1. V

    Do you have B.O. x Light Sussex?

    We have a couple of buff Orpington x light Sussex pullets . Just wondering what their eggs will look like. Anyone out thrrr have any?
  2. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Looking to buy gold buff orp

    Does anyone know of a hatchery that can sell a single sexed gold buff Orpington?
  3. Pufna

    Jubilee x Buff Orpington what will I get?

    I'm considering creating a new breed so to say. I love my Jubilee orpingtons so much, Buffs too. And I was interested if by crossing them I could get something like Jubilee but for the base color to be closer to buff. Hope someone can help me and inform me if I should even try it, what are the...
  4. C

    Roos Free to a Good Home! Lavender Orpington and Lavender x Ameraucana - VA

    We have 5 roos to re-home! One is a pure Lavender Orpington. He is about 1.5 years old. The other 4 are his offspring and crossed with Ameraucana (different hens). Two of the 4 have the fluffy cheeks and 2 do not.
  5. CoopBoots

    Lemon Cuckoo Chickens: Picture Request & Reference Guide

    Hi Everyone! I'm interested in learning more specifically about the Lemon Cuckoo color pattern/type in chickens. I'd like to compile as many pictures of your Lemon Cuckoo birds as possible, along with their breed, if anyone here is interested in showing off their beautiful birds! I'll update...
  6. PrincessTee

    New to raising chicks

    Okay, so I'm completely new when it comes to raising chick's. I've done weeks of research etc but some things you just learn by doing. This leads me to ask, my chick's are about 3 days old and I can see their little feathers starting to come in. I noticed that multiple of them were almost I'm...
  7. -Olive-

    Three weeks old and already got a red comb… sus?

    Hey guys, just playing a bit here I guess 😂 but yeah, got a few three-week old (EDIT-crossbreed) buff orpingtons. One feathered up really quick compared to the other two, and now it has a comb twice the size and much more red/pink than it’s broodmates. I’ve got some (low quality) pics for you to...
  8. PrincessTee


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am completely new to chickens our first half dozen arrive August 18th (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 0 (3) What breeds do you have? we will have buff orpingtons (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising...
  9. PrincessTee

    New raising buff opringtons

    My family and I have ordered half a dozen buff orpingtons hoping to raise them for dual purpose. I have done hours of research but can't seem to find an answer to my question regarding feed. We would like our orpingtons to be layers but eventually use them at our dinner table. Are there any...
  10. T

    Chicken variety

    Hello! I’m new to backyard chicken. My husband and I live in South Carolina. Our first batch of 4 heritage birds turned out to all be roosters, so we had to rehome them. Now, We have an adult white Americauna hen and adult White Face Spanish hen. We have 10 week old Light Brahma (not sure on...
  11. Radrussie

    Orpingtons colour and breed confirmation

    I bought chocolate Orpington eggs to hatch. 3 of the eggs did hatch and this is what came out. I believe I have 1x chocolate rooster, 1x chocolate hen and 1 splash? Hen seems to light shades of brown. Also they are smaller than I expected them to be (5 months in this photo).
  12. B

    Mauve orpington rooster breeding outcomes

    Hi, I have a mauve roo and hens in these colors: mauve, splash, chocolate cuckoo, chocolate. Hoping to get a couple more, including a black one. If I keep the roo and let them do their thing, what color baby chicks would they produce?
  13. I

    Lavender Orpington - Cockerel or Pullet?

    I hatched out these two in early April, so they are about 3.5 months old. I have never had this breed before and I'm having a hard time determining what sex they are. At first I thought one cockerel and one pullet, as one of them has more of a comb than the other, and its tail feathers are...
  14. C

    Can anyone tell the sex of any of my flock or is it too early? They’re coming up on six weeks.

    Ive got a black silkie, salmon faverolle, buff and lavender orpingtons, a sapphire gem and sapphire egger, a gold laced wyandotte, silver laced polish, a cinnamon queen, and an americauna.
  15. prairiepearls

    Buff Orpington roo?

    I am back to chickens after a 5-year hiatus, now in Santa Fe, New Mexico and delighted to come back to BYC!! Bought four "pullets" at TSC in March, now about 3 1/2 months old. Yesterday this Buff Orpington made a strange crying sound a couple of times -- "she" is also larger, with larger...
  16. loyalcrowlist

    Possible deformed eye/eye socket on buff orpington pullet?

    I have a buff orpington pullet who is about 14 weeks old (maybe closer to 15) and I've noticed that her eyes are... off. I feel bad that I didn't notice this sooner and so I went back to look at some older pictures; now that I know what I'm looking for, I can see it in all the prior photos...
  17. Sadejweeney

    Hello Chicken Friends!

    I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself as I am getting back into the chicken rearing and community is everything! Hi, I'm Jade! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes and no, lol! I got my first 2 chickens when I was 5 in 2004, but I never had any chickens after...
  18. Azaia

    Confusion Over Cuckoo / Barring Genetics

    The whole chicken genetics angle is a minefield! I'm trying to work out what I will get in the F2. I call upon anyone that finds genetics a breeze! I'm looking at you @The Moonshiner et al. So here it goes: I crossed a solid blue Orpington male with a black cuckoo Orpington girl. From that...
  19. sapseason

    Silver ducklings from Buff Orpingtons

    Unfortunately, the last couple of ducklings from a failed clutch were found in the coop this morning. Projected hatch date was in a couple of days. Parents are Buff Orpingtons and they have no contact with other ducks. What's really interesting is that both ducklings were pure silver. Last...
  20. H

    Black on Buff Orpington’s Tail Feathers?

    Hey all! I have a mix of breeds, all 18 weeks old (Australorps, barred rocks, buff orpingtons) my orpingtons have black on their tail feathers (photos below) Mites? Disease? I checked and didn’t see any mites or bugs on them and I use the deep litter system for their coop so I can’t put DE in...
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