1. C

    Rolling eggs

    Well my little sister is attempting to hatch eggs for the 3rd time, this time 6 eggs seemed to of worked but yesterday (day 20 of them being in the incubator) me and my older sister noticed it looked like the incubator was leaving so she lifted it up so I could wipe underneath and the next thing...
  2. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Small, affordable incubator suggestions?

    All my previous posts have been about my 3 duck eggs and all my concerns and issues that I’ve had with them. I have tried countless times to make my own incubator but getting a constant temprature and humidity has always been an issue. So I am finally going to invest in a small incubator. I...
  3. Rusticgreenacers

    Help! Broody turkey just died

    Need some help with incubating turkey eggs. Sadly our broody turkey managed to drow her self. I don't know how long she was off the eggs, I stuck them in the incubator, but they where quite cold. I think there around 3weeks old, I find it really hard to candle them. My questions are: 1. Is...
  4. CHlCKEN

    I’ve never hatched before! Help!

    In my years of keeping chickens I’ve never hatched eggs. i have always added to my flock buy purchasing day old chicks, but honestly it isn’t the same as watching them hatch right in front of you. I’m considering maybe hatching this year or next spring. I’m very interested in the Cream Legbar...
  5. eveleychook

    HELP! Incubator Trouble!

    I have tried incubating eggs twice now. The 1st time around I put in 8 eggs of which only 3 were fertile and none survived. Now I have again tried to incubate eggs, I placed 10 eggs in the incubator. I candled 6 days later, all were developing except for one which I then removed. I again candled...
  6. A

    Day 18 - When is it best to start lockdown?

    Hi everyone! Is there a specific time during day 18 that I should be putting the eggs on lockdown? Some blogs say to do it at the end of day 18 and others say at the beginning. Does it matter? A new day starts at 3:02pm. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!!
  7. Q

    Muscovy duck eggs-will they hatch?

    Hi there, so a family member of mine has a small holding and gifted me two Muscovy duck eggs (we THINK they are fertile) and a brooder. They were at ambient/warm temperature for 2 1/2 days after collection, and are now in my diy incubator. It is a rubber mat with an old fish tank turned upside...
  8. Quacking ducks

    Hatching ducklings with a incubator for the first time.

    Hi, I am trying to hatch some of my ducks eggs in the incubator and have some questions. 1. Are there Supposed to be black areas on the egg, like big blood pockets? 2. Do the veins ever disappear while they are incubating? Thank you
  9. Quail chicks in incubator

    Quail chicks in incubator

    2nd generation quail chicks in the incubator.
  10. Quail chicks in incubator

    Quail chicks in incubator

    2nd generation quail chicks in the incubator.
  11. Quail chick in incubator

    Quail chick in incubator

    A newly-hatched 2nd generation quail in the incubator.
  12. ThurstonHatchery

    Incubator recommendations???

    I am new to this group, but not new to raising poultry, however I’m newish to incubators and what’s available, what’s good, what’s better, what’s best?! I was given an old GQF cabinet Incubator and Hatcher. They have worked well, had many hatched out of them this spring, roughly 80%. I just...
  13. C

    Body Temp Thermometer in DIY incubator??

    Hi. I am building a cheap incubator but I don't have a room thermometer. I was wondering if I could check the temperature of the incubator by placing a body thermometer in the water glass used for humidity, and check the water in the glass. Would that work? Of course I would have to do it a few...
  14. Abriana

    Best incubator?

    I posted yesterday about my eleven chickens which died of heat (due to the caretakers forgetting to let them out, there was a mixup on who was doing it while we were away on vacation), including my rooster Napoleon who I adored. I have a hen left (three hens in total are left) who will be...
  15. Keely Noodle

    First Time Hatching Quail - Very Worried

    To get to the point, I'm worried about my friend possibly (non-purposefully) sabotaging the survival of her quails. It's her first time ever hatching anything, and she is hatching some bobwhite quail eggs bought online. I lent her my incubator which I've used for indian runner duck eggs, all...
  16. L

    Janoel12 Broken Motor Help!! (urgent)

    I have used this incubator successfully to hatch a couple of batches of bantam eggs, currently it has 6 orpington eggs but the motor is making a weird grinding noise (almost like its slipping) and I don't think the eggs are turning. Anyone have some advice on what I can do? Apart from the...
  17. C

    Can you hatch eggs using the heat from a refrigerator?

    Tldr; yes I had recently acquired a pair of coturni quail and was super excited about hatching out their eggs. I was waiting for the incubator to come in the mail but due to the rona everything was delayed so my dad suggested that the heat from the fridge should suffice so we tried it. After...
  18. S

    Brinsea Mini Advanced Questions

    Hi all, thank you once again for all of your support. Just another quick question. I have just ordered the Brinsea Mini Advanced, Do I only fill one side of the water or both of the sides. Also do I need to refill it once a day? Should I let the eggs cool down? What angle should I set the...
  19. K

    Is misting duck eggs beneficial?!

    Got 4 new duck eggs in the incubator starting today. Is misting a good idea and if so, when shall this begin?
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