1. How long does it take a ducklings to hatch?

    How long does it take a ducklings to hatch?

    Duck eggs from Mallard-derived breeds usually take 28 days to hatch, and Muscovy eggs usually take 35 days. But how long does a duckling take to hatch out of their shell, once they start hatching? Here are the stages of a duckling to hatching: The Internal Pip Usually somewhere between 1 to 2...
  2. Anime2lover

    How to keep newly hatched chicks from rolling the unhatched eggs???

    My last chick hatch I came across the problem of the other unhatched chicks being rolled around and tangled in their partially absorbed yolks. I opened a dead egg and found it totally suffocated with the yolk completely around it's neck. What can I do to prevent that with my current hatch?
  3. chickenchickenbutt

    HELP! hatching egg open membrane

    I am currently freaking out and trying to desperately fix what Ive done! All chicks are hatching great all except one. I figured I lost it as its almost the 23rd today and chicks are working their way out . . . other than this one egg. I decided to lightly crack open this egg, maybe he was stuck...
  4. R

    New member :] Hello from PA ♡

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes and No! I helped my mom take care of hers occasionally growing up and now that I have my own land I have raising some myself ♡ (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Way too many to count. I have 45ish show chickens just in...
  5. sjhart18

    Brown spots on quail eggs seem to be rubbing off

    I'm day two incubating coturnix quail eggs (off white with brown spotting) and some of the brown areas, especially around the blunt end, are kind of flaking off in tiny particles?? it happened just from turning them, and out of curiosity I rubbed a spot a little and it was very rough. I’ll...
  6. sjhart18

    Hatching a quail egg in my bra

    So this is crazy, but I've seen on here that it can work, so here goes nothing. My incubator has been a little inconsistent the first day of having eggs in it. My infrared thermometer read egg temperatures ranging from 98 to 102.2 degrees F, and I have more eggs coming in a few days. So...
  7. 4yearsofchickens

    Looking for Mille Fleur D'uccle and Silkie hatching eggs!!

    Hey there! I was planning on getting some chicks this spring (the aforementioned breeds), and when I went onto the hatchery website, it said it was sold out until June! :barnie :he Soooo....I am looking for good quality (but not necessarily show quality) hatching eggs. I would need them in...
  8. M

    Quail Eggs for Sale

    hello! i’m selling fresh quail eggs that can be used for hatching or eating $3 a dozen. located in Raleigh NC. message me if interested 919 6149092
  9. Cycomiko

    It's an epidemic!

    Wintertime broodiness! I don't get it, but what can I do but give them eggs? I'm now up to 5 full time broodies and I'm just going with it instead of breaking them (2 others hatched in late Dec and mid January). Many days the highs don't get above freezing. Living on a mountain, the snow is...
  10. Beare02

    Is it vegan to hatch chicks?

    This may be silly to ask but is it ok to be vegan and hatch chicks? I’ve been vegan for three years and before that I’ve hatched chicks before. I don’t eat their eggs my family do and i just love the other breeds. I’ve hatched polish bantams, Ayem cemanis, light Sussex’s and have some battery...
  11. D

    Deformed chick

    This chick hatched around midnight on the 23rd day of incubation and couldn’t hatch by itself. when it came out of the egg, it had what looked like an unabsorbed yolk sac. It’s neck is fixed in the position seen in photos and has scissor beak. I’m still new to chicks, but it sounds like it’s in...
  12. jaemvee

    Silkie Chick Colors - 10 Days Old

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your help. This is my first time hatching silkie chicks and wanted some guesses on adult colors. I have some idea but am curious on what you all think! These guys hatched 01/28/21 and are 10 days old in these photos. You’re the best! Happy guessing :)
  13. graypes

    Anyone in the St. Louis (MO) interested in (free) ducklings this spring?

    Hello! My one year old duck has been laying fertilized eggs everyday now since Christmas. I REEEEEALLLLY want to try to hatch them, but don't have room for more ducks in my life at this moment. If any good duck/chicken owners nearby in St. Louis MO were interested, I was thinking of hatching a...
  14. A

    Goose egg with massive air cell, help

    My goose egg is on day 29 and I believe it has internally pipped but the air cell is massive! Is this normal? temps at 99.5 and humidity at 70% for the last few days, the egg has been like this for 2 days chick is still moving inside
  15. KenjiQuacker

    Hatching quail eggs in a cup?

    Hello, hope you're all having a good day! I've been doing research on hatching eggs without shells using a cup, plastic food wrap, a cotton ball, distilled water, and calcium lactate powder. I think the first people who did it were high school students in japan, or scientists, (not sure who did...
  16. T

    January 2021 Quail Hatch Live!

    Lockdown has commenced and it's time to see these little guys emerge from there eggs. Check out the live stream!
  17. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Quails hatching

    So happy about my very first quails that hatched this weekend. They are both doing good.
  18. H

    New to hatching: down and dirty quick guide

    What are some great down and dirty dues and don’ts, must knows, hacks, and guides would you give? Settings, when thing need to happen: cooling mode, lock down, humidity and temp control, etc.
  19. F

    Quail eggs - late hatching

    I have 43 quail eggs incubating. I did dry incubation with temp at 99.5 and humidity stayed around 30-35%. I am using a nurture right 360. There where no incubator issuers or drop in temp. The temperature was double checked with a back up thermometer. They went into to lock down and the humidity...
  20. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Broken yolk with blood in my eggs - why?

    Hi everyone! Our hens started laying not that long ago. A mix of old English bantam and Buff Orpington. I tried a fertility test on each and was surprised by the results. Any idea why? Skip to minute 7:50 in this video to see the test and the yolk. rest of the video is great too if you are...
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