1. KyloChicken

    How old do your hens REALLY get?

    How old do your hens really get? I have a mixed group of chickens (roosters, hens, and young ones) free roaming. At night they are locked into the coop and as soon as the sun is about to come up the automatic doors open and they are off. The reason I’m asking: I get VERY attached to every...
  2. cluck queen

    Early spring madness

    Let's see everyone's gals (or guys) enjoying this prespring weather!
  3. M

    Hen or roo? 14 weeks roughly

    I'm not sure. At first I thought hen... makes a lot of noise but no neck stretching and crowing... squares up against my other hen one and awhile
  4. Sequoia Raven Bird Farms

    Old hen with infected eye.

    First off, no one panic please or feel bad because Rulu the Rhode Island Red has lived a veryyyyy long happy life. So, today we went out to the ducks, turkeys and chickens and I noticed Rulus eye being shut. I quickly investigated without touching her. Then, I asked my freind to help me put her...
  5. cluck queen

    What the cluck?

    So, as I've mentioned beforehand I've got around 30 birds. (3 rotten ducks too) and some of the gals I hatched out are mutts. They are completely black without combs. Not laying yet as I've sat outside and meticulously watched them lol 😆 I've got to much time on my hands yes I know. Anyways...
  6. T

    Injured hen

    Hi all. A dog came into the yard and got hold of my chicken. Please see pic. Should I try and treat it, or rather put her out of her misery? She is eating and moving about, but looking miserable.
  7. Emery03

    Hen fell in pool

    My hen fell in our swimming pool and was in there for almost an hour. I am in Florida, so it’s not very cold but definitely cool enough to cause hypothermia. She was floating when we found her, she seemed exhausted. We put her on a heating pad and put her in a box in a dark quiet room. She is...
  8. M

    Need help with options for over eager rooster

    We have 2 roosters. One small and one large one. Both the same age. We have 10 hens all about the same age as well. In November my big rooster got ahold of one hen and when trying to mate with her bit her neck too hard and broke skin. When we noticed it had been a couple days and the other...
  9. Seana


    1 1/2-year-old Light Brahma hen
  10. cluck queen

    What are we? Feather legged purebred something from TSC.

    I bought this guy from tsc. Not sure if he was an andalusian or black copper maran but I swear I bought him as a black copper maran. Attached is another rooster I was gifted. Not sure what he is either. And he also has feathered legs. What are they lol the last one I believe Is a giant hen. She...
  11. KerriChick

    Ancona hen with HUGE wattles and comb...

    She is my only white egg layer, and has been laying last year and just started up again. I know Anconas are supposed to have big floppy combs but hers are gimongous with super big wattles(see photo) and she looks like a rooster! She has also started to boss the other chickens around more. She is...
  12. W

    Rooster circling a previous sick hen

    A few days ago we removed, what we thought, was egg bound hen. We took her inside and did all the tricks that we were told to do. She never passed an egg but she was pooping and looked better so we put her back in the coop. Immediately my rooster started to circle her. We left her in there...
  13. Y

    Possible Easter Egger Cockerel

    this is my first flock, and i’ve identified this “hen” as an easter egger due to the green legs, however the tail feathers are starting to make me think “she” is a “he”. Comb and wattle say hen (IMO) but like i said, first time raising chickens since i was 8-10 years old, so could use the expert...
  14. Timbers Happy Hens

    Silkie sop buff hen

    Hey, could anyone help me determine the quality of my buff silkie hen? I’m new to judging birds but I think that she has a lot of really nice qualities. Probably not quite show quality but much better than any hatchery stock. On a side note does anyone know what colors I’d get if I breed her to...
  15. evitachu

    Sour crop, monistat, and this poop.. help!

    Hello all! It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I have an emergency question. My serama hen Burrito (she is 3 years old) has been having sour crop on and off. I usually put on a monthly fasting for 1-2 days, and she would be fine. These past 3 months I have been extremely busy and...
  16. K

    7 week silkie

    Hey there, We just picked up a 7 week old silkie. I am aware of the breeds propensity for hiding their gender until the last possible moment. However, I am worried our little one is showing roo tendencies (loud, standing tall, seems to have streaking top feathers) and we cannot have Roos here...
  17. D

    3 wonderful hens need new home

    We have three healthy, happy, and friendly girls needing re-homed. When we came back to Colorado, we got the maximum number of hens allowed for our town, 6. However, with just my husband and I, we don't need all of them. Our three Rhode Island Reds have proven fun, cold hearty, and just terrific...
  18. dialuann

    Chicken that can work wings and everything else can’t walk.

    This is about my hen, whom I posted an older thread about: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/please-help-my-silkie-showgirl-she-can%E2%80%99t-walk.1606556/ Chicken that can work wings and everything else can’t walk. She tries to pull herself upward to stand, and is successful in that...
  19. Papaye

    Hen dying suddenly - Found lying on her back

    Hi! Here is a thread concerning an one-year-old hen that died suddenly... She was a Golden Cuckoo English Marans named Pierrette. A very beautiful girl, with a very "Marans-ish" personality... but maybe a hybrid, since she had only laid cream-coloured eggs...? But whatever... So, this...
  20. Turkey Girl

    Help! Serious Chicken Head Injury!

    I found one of my hens badly beat up by two of my turkey hens. I have removed her from the coop and she is currently in an old brooder in the dark, and I moved my turkey hens to an empty coop to ensure they won't attack any more chickens. The hen, a Splash Marans, has lost all of her comb and...
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