1. CayugaMama

    Sick Quarantined Pullets

    Two weeks ago, I bought 3 pullets from a friend. I have them quarantined in a separate coop from my existing flock, about 20 yds away for 1 month. When I got them, I noticed they seemed to have irregular BMs. They were showing some of the signs of Coccidiosis, so I treated them with Corid. I...
  2. L

    Assorted Bantams

    Hello chicken friends! My family just got our second flock going. We have 6 pullets (2 gold sex link, 2 Columbian Wyandottes, 2 big all grey ones ?) and we picked two out of the assorted bantam bin at TSC. The employee said the ones with the heaviest eyeliner were more likely to be pullets. I’m...
  3. PioneerChicks

    Old English Game Bantams

    I thought I'd start a new chat thread for OEGBs (Old English Game bantams). I love chatting about these spunky little birds! Here are a couple pictures of Enna and Finn, my Spangled OEGB pair.
  4. HeatherKellyB

    Free Ranging Bantam Breeds

    I have had LF chickens for a little over a year. I added a few silkies and bantam cochin 11 months ago and other than their size, there hasn't been much difference in free ranging/keeping them. This past March I added a flock of OEGBs, Japanese Bantam, Booted Bantam, and Pyncheon chicks. They've...
  5. lps1215

    What breed is this hen?

    Hello! I was given this hen by someone who wasn't able to take care of it any longer and I'm thinking she may be an OEGB? All I know is that she was purchased around 3 years ago at TSC. She has crossbeak as I do not plan on hatching out any of her eggs because my main focus is seramas and...
  6. A

    Bantam OEGBs?

    I got 6 chicks out of the TSC assorted bantam bin. One is a golden seabright and I am thinking the other 5 are OEGBs. One is solid white and the other four have similar color patterns but 2 more gray and 2 more brown. Also, one of each color has a pretty prominent comb coming in. Can anyone...
  7. reddirtbirds

    OEGB x Large fowl?

    I’m thinking about starting a small breeding project. My end goal would be something with the hardiness, personality, and smarts of OEGB, but larger in size (still smaller than average large fowl), larger eggs, and less aggressive roosters. The first two chickens I got were OEGB mixed with some...
  8. TopazMaster91

    OEGB - broodiness, personality, egg-laying, maturity?

    I have (among other bantams and LF) a self-blue OEGB girl who is roughly 15 weeks old, and after scouring these forums for information, I've finally given in and created this thread specifically to ask OEGB keepers for some information: Roughly when do the pullets mature and start laying eggs...
  9. kristin06

    What color would the babies be?

    if these two reproduced what color might the offspring be?
  10. Chr2241130

    Lame chicken with head retracted and puffed feathers

    I have an OEGB that has been less active/ alert the past 2 days. Today she is staying in one spot for the most part, her head is pulled in and she keeps closing her eyes. She doesn't show any trouble breathing (yet). She hasn't been eating much either. I am unsure what I should do. :/
  11. DeanBaugh

    2020 4h projects

    I’m in 4h and I’m looking to narrow down my breeds I also show at a few local shows i have Chickens 7 Cochins bantams 2 OEGB 5 silkies 1 Wyandotte bantam 1 Dutch bantam cross 1 Ayam Cemani 10 layers Ducks 2 call ducks 1 pekin 1 silver appleyard I’m really enjoying the Cochins silkies oegb...
  12. Blazegglo

    Found a nest of egg

    Ok so the last couple days my oegb has been m.i.a... Ill see her for a few mins and then shes gone again and i can find her. Well she came back today and so i got her and put her in the chicken coop and latched it shut cause shes tiny and i thought maybe one of my other chickens was messing with...
  13. Blazegglo

    Oegb egg laying age?

    My oegb is about 21 weeks. When can i expect her to start laying eggs?:idunno
  14. M

    Silver Duckwing or Golden Duckwing chick?

    Hi, this is my first year breeding and hatching oegb bantam chicks. This sweetie is 5 days old and I'm trying to decide if it's silver or golden duckwing. I bred a silver duckwing roo over a BBR hen. To my understanding all the silver duckwings from this cross would be pullets and the Golden's...
  15. Jamiebertone

    Cockerels - Old English Game Bantam, English Orpington, Silkie

    I have several cockerels available. $5 each. Covington Georgia. Willing to travel up to an hour for $10 per bird. Blue Splash English Orpington- 3 months Black Silkie - 3 months Lemon Blue Old English Game Bantam - month and a half Lemon Blue Spangled Old English Game Bantam - month and a half
  16. Jamiebertone

    Cockerels Available- English Orpington, Old English Game Bantam, and Silkie

    I have several cockerels available. $5 each. Covington Georgia. Willing to travel up to an hour for $10 per bird. Blue Splash English Orpington- 3 months Black Silkie - 3 months Lemon Blue Old English Game Bantam - month and a half Lemon Blue Spangled Old English Game Bantam - month and a half
  17. ChickenLeg

    WEST TN 4sale: Silkies, Crele OEBG, & Dominique bantams

    I have 10 BBS silkies, pet quality, 11 weeks old. 6 females, 4 males. $80 for all. 5 Crele OEGB pullets, pet quality, 11 weeks old. $40 for all 5. 8 Dominique bantams, pet quality, 11 weeks old. $60 for all 8. I have some LF Black and white ameraucana cockerels, 10 weeks old. $5 each, or...
  18. ChickenLeg

    SOP Crele OEGB Color Standard?

    I have purchased 12 straight run crele oegb. Reseults: 10 females & 2 males. Does anyone have show quality photos of crele oegb? I really need to understand whats desired in females, but advice for males is welcome. I only have 2 males to choose from so I'm not too concerned with them atm...
  19. Luvs2pugs


    I ordered 2 silver duckwing and 2 black breasted oegb. straight run was only option. This is what i received. I can't find any oegb photos of solid colored chicks online . Are the gray and yellow chicks old english babies? Also i would love to know ur thoughts on gender. There is so much...
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