1. V

    Chick head stuck down

    My first chick just hatched about 30 minutes ago and he keeps trying to stand up, but his head is stuck tucked down and keeps making him fall over. Is this normal?
  2. T

    Help x this little1s right side looks wrong

    He hatched yday and iv noticed his right side of body looks different to left, his eye swollen alil but his wing looks thinner and sitting out differently plus his leg at the back, hes strong and gettin around any help???? And also the other 1 that hatched a day before him still struggle to lift...
  3. A

    Baby chick can't hold neck up or himself. Weird liquid came out and his mom pulled it.

    Hi! This little guy hatched from under its mother one hour earlier. It seemed that the hen was pecking the egg to help it come out and we were watching as it came out. However, when it did, it had a little yellow sack attached which the hen started devouring it, and it seemed that it kinda...
  4. MrGrit

    Lethargic chicken with bent neck

    Five month old rhoad island red hen started laying 2 weeks ago , just started showing signs of being lethargic has a bent neck in an S curve, head is staying upright, clear mucus in mouth, no mucus in nose, no crusty nose, eyes are clear, comb is normal, not eating not drinking, looks around...
  5. K

    Large wound on hens neck***WARNING PHOTO***

    It’s going on 4 days now since 4 of my hens were attacked, 3 of which died. The one that survived has a large open wound on the back of her neck. I’m pretty sure I interrupted whatever animal it was that was attacking my hens because the bodies were still warm and one was still alive. I...
  6. K

    2.5 week old duck, abnormal poop, lethargic

    My duck is 2.5 weeks old. Having trouble walking. One leg isn’t working. Cannot support its own weight for more than a few steps. It has been eating and drinking, but it has taken convincing to get it to. It also has a very tight neck. It’s poop is pretty inconsistent to say exactly what type of...
  7. M

    Impacted Crop, Marek's Disease, Predator Attack or Something Else Entirely?

    I am concerned about bumps these chicks have on their wings and a large lump they each have on the same sides of their neck/shoulder. One of them has a bottom that looks very red as well. I have only had them in my care for a couple of hours. I am unsure how sick they maybe or if I can nurse...
  8. C

    Soft lump on chick's throat, full of bubbles?

    We have a ten day old male chick with a lump on his throat. We thought it was his crop to start with, but now it is soft and squishy and kind of bothers him when you touch it. I've attached the best photo I could get. The skin over it has no feathers or fluff and is really thin, and I can see...
  9. Littleanimalcollector

    Chick with tucked neck?

    I’ve noticed one of my chicks holds her neck tucked in slightly further than the other chicks. It doesn’t seem to affect eating drinking or her normal life, but I am wondering if it might just be a hatch defect or so thing she’ll grow out of. Here’s a picture:
  10. Sophie-lou

    Wry neck!! Please help!! Indian runner duckling

    Hi there, I'm new to hatching and have just hatched 3 Indian runner ducklings. One of them has a crooked neck. It's not as bad as some of the pictures I have seen and he/she is able to drink and eat on there own. I have ordered some vitamin D infant drops, which have vitamin D3, Vitamin E and...
  11. jennkretz

    Chicken Stretching Neck Funny and Shaking Head

    Hi all! Sorry in advance for the long post, but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! We have a Buff Orpington Hen (about 3 years old) - who has been stretching her neck funny and shaking her head for the last couple of days (I think I noticed this Friday PM or Saturday AM)...
  12. astrickler

    Lethargic duckling with neck contracted against body

    I have an approximately 6 week old pekin duckling. She was perfectly fine yesterday. Today her neck is contracted against her body and she seems pretty lethargic. I tried extending her neck and she almost acted as if she was in pain. I’ve tried getting her into a vet but nobody can get her in...
  13. Cyber

    Baby Trapped In Mother's Feathers

    One of our Silkies, Emperor, recently had four babies, and due to the cold right now where we live, we decided to keep them inside. This morning when I checked on them, one of our babies had gotten completely stuck in their mother's feathers. It took quite a while to get them unstuck. Last time...
  14. S

    Help! What's wrong with my goose?

    Yesterday my goose was perfectly normal. Today I got home from work and she seems to have a very crooked neck. What's wrong with her, and what do I do?
  15. C

    Duckling with lump on neck

    A little over a week ago I got a new batch of ducklings that were 2 days old. I can't tell which one it is, but its either a Welsh harlequin, or buff duck and she had two huge lumps in her neck. One above her chest and one below her beak. I took her to the vet and they drained the lumps and...
  16. Pugerpillar

    Bald spot on chicks crop

    My 3 day old chick has a bald spot on their crop. I've noticed that their crop looked like it was tilted a little to the right a few days ago and now it's balding, does anyone knows why this is? I was a little worried at first because the last time I saw a slight bump on the side of a baby...
  17. P

    Ducking laying down with neck out... normal??

    Is it normal for ducklings to lay like this??
  18. Serafin

    My Chicken is Twisting Her Neck and Seizing.

    So, my two year old chicken went blind about six months ago after hitting her head. I was taking care of her, she was eating and drinking on her own, but still had head injury because of that. Well, about three weeks ago she flew out of the grazing pen that I would leave her in so she could...
  19. J

    Josie Joe

    I live in Panama. I started to have chicken for eggs and for eating. Now, since almost one year, I became (almost) vegan so my chicken are my pets now. I refuse to give them to anyone because here they will make a soup out of them. I want them to live a long happy life. I think they deserve it...
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