    Our newly hatched button quails!

    We got some button quail hatching eggs and they hatched today. OMG. They are so friggin tiny. The eggs these babies are standing next to are chicken eggs, for a size reference. I can't wait for the 24 hours to be over so I can hold one!!
  4. Simimaus

    Hatching refrigerated eggs

    Hello, Im new to chickens . Since last spring I have 2 Easter eggerrs, one silver laced Wyandotte and one Australorp, one Silkie hen and 2 Silkie roosters. A couple weeks before Christmas my Silkie girl went brooody. The only eggs I had from her were in fridge. I got them out ( 7 eggs) and...
  5. Ashleygc470

    My eggs are late

    I know that with incubation, eggs hatch on their own time. Mine are 24 hrs over due, that's not what worries me.The problem I'm having is that none of them are even wiggling, except for one. It has a small peep and wiggles very rarely. With this batch, I have a few eggs that have droplets of...
  6. T

    Incubator question

    Hey everyone! I'm new to emu and I'm trying to source an incubator with an automatic egg turner. I really only need to hatch 2 (maybe 4 if possible) so would rather not go for a huge cabinet incubator. Thanks!!
  7. servpolice

    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    So, I was waiting for someone to make this thread but I got a suprise this morning on the 1st of January 2020 which forced me to start the 2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long :) I've never had a goose egg this early and everyone here is suprised but yet again not suprised because the mating, fighting and...
  8. LeeRoadPoultry

    ISO Speckled Sussex hatching eggs.

    ISO Speckled Sussex hatching eggs. Prefer SQ but will take eggs from work in progress. I really like to start for late Feb. hatch. $$ negotiable
  9. Cedar Creek Farm Lady

    Heinz Variety Hatch-Along

    I just now set 56 of my own quail eggs, plus 10 guinea eggs, and in a week I'll add 11 +/- LARGE breed chicken eggs to hatch-along with the guineas. I've also got 3 turkey eggs that go in lockdown Sunday for a planned CHRISTMAS hatch!!! :bun:jumpy:yesss: :fl Edited: 59 quailies & 12 guineas...
  10. KhalSancho

    Ameraucana blue x lavender.. why or why not?

    So.. I’ve been scouring and still can’t find a clear answer.. I’ve raised chooks before but this will be our first attempt at breeding and I want to get it right.. Why is it that you don’t want to breed blue to lavender? Does it weaken genes? Is it just because of the colour they produce (if...
  11. SBFChickenGirl

    Hatching Eggs

    I want to hatch eggs for showing birds this year. Last year I put 42 eggs in the incubator, got out about twelve chicks. I did an eggtopsy afterwards and found 15 chicks still in the eggs, fully developed. I later found out this had to do with humidity. I've got a couple questions. 1. How do I...
  12. chickenbritt5908

    First hatched bator baby!

    My first chick has fully hatched! Another has started to pip. How exciting!
  13. MPchicks

    Excited for our First Incubation

    We are incubating our first group of eggs. We started 2 cochin eggs a week ago and then added 3 more cochin eggs and 8 Light Sussex eggs. We candled our first 2 eggs yesturday and we were so excited to see our first baby chick. The picture isn't the greatest but all of the kids and I were so...
  14. ronott1

    11th Annual 2020 New Years Day Hatch-along!

    Wow! 11 years! of Hatching in the Cold Dark of Winter! At noon on December 11, 2019(local time), people all over the world will be setting eggs with the goal of hatching out hundreds of cute little fuzz-butts all on the same day: New Year's Day 2020! Other poultry will be sooner or later...
  15. Fallenone05

    Brinsea Mini 2 Advance questions!

    Hey y'all! I got my first incubator and it's a Brinsea Mini 2 Advance. I'm on my last week of incubation, my six eggs are growing and thriving!! I've got a hygrometer/thermometer inside the incubator and my humidity has been around 35-40%. It's been reading about 2F cooler than what the...
  16. Clappmeg

    Late Hatching Egg Viability and Genetics Question

    Hi all! I've had a Silkie sitting on a small clutch of 3 eggs for 3 weeks now. 2 of the eggs hatched (one last night, one the day before). I' don't think the last egg will hatch. The other day I could not find it in the nest to check and it had been buried underneath some hay and although was...
  17. Johnny829

    Hatching quail eggs dilemma

    So it's my first time hatching coturnix quail eggs. They are already in incubator for 2 days and I read online that I'm supposed to have them pointy down until day 15. But apparently as a newbie, I did not. They kind of just lay on their side now and it's an automatic turn incubator. So I don't...
  18. Jemima Duck

    Duckling mass death diagnostic

    Hello BYC, I hate to have to write this message out because I'm bordering on crying. 7/7 ducklings that made it to hatch have died shortly after hatching. Important information: *The eggs were from young birds, they had only been laying for a few months. They were small, to the point that...
  19. Clappmeg

    Chicks snuggling with broody?

    Hi all, I have a broody silkie chicken sitting on 3 eggs which are developing great as far as I can tell.. they look to be about 11-12 days along. I have two older chicks in my flock (about 3-4 months old). Both of them but especially one in particular have seemed to take a liking to my broody...
  20. KDOGG331

    KDOGG331’s Hatch Thread!!!

    @FortCluck thought I should make a thread for my hatch and I thought that was an excellent idea so here I am!! :D Sooooo.... I kind of sort of accidentally ordered hatching eggs about a week and a half ago. :lau :hide They just shipped out today!! I am super excited!! They are assorted...
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