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  1. OliviaSmith123

    Is my chicken ill?!

    Hello, I am a new chicken owner and this chicken is 35 weeks old, she is laying( or was I’m not sure whether she still is) however her attitude has changed dramatically, such as when I try and pick her up she will run away and will panic when I hold her, when I do hold her about 10 feathers fall...
  2. Chocy_duck

    Duck help

    Hello, I have a female kahki campbell who when I let out this morning at 4.30am was fine and herself. A few hours later I went out to check them and she had a very low abdomin and was in the corner not moving just standing. Then later on she had moved to the night time quarters and has just sat...
  3. ErinLeTourneau

    Pekin Duck — Molting/Struggling to Walk

    My pekin duck — Willow — has always been bigger than her sister — Sugar — but it’s been getting bad as of recent. Since they started getting bigger, Willow struggles to catch up to Sugar. I bought these two standard pekin ducks back in May from McMurray Hatchery, so they’re seven months old...
  4. S

    Help injured chicken

    Today my rooster was attacked my a loose dog in our neighborhood. It looks to have gotten ahold of his neck and he seems injured pretty bad. It seems as though only small wounds but all of his neck feathers are ripped off and hanging from one side of his face.! Help any advice would be greatly...
  5. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    My chicken hatched eggs... one died, one is sick and the last one is perfectly healthy... what do I do?

    One of my hens, Plucky, had hatched eggs! My dad figured this out when he saw her sitting strangely on the barn floor. However, when I had gotten there, there was a chick dead. The remaining chicks seemed fine at a glance, but when I looked at the smaller chick, I knew something was up. It...
  6. S

    Pale comb rhodee island red chicken

    In the last 2 days my sweet rhode island chicken got a illness as you know with chickens they dont have much recovery chance when it comes to this things can please someone help me with the situation? She also doesnt rum away from me fast
  7. Katie98


    Ok so I have a chicken named corn chip and she got attacked about 3-4 days ago I think me and my mom have I almost $100 worth of medicine I still think we need to take her to the vet but my mom says we don't have the money for probably 200$ or more care for them to do the same thing as us so...
  8. HenreyTheRooster

    I need help desperately

    Hello I am here to ask for help/ tips introducing a one year old Jersey Black Giant who lost her flock too a group of sixteenish week old chicken that include, one Candy Corn Polish, One Cream White Legbar, and one Barnevelder. They currently live in two coops next to eachother but I dont want...
  9. S

    Runner Duckling with Severe Corkscrew Neck (wry neck?) and Shriveled Foot

    (First paragraph is about hatching process of all the eggs, second paragraph talks about the duckling in need) So, I ordered my duck eggs from Metzer farms (First time hatching or owning ducks) on July 1st and received them late on July 6th or 7th. On Monday, August 3rd (about 28 days), most of...
  10. Turkey Girl

    Help! A Hen Attacked One of my Chicks!

    So, we have a coop full of Ayam Cemani chicks. One of our older Ayam Cemani hens got into the coop and ripped he skin off of one of the chick's head. Now the poor baby's skull is exposed! It is standing up and acting like all the others and doesn't appear to be in pain. I didn't bandage it for...
  11. lps1215

    Help!! My Silkie Chickens will not go into their coop at night!

    I have 7 Silkie juveniles that are around 11 weeks old may be a little older. I had them in a walk in coop up until I added a new trio of 8 week old seramas in there. I moved them into a coop that is a roost and nest boxes on top with a pull out bottom to clean it and the run area is underneath...
  12. Britt712

    Quail due soon need help with temp!

    I have some coturnix eggs due to go into lockdown in a couple days. I have two different kinds of quail in the incubator and they have different hatch dates so I made a seperate incubator for lockdown purposes only. My homemade incubator isn't fit to hatch chicks, only incubate which is another...
  13. Y

    Duck egg hatching away from air sac and at the bottom

    Yesterday at around 6pm I noticed that the egg had started to pip(I have attached an image, the red circle is where the air sac is) , but away from the air sac, and towards the ground. There is a slight hole as well in the internal membrane from the pip which I think the duckling is breathing...
  14. M

    Integrating New Chicks to Flock HELP!

    Okay I am VERY new to this. I got my first ever day old chicks the 1st of April, I wanted 7 chicks but two ended up being roosters so now I have 5 twelve week old pullets. On Friday I went out and picked up two more pullets who were also supposedly the same age. However, these new little ladies...
  15. Britt712

    Please help!

    Hello! New here. I've been doing plenty of research prior to incubating eggs. I have built a temporary incubator until I make a better one. It's rather small as I'm starting small just to see how it goes. It's a 1.3 gallon bucket with a 29 watt bulb overhead along with a fan, 2...
  16. samcrook2

    HELP SEX SLW + Polish

    I have a silver laced Wyandotte and two polish gals as well as one hybrid with a Orpington father and white Sussex mother. They are all coming up 5 weeks with the polish closer to 7. I believe the hybrid and the silver laced Wyandottes are Roos though am desperate that they arn’t ! Can anybody...
  17. M

    Sleeping in pain?

    I have this chick that is 8 days old and it sleeping while its standing. Is it in pain? This chick was born naturally and it isn't doing just stands still. Help me this is urgent and i want to help it. Thanks for any advice!
  18. B

    Momma pecked duck egg on day 26!

    I have duck eggs that are scheduled to hatch in the next 2 days. Today I went out and there was a peck hole on the outside. The duckling is still moving, but doesn’t appear to have pipped the inner air sack. should I prepare my kids for a dead duck? Or do you think it will live? It’s hard to...
  19. V

    Help!! My duck has labored breathing, sneezing, and maybe a stuffed nose. Help please.

    I hatched a duckling about three weeks ago and it's grown big but maybe not healthy. I've been feeding it chick starter crumbles unmedicated 18% protein from the tractor supplies store. We just bought some new food that's similar but has a duck and chick on the cover - same thing just 20%...
  20. S

    In need of help

    I’m extremely new to raising poults. My husband actually bought 34 ...4 day old Narragansett turkeys. He did this not knowing the first thing about them. His plan was to try and have them live on some land we have. I’m quickly learning that it’s not easy to raise them. He works 7 days a...
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