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  1. DClopein

    Tips For Introducing Younger Chicks To An Established Flock??

    Hello. 👋 I recently got 2 Polish Chickens. 😃 They are around 10 or 12 weeks old & right now I have them in their own separate pen right up against the big coop so they can all get usto seeing each other. I was curious as to what you do to safely introduce younger chickens to an already...
  2. A

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicks!

    Today my dad and I were out at Tractor Supply running some errands. We didn’t expect there to be chicks there so late in the season, but there were over a dozen left in one container. One guy bought 10 since his flock of chickens are older and no longer laying. We started talking a Our flock is...
  3. S

    Flock Integration Advice

    Hi there! I’m new to this site so please forgive me if this has already been asked a million times. I will be integrating four pullets into my flock of four this weekend. I’m doing the “look but don’t touch” method. My questions are these: 1) Once I integrate the new pullets, will they know to...
  4. Hnowlin12

    Vaxed and no -vaxed??? And new to flock?

    Question(s)… we have 2 8wk old seramas that were vaccinated for Merricks when they were just born from the farm we purchased them from. We are now getting 2 more seramas to add to our flock who are not vaccinated and a few weeks older. (Maybe 3-6?) Anything we should be worried for/look out...
  5. 5

    Please Advise! Keeping New Members in a Dog Crate?

    So I have three Pullets in an enclosure within my chicken run, to try to acclimate them to my older flock. My flock usually free range, however, I wanted them to get to know their new flock mates, instead of avoiding them, when they free range. My question is this: How long can I expect to...
  6. 5

    🐓🐓Flock Integration Advice

    Hello chicken enthusiasts! Back in April, I was only able to get two barred rock (due to some specific circumstances). I had them in the run for a few weeks, so that they would know that it was their home and such. My older flock, free ranges and would come and go from the run as they would...
  7. J

    Introduce new chick/ens to flock issues, and roo trying to breed underage new hen

    Hi so I'm having issues with introducing my 2 new chicks to the flock. For reference my original flock is made of all silkies and has my roo and hen and then they have 5, 14 week old chicks. So since their chicks are 14 weeks already and I can already see some of them are roos I decided that it...
  8. W

    New Hens - How to check for illness?

    Hello everyone! 🐥 We’re adopting 3 x 1.5 year old hens from a friend who has too many eggs to manage. We already have 4 hens raised from chicks that are 2 years old. We will be doing a 1-2 week long quarantine in side-by-side fenced runs, and all hens will sleep in our coop which is open concept...
  9. B

    A very successful hatch!

    Say hello to my new baby silkies! We successfully hatched 5 out of 6 eggs (one was still drying in the bator during this photo shoot following an assisted hatch) This was our second attempt this year after losing 8 eggs last time- 6 of which made it to lockdown. Needless to say we are very happy:)
  10. F

    Newly bought 6 wk Chick with major butt hole issues!

    I haven’t taken any pictures but if you all want/need some then I can do that! I bought two Polish pullets on Tuesday that are supposed to be 8week old runts. The person told me the only thing wrong with them was that they were growing slow so I didn’t mind growing them up. I get them home and...
  11. J

    I’m so new here

    How do I handle my old bird’s new chicks? Will the old bedmates still be welcomed? Do they fight? What can I expect? Will I need a second coop?
  12. MenachemEliyahu

    New additions

    I got some Rhode Island Red chicks on Friday. A few is going to family but we’re keeping 5. I was planning to build a holding pen for them in the coop so they’ll interact safely with the existing chickens, but my plans fell through yesterday and now the weather is not cooperating.
  13. Chxlove

    Introducing new pullets to current flock of pullets

    Still very new to the backyard chicken game. Our current mini flock of 4 pullets and 1 cockerel is between 5 and 6 weeks old. My husband and I then got our coop and run ready and realized how much space we really have and were thinking of adding more girls. There is a swap coming up next...
  14. 4Urbanchix

    New 6 week old chick?

    I’m not sure yet, but I have been considering getting another 6 week old pullet. All of mine are currently 6 weeks and have been raised together. How could I introduce it to the flock?(I will make sure they are the same age)
  15. amynw

    New adopted chicken

    Hello everyone. I seem to always have my hands full with caring/fostering animals. This time, I've adopted one. She was a victim of a coop attack and her sisters were all killed, she only made it by somehow getting out in the midst of the chaos and she was on their porch when they arrived home...
  16. A

    Chicken not friendly to new chickens

    Hi, We’ve had chickens for almost 2 yrs now. Throughout that time, we’ve lost a few and were left with one, who happened to be the “leader” of the flock. The day she lost her sister we immediately went and picked up 3 new ones of the same or similar age to keep her company. The 3 new ones are...
  17. Backyard Dacks

    Retroactive Integration?

    Hello! I recently traded out two of the five flock members for two new ones (females) who are quite a bit smaller than the remaining three (also females). I know there are rules for integrating new flock members safely so that they do not get bullied, however, I was in quite a rush when these...
  18. K

    Rooster aggressive towards new hen

    So I have this cochin banty I've had for about 3 years now. I raised him from a chick and he's been nothing but sweet and gentle and has excepted every new hen for about 3 gens of chickens. But yesterday my neighbour gave me a new hen after the rest of his were eaten by raccoons. I introduced...
  19. Cocohens

    New members of flock..

    Hi all, Unfortunately I had 3 hens die that past week or so of gapeworm! Horrendous! I have two healthy girls left and want to get them 2 or 3 more friends.. they have a large coop and large run and I usually let them out to free range everyday. I don’t have any other coops or enclosed spaces...
  20. SOlace30

    pecking order in tractor coop

    I have few full grow australop who over course of the year had their caruncle peck away. I have 5 new pullets going into tractor coop. was wondering if I get the australop and put it in with the new pullets would that be good idea. Not sure since she is in the lowest in pecking would she remain...
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