1. kelldos

    4 left in incubator and found 1 pipped

    I had 3 hatch Sunday and since this was a staggered hatch I "thought" I had a few days for the remaining 4 eggs. Anyway after I successfully moved the 3 newbie chicks to ther small brooder with the 4 born on the 27th, I went back to move the eggs into a better area in the incubator and try and...
  2. Nmr96

    Broody Hen to hatch an egg

    So I just recently had one of my hens raised from this past spring go broody. I decided that I wanted her to incubate one of the eggs that another hen laid. She has been on it for about 14 days now. I have 2 concerns, one being that she is low in the pecking order and gets bullied out of her...
  3. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Took Mama ducks hatching babies, will she be okay?

    Hi. So we were doing a natural matching nest with our khaki Campbell ducks. Mama is young, not even a year old. This nest was an accident we found her hiding in a bush with, so we went with it. Moved them to the duck house. Now it’s hatching time. One hatched but when I checked on the progress I...
  4. V

    Possible September Chicks!?

    Ok my 2 girls went broody was 1 with 8 the other with 3 is there any advice for me cause this is my first time ever having broody girls anything will help thanks! Also my girls are black star hens
  5. tifaus

    Something is wrong with my newly hatched chick

    Hello, This baby hatched sometime today. When we went out to check, the baby was out of the egg and laying in front of my hen. It has not opened its eyes and is still in the "smashed in a egg" position. It has not gotten up and is still breathing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. kirkyanne

    Blood in incubator

    I had a chick hatch last night with a bloody bottom. I'm guessing it hatched too early. It passed away in incubator a few hours later before drying off. There was blood all over the incubator. I quickly tried to open to remove chick and wipe some blood. Looks like some has dripped into the...
  7. pax12


    i'm back after that long break lol this has been an interesting last 28 days of ups and downs for sure. here is the link to the live stream https://mixer.com/3951969
  8. Beaglemomof5

    Quail eggs. What am I doing wrong?!!!

    I put 96 quail eggs in the incubator, kept the temp at 99.5-100 degrees, humidity between 40-50% the first 20 days, then when we took them out of the automatic turner, we kept the humidity around 65-70%. On day 21 they started pipping (yay - even though it was 2 days early!) The ones that...
  9. M

    Scissor beak chick pipped at wrong end

    I have one chick left to hatch and the problem is she has scissor beak and is Pipped on the wrong end. I have removed the shell so it’s just the membrane after 24 hours but I still don’t wanna open her egg just Incase. I don’t know what to do.
  10. CaliFarmsAR

    First time hatching chicks

    They are So I have hatched ducklings be for and they never looked like these chicken eggs ( we are talking about to different birds) they are under a chicken! But to me they don't look right. Thank you.
  11. Wonderling

    Lockdown Day 16 and 18 eggs together?

    My broody hen isn't feeling well so I'm going to take away her 1 egg and put it in the incubator. I have 1 egg in the incubator that is on day 16 and the egg from the hen is day 18. I'm planning to turn off the turner and go into lock down with both eggs today when I move in Day 18 egg. Though...
  12. A

    Chick internally pipped yesterday, now no noise or external pip

    It’s day 22, my eggs are a bit delayed because of temperature fluctuations, but this morning (UK 9 am) I had two eggs cheeping, one has externally pipped, but the other one has gone quiet, with no external pip or movement, (5:30 pm). Should I intervene? I really need replies on this ASAP
  13. ValerieJ

    Only one chick surviving...

    I ordered BO eggs online from the only source I could find at the time. I needed them fast because I wanted to give them to my broody hen. However, I was taking her eggs away every day and she stopped brooding before the eggs arrived. Anyway, because of the urgency, I ordered eggs from across...
  14. A

    Incubator temperature apparently at 35,5

    So the thermometer in my incubator is busted, it never goes higher than 35, but I’ve been using a secondary thermometer. I can’t keep it in the incubator 24/7 because it’s too awkward to position. I’ve been taking readings every other day, and up until yesterday, it had been reading around 37.5...
  15. A

    PLEASE HELP! Duck egg hasn't pipped air sac at all

    So i have a mixed batch of duck eggs that i put in the incubator the same day. They are all alive and have pipped through the air sac except for one. This one has looked differently when candling these 24 days in the sense that the others were dark near the air sac and this one i think might've...
  16. WallyBirdie

    Hatching Versus Purchasing

    I wasn't sure if this went with Hatching or Raising chicks, so please bear with me if this thread is wrongly placed. My turkens have never successfully hatched eggs before, so any addition to the flock was purchased as day-old chicks. My girl was broody and my roo was rather twitterpated this...
  17. JaneBrook

    First hatching with my broody silkie...

    19 days ago I received 8 mixed fertilized eggs through the post via Royal Mail. I have 6 bantams & 2 Rhode Island reds but it was my black silkie ‘Jemima’ who has gone broody along with a tiny frizzle called Molly who has decided to share the incubation :eek: I candled them a few days ago & a...
  18. PearlTheDuck

    Mother hen attacked hatching chick

    All was going smoothly with hatching until my broody hen decided to attack one of the chicks hatching, she managed to get everything a little bloody and pull its leg out of the shell (there’s only one other egg under her that hasn’t pipped yet) that was a few hours ago, and since then have...
  19. S

    Teaching my daughter! (First time I’ve hatched eggs in 10 years)

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My two year old daughter is desperate for hens and ducks, and for someone her age she is extremely inquisitive. She understands they come from and egg and grow - and even that in some cases they’re eaten! So this will be my first hatch in 10 years (I used to keep...
  20. Ebay Eggs #5 the Conclusion.

    Ebay Eggs #5 the Conclusion.

    Day 17 I turned the eggs one last time, "X" is up and I close the lid. I head upstairs and turn in for the night. My role with the eggs are done, to me they are now in "lockdown". Almost three weeks ago I unboxed 15 eggs. At this stage I have 11 still cooking and at the last candle all were...
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