1. MagicFly 10 - Mini digital incubator!

    MagicFly 10 - Mini digital incubator!

    Magicfly Digital Mini Semi Automatic Egg Incubator 10 Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Goose Birds Features: 1. Brand new and good quality unit for incubating eggs 2. Lovely appearance, made of durable healthy PVC+PP material 3. Exquisite & Functional incubators, could hatch 10 eggs...
  2. Quailguy728

    Off-Grid Incubator-Brooder-and Coop heater... RECYCLED HEAT

    **Reposting/starting a thread for this here. Hey folks! Long time no post. I'm sure we can all agree; Life gets out of hand sometimes... I digress... I've returned today with a crazy concept I plan to implement myself soon. I figured it would be a great idea to share the idea with this...
  3. R

    Cayuga duck Breeding HELP!

    Hi we bought some Cayuga eggs last season to Incubate we got the eggs from 2 different places, no problem with hatching etc, We have 3 Drake's and 3 Females, now we want to be able to get as much fertile eggs as possible for Incubating next year how do we go about this? Do we need to take 2...
  4. Singing Cricket

    New Borotto Real 24 incubator review

    Hi everyone, I’m a newbie here. I saw there were only a couple of threads about the Borotto incubators so thought I’d put up something as I do my first run of eggs in my new incubator. I have been using a Janoel 24, it has been reasonably successful so far though it’s thermometer and heating...
  5. Picklethequail

    Help please

    Hello I am new to this and I am possibly going to buy fertile quail eggs and try and save some of them from people buying and eating them. I don't necessarily have any quails yet but I am looking forward on getting some as I stated before. I wanted to know if i could put a blanket at the bottom...
  6. SilkieEasterAustralor

    Need help with my home made incubator

    Hello I’ve made this incubator I’m just testing it out without eggs of course it’s a big styrofoam cooler from petco. The bottom is 13x21.5. The top half is 17.5x25 I have one 40w bulb and water dish and a thermometer that has the temp and humidity gages. The glad is from a picture frame...
  7. I

    Have I got a sticky chick???

    Hi there, So I am a newbie to incubating chickens. This morning around 7am my first chick hatched (it took 24hr to hatch after first pip). It got bottom got stuck in the shell and he was walking around incubator with stuck shell so we helped him out and cut the nutrients cord (that was still...
  8. ButtonHoarder

    Your Thoughts on the HovaBator Genesis 1588 Incubator

    I'm wanting a good quality incubator for hatching button quail, chickens and possibly ducks, if I can convince certain people. I have heard really good things about this one and want to hear your experiences with it. Thanks! 😊
  9. 4

    One of our favorite brooders!

    This is our first run with one of our newest brooders shown below. As you can see the chicks are quickly outgrowing there new home(s). We will be moving them to a much larger home in the next few days. The heat lamps are all individually controlled and dimmable for heat level control. Each...
  10. ButtonHoarder

    What's The Best Incubator?

    Hello all! I need an incubator. I have an incubator, it was $25, and I have tried hatching chicken eggs in it three times, and all of the times was incredibly disappointed when nothing hatched, and I do not do well with disappointment. Well I'm wanting to try again, and wondered what incubator...
  11. Bator2020


    To satisfy and encourage my daughter’s love for birds, we decided to let her have chickens. We talked about the different options on getting them, and we settled on building our own incubator and hatching eggs. I thought that building an incubator would be a way to introduce engineering to my...
  12. M

    Twin Chickens?

    This is my third batch of eggs and I am noticing one with two distinct spots on it. Is this by chance a double yolk/ twin egg?
  13. DelR

    I think I made a mistake, someone help!!

    Alright, so I don’t know if I did something bad. I put the eggs on lockdown on (what I thought was) day 18. I have had such bad anxiety the past 3-4 days because NOTHING has happened. I posted a couple threads and got help from people, only to realize.... I miscounted the days. Today is actually...
  14. DelR

    Help please!!

    Hi! I am in the process of hatching(hopefully) 7 Silkie eggs! I had put them in lockdown on day 18 and candled them to make sure they looked good, and they looked great! They took up about 80% of the egg with the air sack gradually getting larger. My incubator does not have a humidity sensor...
  15. DelR

    No progress on day 23

    Help!! I am raising 7 silkie eggs. I put them in lockdown on day 18 and everything seemed fine. I left them in there besides when I needed to put more water in there. Yesterday, we were getting concerned because it had been day 22 and there has been no rolling of eggs, no chirping, no pipping...
  16. LA Urban Farmer

    Leahy 1200 incubator

    Hello fellow poultry enthusiasts! Years ago I acquired an old but functional Leahy 1200 redwood incubator. I always dreamed about having one but it turns out that since I received it, only hatched one batch of eggs out and have not used it for years. At this point in time, want to move it out of...
  17. Z

    Does ventilation in an incubator matter?

    Hey everyone. I just got a new incubator which needs water to be added every few days. However, I have a country house that I go to 4 days a week. So I decided to make a tubing system in the incubator so I could put water in the incubator using a water pump and a smart plug that I can control...
  18. D

    Incubating eggs in the "Nurture Right 306", any tips???

    I recently got the Harris Farms, Nurture right 360 and am new to using artificial incubators. Do you have any tips on getting the best hatch rate in them? Is the hydrometer accurate? I'm willing to take any advice possible!
  19. Mustafa Aamir

    No window in the incubator

    Ok so this is my first time incubating. I bought a local homemade still air semi-automatic incubator out of a plastic box. Now the problem is that the incubator has no transparent window to see through. I heard that you cannot open the incubator after lockdown has started... But how do I know...
  20. Z

    Should I remove the hatched chick from the incubator?

    Hey. Just hatched a baby silkie chicken. He keeps knocking over the eggs that haven't even started to hatch and he is trying to jump over the wall that protects him from falling into the water compartment. He hatched yesterday at night and he is not completely dry yet but I was thinking of...
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