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  1. chickenbritt5908

    Nesting boxes - broody hens - dumb question?

    It just occurred to me that I have a couple different girls that are likely to become broody. They’re still pullets until Summer but my question is about my nesting boxes - just in case one or two do happen to wanna be mamas. I have 12 boxes that are stacked and off the ground. If someone were...
  2. 5FA17A9D-5C4B-46C9-86F6-CA75D2223273


  3. M

    New layers, confused on where to lay?

    Hi all! So i have a mixed flock of 8 chickens and 4 ducks. Everyone just started laying and a lot of them are doing so good laying in the nesting boxes. I have two that will not which is odd. They all share a coop and backyard. One (I think my sapphire gem) likes to lay on the floor but only...
  4. Eggs In Straw

    Eggs In Straw

  5. spiritpots

    Chickens kicking out straw of nesting boxes

    I hope someone can give me some insight into why my chickens keep removing the straw from their nesting boxes, which they have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I have three 18 month old chickens who are currently not laying (they just finished molting and we only have 9-1/2 hours of...
  6. K

    Can an old coop become a nest box?

    I adopted two buff orpington chicks from someone who was about to get rid of them, and couldn't bear that thought, but had (and have) no idea how to raise them. They were probably about three or four weeks old at the time. I would guess they are about 24 weeks old now. Anyway, when I first got...
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    How do I make a chicken coop?

    How do I make a chicken coop? Does anyone have any ideas how to make a simple or cheap chicken coop? I’m looking for cheap or homemade chicken coop ideas. I have 4 chickens currently I’m planning to get more in the future so if anyone has nice ideas please let me know. Thanks for reading.
  8. sunraysia

    Hens sleeping in nesting boxes

    Hi all, I have 2 hens who have started laying and a younger chicken who I think is about to start laying (they're all around 22-24 weeks). About a week or two ago I started to notice poop in their nesting boxes, and this morning I found their eggs with a bit of poop on them (Yikes!). Today I...
  9. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Help! Chickens Eating Eggs!

    4 out of 7 of our pullets have started laying. 3 of the 4 have learned to use the nesting boxes, no problem. They each lay brown eggs, which are always left in the nesting boxes, untouched. The 4th pullet, our EE "Darla," seems confused about laying in the boxes and leaves her white eggs in the...
  10. G

    Sand in coop

    So purchased contractors sand and have been using it in the coop for 4 no the now this was the sand that was recommended by so many even threw these feeds but my chickens seem to kick up so much dust in there at night when they are all trying to get situated and when I rake out the sand it gets...
  11. Muscovy-palooza

    Advice please! Should I move Muscovy hens nest?

    I have a muscovy that has been nesting in a box that is elevated 2' off the ground. Two of the three eggs have hatched. I am afraid that the two are going to get curious and active and fall out of the nest and get hurt or not be able to get back to their momma. I think they hatched yesterday...
  12. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Nesting boxes

    we have too identical nesting boxes, but all 3 chickens will ONLY use what’s come to be called the “preferred nesting box”. So, every morning/afternoon there’s a bunch of squabbling over that one box because they all have to lay at the same time. Just wondering if there is any way to get them to...
  13. LunaMarieWolf

    Nesting Box where Eggs Roll out?

    I have a question. I have seen the nesting boxes where the eggs roll down into a collection bin at the front of the nesting boxes, but do they have any where the eggs roll to the back? So if I was to hook it into a coop and cut out a hole for the back of the collection area, then not even have...
  14. M

    Logistics of chicks for my broody hen

    I have a small coop with only one nesting box. We have a hen whose gone broody and id like to get her some chicks. Problem is that we only have one box so our other hens still lay their eggs in the box while the broody hen goes down to eat/drink. The other problem is that the box is high up. I...
  15. HendricksonHomestead

    Duck Nesting Boxes & Pond Questions

    I have 2 swedish blue ducks that are 6 weeks old now. I have them in with my chickens and I plan to keep them in the coop with my chickens as they get older. I would like to free range my ducks and let them spend their time during the day in my big pond...I'm wondering if I should be worried...
  16. F

    No access to nesting boxes

    so I snuck a lone chick under a broody hen last night and closed the top part of the coop off from the other four hens (where the nesting boxes are.) I don’t trust my four hens with the new baby in the coop especially while I’m not home, as mamas nest is in the box they all love to lay in (of...
  17. R

    Japanese quails- help!

    A few days ago I received 3 female quail which I very highly suspect one is a male! I’ve never owned or raised quails so forgive me if some of my questions seem silly! We were told they will be fine in a small chicken coop so we purchased one that has a lockable hutch that has a ramp going into...
  18. msmeg26

    Nesting box that opens from the back vs top?

    Anyone have a picture of how they did such a thing?? Coop will be raised 30" off the ground.. Roughly the full height of my 2yr old. My 4yr old will most likely want to collect eggs and help-- so I thought opening nesting boxes from the "back" of them vs something that lifts up "top" may be...
  19. ChickenGirl.Cluck

    Nesting boxes? how many per chicken?!

    Hello peepers! I need help! I am thinking about getting 3 more hens, and don't know how many nesting boxes I need to have! another thing too I'm getting 2 blue silkies in march that will be old enough to be outside but with 3 coming this week and/or month and 2 later this year I don't know how...
  20. Brahmachicken240

    Hen in nesting box, Contest Ends 1st of Feb 2019

    Post a pic of your chicken/chickens In the nesting box 3 photos max Example: Breed: blue buff columbian Brahma Pullet/cockerel: pullet Age: 8 months Name: Isabella No prizes this is just a fun/friendly little contest. You can enter 1/2/3 photos of the same chicken or 1/2/3 photos of...
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