1. Lavender Quail d’Anvers

    Lavender Quail d’Anvers

  2. Self Blue d’Anvers hen

    Self Blue d’Anvers hen

  3. C

    Roos Free to a Good Home! Lavender Orpington and Lavender x Ameraucana - VA

    We have 5 roos to re-home! One is a pure Lavender Orpington. He is about 1.5 years old. The other 4 are his offspring and crossed with Ameraucana (different hens). Two of the 4 have the fluffy cheeks and 2 do not.
  4. MamaBirds_Quail

    Lavender? silver? Snowie? help me ID this weirdo!

    My kid called this one Dal, here she is as a hatchling (she’s the loud mouth in the back) When she started growing feathers: 3 weeks, next to an Egyptian and Tibetan (disregard their tomato!) a different breeder suggested she was a Pearl at this point. And now at almost 6 weeks 🤯🤩 her...
  5. sapseason

    Silver ducklings from Buff Orpingtons

    Unfortunately, the last couple of ducklings from a failed clutch were found in the coop this morning. Projected hatch date was in a couple of days. Parents are Buff Orpingtons and they have no contact with other ducks. What's really interesting is that both ducklings were pure silver. Last...
  6. 1Crzychknlady

    Wyandotte pullet or cockerel?

    I have a lavender Wyandotte that’s about 7 1/2 weeks old. Pullet or cockerel? I am thinking it’s a cockerel but not totally convinced.
  7. 1Crzychknlady

    Help me with my Lavender Wyandotte - 5 weeks old

    Here are some updated photos of my lavender Wyandotte who is 5 weeks old tomorrow. Any guesses or help on his/her sex? There isn’t much comb growth since the 3 week photo but it has gotten more color at the top and the wattles are getting some color. I can’t have a rooster where we live and we...
  8. C

    Crowing pullet or cockerel?

    This 13 week old lavender orpington has started crowing! Apparently this is rare so maybe she is a he?
  9. C

    Help sexing chicks: lavender Orpington and polish

    Hi! I need help sexing my three new chicks: lavender bantam Orpington, mottled polish and white polish, all 4 weeks old. Thanks!
  10. meepANDpeep

    What color would you say these chicks are? Blue or Lavender?

    I have both blue and lavender genetics in my flock. As well as mottling/mille fleur (porcelain). I know it’s hard at this stage and I went through it once before with my now blue hen. I just want people’s best guesses 🙂 I’m too impatient to wait for them to grow out to guess hahaha
  11. Bethanyann2515

    Chick from local feed store. Wondering breed?

    So we brought home 2 lavender Orpingtons from my brother's farm. Unfortunately, there was an accident and we lost one. I have a 6 year old autistic step son who would be devastated if he found out.. I ran to the local feed store and purchased this little guy because it was grey in color and he...
  12. RAB

    ISO lavender orpingtons

    I am looking for 3 lavender orpington chicks/pullets from show quality stock. I know lavender is not an official variety. I would consider straight runs depending on the drive, price, etc. Considering driving up to 2 hours one way. I am in southeast MO, my zip code is 63755.
  13. meepANDpeep

    Wonder if this is a blue or self-blue lavender silkie chick

    I got this chick from a mixed color pen where there are 8 hens and 6 roos. Both BBS (andalusian) and Lavender lines are in the pen. This chick that I got was darker (a lot) than the obvious splashes and than the one lavender that was for sure a lavender that was in the mix, but was lighter (a...
  14. Z

    Little Lavender Orpington - Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hi everyone! I’m new here, but this website has helped us SO MUCH with raising our first baby chicks. We have six girls (I think)! A lavender orpington, a silver laced wyandotte, a buff, a cinnamon queen and two Easter eggers. I’m curious about my little lavender, Lottie. She’s had this comb...
  15. K

    Which rooster should I keep?

    I have two Lavender Orpington roosters and one needs to go. I want to keep the one that will be best for breeding and both are not people aggressive so that isn’t a problem. We had some wind last night that blew open the door separating the roosters and they fought so that’s why they look beat...
  16. Z

    ISO: Lavender Bearded Silkie Eggs!!

    I’ve been looking for a dozen lavender silkie eggs and need them shipped to north georgia!! Any offers are welcome, thanks. Pic for attention!
  17. LindsaykayeBollinger

    Picture posting and sharing of Cochin Bantams! Show off your beautiful birds!!!😍

    Hello, I keep cochin bantams And I’d love to see some pics of some other Cochin bantams!
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