1. ElfenLied89

    Trying out hatching shipped

    I have an incubator I bought off of eBay which is pretty neat for how much it costs. It heats up, turns automatically, and has a candler light. Even has a water mister bottle, and a way to humidify the incubator. Picture of incubator is below. It has an external water control bottle. I don't...
  2. IHeartChickens10

    Hatching Chick Against Wall

    My chick has started zipping, but my chick that had previously hatched had pushed her up against the incubator wall. She's currently trying to zip while being pressed up against the wall and it's making it much more difficult for her. Will she be okay?
  3. JordanFamily

    Two Hatchrite Incubators. Ostrich egg incubator, $2500 takes both - Archie, MO

    2 Hatchrite incubators, good condition. One bigger unit and one smaller unit but is still very large. Pick up only. Archie, MO. Here are pics. The bigger unit just needs the roller bands replaced. It has the humidity unit and even the hatching baskets. (not in pic) The smaller one also needs...
  4. A

    Nurture Right 360 incubator suddenly powered off; How do I fix it?

    My 360 incubator isn't turning on, the plug works for my other 360 incubator so it's not the problem but the incubator itself. How do I go about fixing it and what will I need?
  5. J

    Help! Urgent!

    I have a nurture 360. I have 6 eggs in it. 3 are starting to hatch..... I was filling the water reservoir and didn't realize I all the paper towels I lined the grate with are wet! What should I do???
  6. K

    Black Swedish Broodiness

    Hi, We are relatively new to keeping ducks and have acquired a few different breeds that are not laying/mating age yet. We do have a trio of mature Black Swedish in a separate paddock. The two Black Swedish ladies are laying eggs in a nest and they are fertile. My husband and I are hoping they...
  7. Oob Child

    Under $70 incubator?

    I'm looking for an automatic incubator for jumbo quail eggs. I currently have a cute little $30 incubator with no humidity control and manual turning. Not sure where it's from, but I had a 25% hatch rate with it last time which was a bummer. I'm getting some rare quail eggs soon and a 12 egg...
  8. Squeeing_Onion

    DIY Incubator - did i do this right?

    This is a very small incubator i intend to use for quail eggs. It has two thermometers for redundancy insurance in case one goes goofy, one glass and one digital (needs batteries but it works!). The bottom has a plastic tray for holding water. A hose extends down into the tray so water can be...
  9. J

    I incubated my eggs in 96.5 by mistake

    Hi everyone I I incubated my eggs at 96.5 by mistake because the temperature is stable and I trust my incubator I never checked it my mistake, humidity 49 to 55 no more no less I candle them on day 26 and they are all alive and moving a lot with the air sack big and the embryo covers almost all...
  10. C

    Creative uses for the incubator

    Has anyone tried using their incubator to ferment things (yogurt, etc.) in, or as a dehydrator? I'm testing out using my spare incubator (50-60 egg capacity) to make natto black beans in one container, and wildly fermented black beans in the second one (see pics). I'm curious if anyone else has...
  11. Ankaa

    Incubator says day 3 when it’s set to be day 5?? Egg turner shut off early will the eggs be okay?

    I’m using a brand new kebonnixs incubator I just bought and while I set it by hand to have one more day than the pre-set amount of days (because I ran it without eggs for 24 hours as a test) it’s still acting as if I didn’t add a day and saying there’s 3 days left. But when I go to change it...
  12. C

    Duckling With Overlapping Legs!

    Hi everyone, I have a mallard duckling with protruding hips which causes him to keep his paws on top of each other when standing still. He struggles to move and trips because of this malformation. I hatched two broods inside a homemade incubator and three ducklings had crooked necks which I...


    DETAILS I decided to build a homemade chicken incubator to hatch baby chicks when it's convenient to do so. It allows us replace our layers as needed without depending on a hatchery or a broody hen. Building a homemade incubator is not that difficult, but it could be a tad bit time consuming...
  14. F

    PLEASE HELP! Eggs dying before hatching?

    I have hatched peacock eggs for a couple of years now and have always had good hatch rates. Usually I have a 90% hatch rate but lately I have had about 25%. Pretty much all of the eggs are fertile and seem healthy right up till it’s time to hatch and then they die. They don’t even internally...
  15. Pollo Blanco

    There's 28 of them!

    First timer; scrambled to get an incubator together after my wonderful drake Allfather disappeared early Friday morning of the 19th of May 2023. I did a quick check at six days and had three out of three 'starters'. Much to my amazement, I didn't have a 'yolker' until number 25. So, out of 29...
  16. basiljowii

    Duck Embryos Dying late in Incubation

    we’ve been trying to incubate duck eggs for about two and a half months now with no success. We have gotten to day 26 and then the ducklings would just die. The temperature we’ve tried incubating them at is 37.5 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 50%. We’ve had about 15 fertilised eggs that...
  17. Cornflower

    Experimental Dehydrator Hatching - I'm doing it!

    May 18th, 2023 I plunked 15 eggs into a dehydrator to see if they'll hatch. I had commented on another post about this and I don't want to put my updates there. But there are updates to tell! Today is day 8, as of midnight May 26. Early this morning I candled some of them and saw... Oh man! I...
  18. BlueHorse17

    Incubating disaster…

    So we started off with 52 eggs. Candled them around day 7. After the candling it narrowed down to 40 that were developing. From day 1-17 we had temp at 99/100 and humidity at 50-55%. The incubator that is being used has a fan and is self-turning (turns eggs every two hours). The incubator has...
  19. O

    Question about incubator

    Hello :) Right now I am hatching Bantam Chicken eggs and I am using this circulating air incubator for the first time. The eggs are sitting on these manual turning tubes that work as a turning tray and the air is coming from under them. Where the air is coming out from there is a temperature...
  20. HeritageFan

    Incubator advice for ducks and Turkeys

    I have had ducks for a few years, and finally bought an incubator last year. I had a very low hatch rate, on my first try, but my ducks were 5 years old and I’m pretty sure that was the biggest problem w my first attempt. I was given a dozen duck eggs a few weeks ago from a friend who has the...
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