1. DavisHenitentiary

    Cough and lethargy? 🥺

    Hey all, one of my young Orpington hens started having a weird cough today and has been rather lethargic. Her couch sounds like a rubber chicken or that big blue bird from the Pixar short (I can’t post a video) She has no runny nose and has been eating and drinking fine. She also breathes a...
  2. G

    8 week Orpington make or female

    Hi all! I have an almost 8 week old Orpington. And I wanted to see if you all could tell if it is a male or female?
  3. M


    Hi there. I am new to the group. I Started with chickens one year ago and have 13 laying hens, one rooster, and hatched 12 baby chicks in an incubator this spring! We have Rhode Island red, ISA Brown, americauna, Buff Orpington, and six week old Lavender Orpington, cream crested legbar, Golden...
  4. Bethanyann2515

    Chick from local feed store. Wondering breed?

    So we brought home 2 lavender Orpingtons from my brother's farm. Unfortunately, there was an accident and we lost one. I have a 6 year old autistic step son who would be devastated if he found out.. I ran to the local feed store and purchased this little guy because it was grey in color and he...
  5. VirginiaFarmerGirl

    Buff Orpingtons

    Hi Y’all! I am doing a project and I could use a little help. I need to do in depth research on Buff Orpingtons, if y’all could share any good articles or videos that go into the breed. It can be anything from Random facts about the breed to a complete history of how the breed came to be. Also...
  6. Z

    English Chocolate Orpingtons and a Dun Gene?

    I have been hatching chocolate chicks from my chocolate roo and hen and I have what seems to be a light, medium, and dark variation. It's clearly three color variations. I've recently been told about the possibility of a dun gene. I'm new to chickens and I need to see pics and learn more about...
  7. R

    3 week old BO cockerels?

    Hi all :frow I currently have 7 BO chicks and am noticing some differences between some. I have 4 that have basically no tail feathers yet (just little pin feathers starting), and appear to stand taller than the others. The other 3 have 2-3 inch tails, and seem almost "fuller" when it comes to...
  8. R

    Orpington Hen With Crop Issues. Gas in Crop Today. (Been Observing for Two Weeks. Long Post.)

    My darling Pomona (lavender Orpington hen, a little over two years old) has been having crop issues that we've been observing for two weeks, with a vet visit in between. We don't know what's going on, and would appreciate some guidance. I've written all our observations for background, but...
  9. Swinneg

    These aren’t buff orpington chicks right?

    Hello! I bought three “buff orpingtons” pullets at my local farm store about a week and a half ago and as they’re feathering out I’m starting to think that they might be something different.... any guesses on breed or gender? first up is Parmesan who is very yellow/creamy with these new...
  10. RAB

    ISO lavender orpingtons

    I am looking for 3 lavender orpington chicks/pullets from show quality stock. I know lavender is not an official variety. I would consider straight runs depending on the drive, price, etc. Considering driving up to 2 hours one way. I am in southeast MO, my zip code is 63755.
  11. B

    Ladies or Gents? 4-6weeks old, no idea what sex

    Hello!!! Our first ever chickens and we know nothing at all about sexing chicks. Lol. We were told all were hens, but the two isabels were too young to guess. There are 6 of these little cuties, each photo is a different chick. Can you help us guess as to what we have? We aren’t allowed...
  12. LizzzyJo

    For Sale: 2-year old Buff Orpington - $20

    Hi All, I am thinning my flock and have a 2 year old (born march 2019) buff orpington for sale. She is friendly and healthy (vaccinated for Merek's). She's a bit at the bottom of the totem pole. I just have too many brown egg layers and limited space. Her name is Havana Emilio Esteves. But you...
  13. Clappmeg

    7 Week Old Orpington Shuffles

    Hi all, I received 4 lavender orpington chicks from Meyer Hatchery the first week of February. All 15 chicks arrived healthy and were doing well until I noticed one was not growing as fast as the others. She is now about half the size of the rest and sort of hobbles when she walks, almost like...
  14. EmmaRainboe

    Buff Orpington Rant thread!

    DISCLAIMER: This is a thread for you to put everything you hate about buff Orpingtons. Please keep all BO hate in this thread and do not carry it elsewhere. This is for anyone who hates buff Orpingtons to rant about them. This is strictly BUFF Orps. Not Orpingtonss in general. Though I don’t...
  15. Chirpy_Girl

    Orpington pullet or roo??!!!

  16. K

    Ameraucana Hens x Buff Orpington Rooster

    I’m planning on hatching out some chicks that are out of a white Ameraucana and two wheaten Ameraucanas, they are being covered by a buff Orpington rooster. What would eggs look like and has anyone tried this combo and have pictures of grow outs? Thanks in advance!
  17. A

    Injured Orpington rooster

    Hi everyone, my two Orpington roosters suddenly started to fight last week. When I got home after work there were feathers everywhere and they were still going at it! I separated them and my favourite- the lemon cuckoo just stood in the field not moving. The blue seemed fine other than minor...
  18. SmithBrosChicks

    Very sick orpington - Kidney failure? Please advise!

    My beautiful buff orpington, Debbie, is very sick. We have seen the vet three times and I'm providing 24/7 care, but she is still struggling. Her symptoms are: pale comb, impaired vision (eyes appear normal), occasional panting, puffed feathers, watery diarrhea with bright green bits, lack of...
  19. Chirpy_Girl

    Orpington pullet or Roo??

    Can you help me work out if this is a pullet or roo? It’s 12 weeks old, has started getting slight red patches on the face, and loves to chest bump the other chickens.
  20. N

    7 week old Lavender Orpington

    Please help sex this little 🤞 hopefully🤞 hen, thank you :)
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