1. M

    Respiratory symptoms that come & go??

    Hi all, I’m new to owning chickens and i have flock of ten (10) five week old (5) pullets. Recently i noticed a chick in the back of the brooder opening her beak to breathe, breathing very heavy, sneezing (no nasal discharge, or discharge from the eyes, or discharge coming from anywhere). I...
  2. J

    White foaming chicken poop?

    I am a new chicken owner and one of my four chickens has been having some problems. She's always been a regular layer but the past too days she hasnt laid a full egg but more like pooped out 2 very very soft shells on the coop floor. Today she has been having a lot of diarrhea and is now pooping...
  3. E

    Prolapsed vent & nothing helping it!

    Hi all, I have a Rhode Island Red Hybrid just under 2 years old. Yesterday morning we discovered a prolapsed vent and after doing some research we tried fixing it with honey, sugar, warm water with an anti-septic, medical talc & even a haemorrhoid cream! However after a few minutes it the...
  4. H

    Eye - illness or injury?

    Hi all, I have an 18-month old Australorp chicken who seems to have an issue with her eye. See pics. She has been a bit lethargic the last few days and my husband saw her have diarrhea. Now, she is walking around with one eye closed. She is able to open the eye, but primarily keeps it closed and...
  5. C

    Sick Duck

    Hello all, I have a sick duck I think. It is a 8-9 week old white peking duck and it won't extend it's neck even while walking. I should add that sometimes it will extend its neck but only about half way. It has whitish diarrhea, eye discharge and can get around but struggles it looks like...
  6. L

    infectious bronchitis virus 🦠

    Hi, does anyone have a good resource for a home test kit for IBV? My main layer flock or 6 month old hens have had a bit of rattling going on since late March. I gave herbs, VetRX and garlic/ACV and they improved in about 3 weeks but now their egg quality has dropped significantly. Thin...
  7. C

    Please help my sick quail!

    Hi all, I'd appreciate any advice anybody can give. I have 12 quail and they are 2 weeks old now. It has all been going fine but today I noticed some are not thriving. There are 4 in the flock who have stopped being able to walk. they are just lying down and sleeping and when I put them on their...
  8. 4hduckproject

    duckling with pale beak!! help!!

    my duckling is about 3 or 4 weeks old i believe, and it’s got an unusually pale beak compared to the others. Is this something i should be worried about? and if so what should i do about it? and p.s. the ducks are only temporary outside. they live in the garage on pine shavings with a heating lamp 😊
  9. 4hduckproject

    Duckling with very pale beak

    my duckling is about 3 or 4 weeks old i believe, and it’s got an unusually pale beak compared to the others. Is this something i should be worried about? and if so what should i do about it? and p.s. the ducks are only temporary outside. the live in the garage on pine shavings with a heating lamp 😊
  10. L

    sick chicken?

    when we let our chickens out of the coop this morning one of my barred rock hens was acting lathargic and has a pale comb. she laid an egg yesterday and was fine. does anyone know what this would be or how i could fix it?
  11. atalanta

    What is going on with the Roo's comb? : Diagnosis please

    This is Mr. Burns, is is a Pekin Cochin of unknown age (we think he's old), this formed on his comb in the last month. Please offer a suggested diagnosis and treatment... Thank you
  12. M

    Mysterious illness slowly killing chickens

    We have a small backyard flock. Since we have dogs too, they don’t free range. They’re in a coop and decent sized run area. We’ve had them all since day old chicks, but several months ago we started losing chickens very slowly. The process goes like this, and we’ve tried so many things to figure...
  13. 13hens

    Lethargic Lady

    Hi Friends! I have a 3 month old cream leghorn chicken who is usually very interested in every single thing and the first one to greet me when I come to the coop. This afternoon I went to give the girls some veggie treats she did not come to meet me immediately, and I noticed she was in a corner...
  14. K

    Is Isolating A Sick Chicken Necessary?

    Chicken is active/alert but was exhibiting wheezing, hoarse voice, labored breathing, and infrequent sneezing today only. Veterinarian said her lungs sound congested and think she has an infection but we caught it early so she should be okay. They gave her an antibiotic injection with a follow...
  15. L

    darkened comb on my rooster

    My rooster, he is close to one now. He was acting fine a few days ago when his comb became a dark red-purple color. Today he has become lethargic and is not eating or drinking. I don’t know if this is something I can fix.
  16. HuskerHens18

    Illness after moving flock

    This year has not been a nice year for my chickens or property. From decaying wood to predation, I do not have a safe winter home for my birds. I found a farrowing house for hogs on a property a mile from me that was left unused for a decade. I power washed it out and got it all ready for...
  17. L

    Swollen eyes and sneezing

    I noticed my hen had a swollen eye 2 or 3 days ago. But after putting them up tonight, I noticed it has closed all the way. The other eye looks completely normal but the other is swollen shut. Today she seems to be almost sneezing and making weird noises with her nose. I didn’t know if she...
  18. Qquails899

    Weird quail poop

    I am a bit concerned about one of my quails because her poops look like this. Are these normal or should I do something?
  19. Qquails899

    My quails look ill

    I got my first quails about two weeks ago, two female coturnix quails. They were seven or eight weeks old at the time. When they arrived, they were not eating enough, standing with ruffled feathers and eyes closed almost all day. I thought it was because of the recent change of home. They became...
  20. lil bird lady1

    Lethargic chicks please help

    They are about 1 month old. I know 100% for a fact that its not wry neck. They are silkies, they are holding their neck scrunched in as if they are cold but it's a warm temperature and they have their mama bird. They keep one by one laying on their side refusing to open their eyes and then they...
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