1. piggyinthepink

    Best incubators as of 2022 ?

    Looking for a quality QUIET(no humming or ticking) incubator that can hold at least 20 eggs. Any suggestions?
  2. ThatChickenLady708


    I posted yesterday asking about some eggs & never got any replies, but I really need some help! I need to know when I should take the egg rotation device out of my incubator. How far along are these eggs? What am I looking at in the first picture? Any help is appreciated! 💕
  3. Katix7

    Jan 16, 2022 Hatch-A-Long

    New to the site but saw several hatch a long threads - so fun! I plan to collect some eggs this week and get them in the incubator on Sunday. Would anyone like to join? Most of mine will be barred rock and Buff orpingtons…some will be mixed…i have 5 very busy roosters and 50 hens My first time...
  4. ChloeSilkie08

    Helping chick out of egg shell

    When do you guys decide to interfere with a chick hatching? I have one that pipped last night and hasn’t hatched yet. I know this is normal but it hasn’t been chirping or moving like all it’s siblings did. I’m afraid it’s week or something. I can see the beak moving but not doing anything.
  5. Darrell Cunningham

    Double Yolk Duck Egg

    Hello I’ve been ordering and incubating my own eggs from offline for 4 years now . Never would I have imagined to get a double yolk Egg let alone fertile ! I know the odds are against me for hatching success . But I’ll stick with it until the end . A miracle if it happens .
  6. R

    Cheap but incomplete HHD/Triocottage 12-egg incubator

    So I managed to pick up one of those cheap 12-egg incubators (sold under lots of different brand names, or none at all) -- just like this one: And I bought it for a song, which is great, but it's somewhat incomplete, which is not so great, but possibly not a big problem. It's easier to list...
  7. Joyfillednomads

    25 NEW Quail chicks HATCHED!! YAY!!

    25 chicks hatched!! Yay. Hoping more do. See a few have pipped. One is trying to break shell. After 2 days of being hatched, it was time to pull a few out. Yay!!!
  8. Joyfillednomads

    Humidity dropped over night to 30°

    Humidity dropped to 30° about a week ago. We are hatching tho!! Yay!! Quail babies...
  9. Joyfillednomads

    Quail pippin'

    YAY!!! quail are finally pipping. Heard a little chirping. And we got a wiggly egg. The eggs went into the incubator on Sunday November 21st. I didn't count the 21st... and did not expect them till December 9th on day 18. Super exciting...
  10. Joyfillednomads

    Not even a pip --> day 28 ducks

    Not so much as a wiggle or a pip. Hey baby ducks, it's hatch day. 🙏💕🙏 Praying that they hatch. Will leave it going till day 32...
  11. Joyfillednomads

    Not even a pip --> day 28 ducks

    Not so much as a wiggle or a pip. Hey baby ducks, it's hatch day. 🙏💕🙏 Praying that they hatch. Will leave it going till day 32...
  12. Joyfillednomads


    Quail. We actually wanted quail first. But as things evolve and happen, quail hadn't. We got fertile hatching quail eggs as a gift. Shipped in the mail. We were so over joked and excited. When I pulled the tiny carton from the box the little eggs were so cold. Of course it's winter. My heart...
  13. Joyfillednomads

    Duck eggs

    10 little duck eggs waiting to hatch. In lockdown. Someone recommended glass gems or stones to better regulate heat. I have a large glass mug and three shot glasses. They also are holding water for humidity. As always the incubator was full cleansed after last use. Trying to watch the temp &...
  14. Joyfillednomads

    It was all planned, but we are an incubator short. Ahhh

    So I had it all planned. Lol One incubator, one crappy Styrofoam back up and as lockdown hatcher. I had both set up to incubate eggs... then our eggs got the boot from the good incubator to make way for quail eggs. So... We debated about buying another Styrofoam incubator --> but in all...
  15. Joyfillednomads

    Present from Auntie ---> QUAIL EGGS!!

    My hubby's aunt sent us some quail eggs. Yay!!! We had some extra room in the incubator so -->> thankfully a local(ish) farm had some more. Incubator full now. And of course... I can't be trusted, so we got quail chicks too!! Lol
  16. P

    Ostrich Incubator: Hatchrite

    I am offering a Hatchrite HR MP I-84 Incubator Unit in immaculate condition. The Incubator unit comes with a humidifier unit and the operations manual which includes complete instructions on programming the controller. This unit is in pristine condition, was garage stored, like new. I've also...
  17. Joyfillednomads

    Ink Blot -->> what do you see <<--

    What do you see?
  18. 20210506_184740.jpg


    Hatching chicken eggs
  19. 20210506_212042.jpg


    Pipping chicken egg
  20. 20210507_101104.jpg


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