1. Laura_tudor

    Male or female, 8 week old lavender pekin x

    I know what my gut is saying but anyone elses opinion would be greatly appreciated TIA x
  2. PinkLadyLVT

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin, and Lavender Bearded Silky

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin Bantam, and Lavender Bearded Silky. Looking to breed and keep as pets. Willing to buy eggs and young chicks. MAY be open to pullets/cockerels or adult birds depending on quality, price, location, and temperament. Located in...
  3. Phillisy

    Interaction of Lavender?

    I have a white goose (Sebastopol) who was sold as a lavender gosling to her previous owner. She ended up feathering out white. Upon purchasing her I contacted the breeder and found out she had a pen of solid lavenders (should be 100% lav offspring?), and a pen with white and lavender mixed to...
  4. Rolleigirl

    Pullets or Roos? Blue Orpingtons

    Hi!! :D its my first time raising chickens and these are my five good girls! Now that i‘ve had them for 4 weeks (I suspect they might actually be 5 weeks old). A family member got them for me from ts. Supposed to be all pullets. I’ll let you guys be the judge! Good news, roosters are allowed in...
  5. F

    Looking for WI peeps to talk chicken

    Anybody out there? Midwesterners, where you at?! I'm no stranger to farming, but sort of a newbie to chickens. I did not realize that my husband's all-time favorite animal is a chicken. Scratch that. ALL chickens. We've been married 10 years and this was brand new information in spring 2019...
  6. sarahup

    Silkie /satin Breeding question

    I am just starting out hatching my own silkies, so far I'm just doing b/b/s and have them in a separate pen which is going well. I have a couple questions. One I think I already know the answer to, (yes?), which is: Can I put my "lavender" silkie hen in the B/B/S group? I was told lavender...
  7. eveleychook

    Lavender Sussex Roosters or Pullets?

    I have 2 Lavender Sussex Chickens, one is 19 Weeks Old and one is 16 weeks old. I believe the older one is a rooster, the wattles are red but the comb is still a pinkish colour, the younger chicken still has pinkish wattles and comb. Please see images below. 19 week old Lavender Is this going...
  8. KhalSancho

    Ameraucana blue x lavender.. why or why not?

    So.. I’ve been scouring and still can’t find a clear answer.. I’ve raised chooks before but this will be our first attempt at breeding and I want to get it right.. Why is it that you don’t want to breed blue to lavender? Does it weaken genes? Is it just because of the colour they produce (if...
  9. BRF

    Mottled Lavender Questions

    I recieved a group of chicks that were supposed to be lavender orpingtons but found out that the chicks where the wrong color compared to ours. Turns out they were mottled lavender orpingtons. I have 1 rooster I didn't sell and my neighbor lost here lavender rooster and we were wondering what...
  10. First time silkie mum

    Is this a lavender silkie?

    Hello! Can anyone share their thoughts on this little silkie chick? Do you think it will be lavender or too early to tell? I don’t know what either parent looked like unfortunately. It really doesn’t matter, it will be loved either way! Just curious :) Thank you!
  11. First time silkie mum

    Introducing a 2 week old silkie to 3 x 1 week old silkies, bad idea?

    Hello! First time silkie owner here, what an excellent platform this is, I’ve found sooo many answers here! I am very proud of my 3 little one week old chicks that I have had for 3 days now, a black and a yellow and a mixed colour who have settled in nicely. A different breeder contacted me...
  12. ChicKat

    Lavender-Based Leghorn Breeding & Improvement Discussion

    New Thread -- :celebrate We need this thread to discuss the challenges, successes and subtleties we encounter as we pursue these genetics. We're here to talk about all the facets of improving our stock. The Moonshiner had just put up some beautiful Rose Comb Isabel picts and there are some...
  13. EggSighted4Life

    Spiral Line Breeding and Genetics

    Hi peeps! :frow After several years of working with many breeds and learning lot's along the way I need some solid advice on how to best diversify my genetics AND get the varieties I desire. I have some understanding but not enough! I also have some idea of what I need to do but as an obsessive...
  14. karenmragan

    Lavender/Blue lorps

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share these pictures with you! These guys are almost a year old now. I am so proud of them! Which one is your favorite?
  15. B

    Does anyone have self blue bantam cochin

    I'm looking to add a couple self blue/ lavender bantam cochin to my lil flock. Where is a good place to find some or does anyone sell hatching eggs or chicks? I only want a few. Cant find them locally in Central Illinois.
  16. Kezzahh

    Boys or girls?

    There are six chicks altogether . 4 are polish, one is a cuckoo and one (I'm pretty sure this ones a rooster) is a lavender. They are now 4 weeks old. I'm convinced 2 are roosters but unsure with the rest. Don't have much experience with this. I do know it's still difficult to tell but if anyone...
  17. sable43140

    What breed would you call these?

    I have a handful of lavender orpington roo over cuckoo Maran chicks in my backyard. Some have a splash looking color, two have copper feathering coming in on the neck and one is all lavender (may have been from a lavender hen). What would you call their breed, or are they just considered...
  18. HamletAndEggs

    Lavender Orp... pullet or roo?

    Hi All!! This is my first post on BYC and my first 2 months with chickens... LOVE them so much already!! All of my chicks were purchased just days-old, now all about 7 weeks old. Here’s a pic of both my Buff and Lav Orpington taken today. I hunch the lavender cutie named Viola might actually be...
  19. M

    Looking for: Lavender Muscovy Duckling

    I'm looking to get a female lavender Muscovy duckling. It must be female because my current flock is going to be 1 male/2 female; a male here would be a really bad time...
  20. fivechicks715

    What breed and sex is my chick?

    When getting our chickens we asked for one surprise rare breed chick- but had to be a female. They gave us this chick, and he/she has been developing much slower than the other girls, feather development is not as quick. Just this week the chick got feathers around her neck which has made her...
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