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  1. CaliFarmsAR

    Looking in to a duck

    So I’m looking in to a duck and gust one and I will be separating him from my ducks so should I put a heat lamp out for him? Or will he be okay with out one!
  2. K

    Brooder/heat lamp issues

    Hello, My name is Kassie. I am new to raising chickens. We received our 7 new chicks via USPS on Monday the 9th. They are so small and needy. Right now we have them in a Rubbermaid we converted into a brooder and are having issues with the heat lamp. Its giving off too much heat. I've raised...
  3. Rammy

    Heat Lamp?

    I went to TSC.....and they had 4 White Rocks left for a $1.00 each....yeah, I know...and ducks....got two...... With it being so hot outside, and having them in the barn, do I need a heat lamp? I dont use those 250w ones, oh, heck, no! I normally use 60w or 40w depending on the weather light...
  4. B

    Glass Tank Incubator?

    Good day to everybody, I'm planning on hatching some quail eggs soon, however, I do not have access to an incubator. I do have a 10 gallon aquarium tank that I plan to use for this; I'd like some advice and review on what I've come up with. The bottom of the tank is lined with paper towels. On...
  5. AQuailNamedFrancis

    Button Quail Heat Lamp

    Howdy everyone, I got my heat lamp on for my buttons and they are about 4 weeks old. They all are doing good, but they just seem so hot. I have been slowly moving the light up to lower the temp every week but since Its super hot where I live and my house tends to heat up very fast - The...
  6. Wonderling

    Helping Broody Hen?

    I've got two broody hens, one went into mama mode once the eggs started to hatch and the other is all about the eggs and doesn't care about the chicks. I have moved Coco (the mama hen) and chicks into a separate section of the coop so they can be together. Gucci the other hen is still on the...
  7. BielefelderHen

    When can i move them outside???

    Hello, I have a Partridge Cochin pullet and a Cuckoo Marans cockerel that I need to permanently move outside into their outdoor run. They are a bit under 7 weeks, and I would have moved them out earlier but for the fact that its been raining for nearly a week now and the temp is about 13...
  8. D

    When to remove heat lamp? - Arizona

    I live in Arizona where it is generally warm. Especially during the summer. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/phoenix-az/85003/weather-forecast/346935 I plan to move the chicken outside within a couple days. They are all between ~3 and ~5 weeks old as of today (there are 12 of them). At what...
  9. J

    Heating plate vs heating lamp

    So we just got 15 chicks last week. They are one week old today. They are Easter Eggers and this morning we woke to one suddenly dead. They have all been behaving very good all week, eating drinking and we’ve been giving them electrolyte water and they are on organic starter feed with probiotics...
  10. BucksBoo

    When can ducklings and chicks go outside during the day

    I have 3 week old chicks and 2 week old pekin ducklings. At what age is it safe to let them go out during the day in an enclosed shaded pen with heat lamp? They will have sufficient water and food. They are predator safe. We live in Alabama so the weather may be all four seasons in one day. I...
  11. C

    Heat Lamp all night or no?

    My babies, 4 chicks and 2 ducks are in the bathroom. We keep it 70 degrees in house, the bathroom is in the middle of house and close the bathroom door so it stays warmer. They are approx 1 week old and I am concerned about fire hazard. Especially since the bathroom is on the other side of my...
  12. SBFChickenGirl

    Heat Lamp Questions

    My chicks are getting too old to be in the house anymore, and too big to be in the brooder that they are in now. I have a bigger brooder in the barn, and I'm planning on putting two heat lamps because it's going to get really cold (about 0 Degrees F) and the chicks are 3 and 4 weeks old. Any advice?
  13. rosemarysugar

    Roo over heating!??!

    I have 3 chicks, a 5 week old roo, and two 4 week old girls. For our heating method we use a heat lamp. The roo is very hot under the heat lamp but the others aren't ( the lamp is 40" away from ground). Any ideas on how to keep the girls warm without him over heating? Could we put him outside...
  14. Guisso14

    How cold is too cold?

    I live in Canada and obviously it is winter now. The temperatures can get pretty cold at night and I'm really just wondering how cold is too cold for the chickens in their coop? When should I be using a heat lamp? I have been using one up to now but I'm thinking of not using it anymore as they...
  15. SniperGoose

    Heat lamp

    So in the four years we've had our chickens, we've never bothered with heat lamps. Chickens have been totally fine, and no frost bite to speak of. Plus I've seen stories of coops burning down because of said heat lamps. But of course, my father took the advice of some lady who always heats her...
  16. wamtazlady

    Coop fire due to heat lamp

    Just read that this happened in Helena MT a day or two ago. A heat lamp in a chicken coop caused the coop to catch fire. Chickens and rabbits were killed. Then the wind spread the fire to a storage building filled with hay. Hay is a total loss. From there the fire went to another building...
  17. Xotomi

    Unprepared Hatchery Mixup

    We adopted our flock from the previous property owner. He had way too many chickens and no early months special feeding regimen. We hatched our first eggs last winter and did very well caring for them. I did not lose a single hatchling. Our birds are huge compared to their parents. But this...
  18. K

    Winterizing Fall-Born Chicks

    I have 2 Red Sex hens that will hit 6 weeks at the end of October, in a climate (higher altitude in E. Washington Cascades) guaranteed to hit below zero (F) in late Dec/Early Jan for at least a few days to 2 weeks. Considering getting a radiant heater from Cozy Coop, will this be enough to keep...
  19. marleebear

    Heat mats; are they safe?

    I live up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where temperatures in the winter go down to -40°C. (No, I'm not kidding. ) Typically, I only keep my hens in the spring through fall and give them back to my uncle in the winter to live in his heated, insulated and very large coop. This year, I'm considering...
  20. H

    Heat Plate vs. Heat Lamp

    Hello, I am currently 2 days away from lockdown with my 12 coturnix Quail eggs. I bought a Heat Plate a few months ago from UKPoulty, which said it was suitable for Quail chicks. But now I am having pre-hatch anxiety and double checking absoloutly everything and I read a few threads on here last...
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