nesting boxes

  1. spiritpots

    Chickens kicking out straw of nesting boxes

    I hope someone can give me some insight into why my chickens keep removing the straw from their nesting boxes, which they have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I have three 18 month old chickens who are currently not laying (they just finished molting and we only have 9-1/2 hours of...
  2. Relleoms

    Winterizing a metal nesting box?

    Any suggestions how best to winterize a metal nesting box? Can I use a radiant heat source to conduct heat to the rest of the unit to take off the edge? I’m not looking to keep eggs from freezing necessarily, just make it a bit more comfortable for my girls to lay in. I currently have feed bags...
  3. BigBlueHen53

    How Many Nesting Boxes Needed?

    I have 21 chickens and 2 roos (well, a cockerel and a roo). Thirteen are pullets at POL and seven Edit: change that to six, sorry, are older, with the youngest being two years old. Of the older hens I get three or four eggs a day, but I'm reasonably certain none of them lay every day. So my...
  4. R

    Nesting Concerns

    I have free range chickens on over 1/4 acre. They have a separate coop to roost and a shed to nest in. My pullets have just started laying in their area of the coop. They began integrating with the older hens a week ago. When I moved the nesting boxes to the shed before the pullets were...
  5. D

    First eggs!

    16 weeks in, we have the first two egg laying chickens! LuBu our Asian Black and Henny Penny our Speckled Sussex have given us eggs two days in a row. They’re beautiful! Now, I have decoy eggs in nest boxes but they’ve got a nest in a corner they built. Do I put a nest box where they made a...
  6. Christopher28fair

    Nesting box habits

    No matter how many chickens you have, if you have three nesting boxes, at some point at least two hens will crowd into one box.
  7. BethanyH

    Egg Incubation Question

    I have a two part question. The 1st is: I have two broody hens sharing a clutch of mixed eggs. It has been 21 days today and there are no signs of pipping yet. Do eggs sometimes take more than the 21 days to hatch? I had two roos and pretty sure they were fertile. I haven't been able to candle...
  8. DMJ1123

    Chickens roosting on the blocked nesting boxes

    My five week old chicks moved to the coop this past weekend. As many recommended, I blocked off the three nesting boxes with some extra egg cartons and folded pieces of cardboard (made sure to go higher than the nesting box dividers). Well apparently they enjoy roosting on those rather than the...
  9. Fatherdowling

    Nesting box curtains installed today

    I finally had the time to make the curtains for my chicken's nesting boxes, I went with pink flowers to bright up the coop.
  10. Jadecinadr96

    New Member!

    Hello everyone, my name is Jade! I am a new member here. My boyfriend and I bought a home in the city a few months back. We have a large yard and an even larger Chicken Coop that we are grandfathered into having on our property. Photo included. :) We are very exciting to begin having chickens...
  11. Sacri

    building interior nesting boxes

    Building my first chicken coop. We are going with interior nesting boxes with exterior hatch. To frame this out do I need to use a larger beam as a header?
  12. analyticalblonde

    Nesting Boxes sitting on North/South/East/West?

    I have purchased an integrated coop with run... and would like to know which way I should place the nesting boxes? Facing East - morning sun Facing North - shaded Facing West - afternoon, hot! sun during...
  13. D

    Never-before-chicken-mom needs coop advice

    My husband and I got 4 chicks that are still in our brooder. We need to decide on a coop design soon. As a plumber, my hubby thinks he can build anything out of PVC and conduit, and IMHO he is pretty darn ingenious with the stuff. Does anyone have any PVC plans that they could share? Also...
  14. msmeg26

    Nesting box that opens from the back vs top?

    Anyone have a picture of how they did such a thing?? Coop will be raised 30" off the ground.. Roughly the full height of my 2yr old. My 4yr old will most likely want to collect eggs and help-- so I thought opening nesting boxes from the "back" of them vs something that lifts up "top" may be...
  15. imneva

    Finally posting current Coop pics

    The Ladies are stubborn. Still sleeping on the bunk bed ladders and shelf instead of roost bar. Oh my bad 1 of my Favolles enjoys having it all to herself. I switched my nest boxes (which were those big buckets from Lowes) to rubber tubs that they ❤️love. They prefer the ones on the floor and...
  16. imneva

    Sooooo got my 2nd egg now for some ??

    here are my dumb questions . My 2 eggs are slightly different sizes and color. So #1 would they be from different chickens or could the same chicken lay them both. #2 they are laying them on the floor in a corner beside a nesting box I put down after the last egg was on the floor. Sooooo how...
  17. Nest Boxes 101

    Nest Boxes 101

    Roosters crow but the hen delivers, eggs that is! Nest boxes sure can make our lives easier when it comes to collecting eggs. Egg hunting can be fun once a year at Easter time but who wants to go digging around on a daily basis in corners of the coop and bedding, outside under every bush or...
  18. TheGreenManFarm

    Ducks Using Nesting Boxes?

    Ok, so I moved my 7 ducks & 42 chickens into the same house at Halloween. I built a row of nesting boxes on one wall, including a row along the floor because hey, why waste the space? Turns out the chickens LOVE the floor-corner nesting box... some days to the exclusion of all the others haha...
  19. vintageozarks

    After 11 long years, I now have 7 chickens again. So I'm back!

    In 2008 I had to give up my little chicken family (Rocky the Rooster, Marilyn Monroe (his favorite Leghorn), the Twins, Flower Topper (ate the tops off my flowers), and more. I still feel a twinge in my heart after all these years because I'd sit for hours just watching my babies free range in...
  20. RustyBucketFarmGirl

    Nesting boxes

    My pullets are 12 and a half weeks now. When i built their 12x8 coop in the back of our shed i chose not to put the nest boxes in yet. I had read many places that breaking the habit of sleeping in then was very hard. And since they still love to sleep in a pile i figured that a nesting box would...