1. E

    Ducklings hatched with Yolk not fully absorbed.

    I had a time crawling all over internet articles that pertain to ducklings and chicks hatching with their yolks not being fully absorbed. Which seems to be surprisingly rare. This may sometimes occur when the duckling/chick is premature. All of the articles I came across had rather sad...
  2. M

    Long skinny poop

    Hi All Thank you for this awesome site. I have had many of my wondering answered here and on need to ask my own question. There was a thread about this (long skinny poop) elsewhere but it seemed to come to an end with minimal contribution and no apparent resolution so I have started another...
  3. ChickenCowboy02

    Solved I can't post pictures!

    Hello BYC team, me again! So I was wondering why can't I upload any photos? I just get an error message saying: the uploaded file ran out of extensions, or something along those lines. I did all that it said to do. Thanks for your help!
  4. BaddestChickenboy

    Help. Is this Pure Orpingtons?

    The roos have a little yellow on their wings, im not really sure if its pure orps
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