1. AquaDuck

    Eggs turned or rolled, laying down or standing

    There are an enormous amount of different incubators out there, and many ways to operate them. Some have the eggs laying down in the trays, in others the eggs stand with the small end down. Some roll the eggs 180 degrees and others again tip the eggs from side to side. What do you have? For...
  2. Amedean

    Designing an incubator for my dad.

    I have been a lurker here a couple years and I live down here in Melbourne Florida. Today on the random I decided to make my first post. I was partially driven by a request from my father a couple of weeks ago. He is interested in raising and breeding chickens and I am trying to influence him...
  3. B

    Day 23 possibly twin chicks how do you know when assistance is needed

    I have a hen that frequently lays double Yolkers. My small flock is Isa Browns, so they have dark eggs that are difficult to candle at the best of times. But this egg seemed too full from the start from what I could see and based on what I can normally see in our particular eggs. It is an egg...
  4. Chicken_You_Out

    How long can incubated eggs survive the cold?

    This morning, the incubator was left open by my brother. 8 hours later, I come home and realize what happened. The eggs were about ~5 days along, could they have survived? They’re in our kitchen so the temperature was about 65-70 degrees.
  5. Newbie80

    Incubator:Ducks problems

    We are hatching duck eggs in our classroom in an incubator. Monday we lost a duckling who hatched prematurely (we're assuming - it came out bloody and still had a full yoke). Yesterday two more pipped and then staled. We decided to leave them and give them time. This morning my coworker arrived...
  6. Molly04

    Day 21 and eggs not showing any signs of movement

    I have 5 silkie eggs in the incubator and the last time I candled was day 17 - everything seemed fine. Temp has been low a couple times and I known they prpbably just need more time but is there any reason that they wouldn't hatch?? I'm really worried
  7. Rockporters

    First time incubating Silkie eggs. Candling pics and embryo movement video.

    This is my first time incubating chicken eggs. I am learning (mostly the hard way) as I go. The stats: -I bought 12 Silkie hatching eggs. -12 out of 12 eggs were fertile and developed really well until day 5. -Lost 3 eggs in a styrofoam incubator malfunction on day 6. (It cooked the eggs.) -Lost...
  8. chloemae

    Adding eggs to incubator with pre-existing eggs.....

    Hi Everyone, I have been researching this, but am uncertain as to the best I thought I would ask here :). I have 4 serama eggs in the incubator now. I have 3 more I would like to add tomorrow. My original eggs will go into lockdown on May 10th. Is it a bad idea to add eggs now...
  9. KaleDaDuck

    my Guinea eggs are so small will they hatch?

    Iv'e noticed something in the new guineas, they started to lay eggs but these eggs are smaller than usual, also the older fowl stopped laying eggs! i got about 36 eggs in the incubator but will they hatch at all? please help me!
  10. ZoomuKeeper

    Incubating eggs dilemma

    Collected the eggs, 18 really nice ones, perfect shape and size. Placed them in the incubator yesterday. Today the incubator quit. It just stopped working. I am wondering if my eggs will be lost now or do I still have time to run and buy another one tomorrow and save my clutch? Kind of heart...
  11. emu6200

    Is it ok to put a towel in an incubator?

    Hi I was wondering if it is ok to put a dry shower towel in an incubator? I have a few emu eggs and I don't want them to move around in the incubator, and I was just wondering if it is safe and ok to put a dry shower towel in the incubator? Thank You!
  12. 3

    Incubation Temperature Range?

    Hi guys! I'm going to be attempting my first incubation hatch starting tomorrow. I have 6 eggs arriving by mail early tomorrow morning (around 6-7am) and then I'm going to sit them big side up for about 4 hours before I put them in the incubator. I have a Janoel12 incubator and have been working...
  13. shayshaylaraye

    Brinsea Ovation 28 EX or 56 EX?

    I started out with a Little Giant incubator, now I am looking to upgrade. I've heard that Brinsea incubators are some of the best, however, I keep reading reviews where some people think these two incubators are great, and others that say they don't work right. If I am spending $400-$600 I...
  14. WannaBeHillBilly

    Herethic question about incubation parameters

    Hi friends, i have no experience with hatching of any birds so far, but i am very interested to learn as much as i can before i will give it a try with some of my (unlaid) eggs from my ducks. So i always read that the temperature must be kept exactly at a certain value (i remember 37.5°C, but i...
  15. emu6200

    Emu Incubation temperature not accurate

    Hi I got the incubator yesterday and I'm already using it. It's the yellow incubator that holds 48 eggs. I currently only have 1 emu egg but on the incubator, I set the temperature to 36.4 Celsius which is 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit but I have a digital thermometer with a probe and its reading...
  16. hannachristena

    HELP! 3 bantam eggs internal pip 19 hours ago no external pip and bator was opened

    yesterday afternoon around 1pm we could hear chirping on 3 of our bantam eggs. I know there was internal pip. this morning there is not external pips. its been 19 hours. the little guys are still chirping a bit. My next problem is the chirping excitment i learned that my 9 year old has opened...
  17. C

    Humidity Levels High

    Ok, so I took advice from other websites that have said to have humidity between 50-60%. I've read here not to have it go above 55% and now it's teetering at 60%ish. I've tried lowering the humidity (I think it got too high because I turned the heat on in the room) How affected are my chicks...
  18. Cyprus

    Incubators: Buy or Build?

    It's become a difficult decision about whether I should buy or build an incubator. I've built 3 incubators now and only one worked really well. After a total fail with a major heat spike in my most recent incubator, I've decided to look at buying. But I don't know where to start or who to trust...
  19. Awtdaniel05

    Looking for an incubator

    hello, I want to start hatching eggs and was wondering if anyone has an incubator for sale.
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