1. chickenbritt5908

    First hatched bator baby!

    My first chick has fully hatched! Another has started to pip. How exciting!
  2. K

    SHOULD I HELP!?? Chick has been piping over 48 hours?

    I have an quail egg that just seems to not want to hatch. It’s been piping over 48 hours and I’m worried that it can’t get out. I know the chick inside is still alive, and pretty active because I can see it through the hole. I know assistance is a last resort but I’m getting worried. I don’t...
  3. OneFowlMama

    Pip but no movement - shrink wrapped?

    I woke up this morning to see a pip in one of my eggs, super exciting! It looks as though it's the bubs elbow slightly sticking out of the pip hole. It's been a few hours with no movement or peeps to be heard, the humidity was at a steady 70% so I left it be. I came back inside around an hour...
  4. BokBokBaa

    Internal pip but not external?

    I set an egg on 9/9. I noticed an internal pip yesterday afternoon, I have heard a few chirps since then but there has been no progress. I've read the assisted hatch thread several times but I'm still unclear and nervous about when it's time for me to score an X to create an external pip hole...
  5. B

    mallard internal pip

    I put my 3 duck eggs in lockdown yesterday morning ( tody is day 26 of incubation). All three of them had internally pipped, and two have hatched, the last egg has not externally pipped yet. It internally pipped over 36 hours ago, and i see no movement, or hear any chirping. What should I do?
  6. Jadeann123

    Hello. First time with eggs. He/she pipped. Need some advice

    Hey everyone, first I want to thank everyone who asked or answered questions about duck eggs. I learned alot, made an incubator, waited 25 days and I just got my first external pip!!!! The first set of eggs I got was from ebay (which was a big mistake only 1 out of 10 made it). But the one that...
  7. Ginmary

    Broody hen started the pip

    I have a Serama hen that was sitting on 2 eggs. We had candled them and both seemed OK. These were the 2 that survived the "Egg massacre" (see corresponding thread) where my BO and Ameraucana attacked and ate 5 from under the brooding Serama hen. Saturday, the 2 eggs when candled seemed close...
  8. BGcoop


    omg omg omg! My first egg ever has pipped! Come on #53, show yourself!
  9. Nats Chickens

    Does she have poor circulation?

    Here is Pip. She is 2 yrs old. Her comb was a little purple for ages, then it has suddenly gotten more purple. What do you think is wrong/weird? Has she got bad circulation? Any ideas on what it is?
  10. C

    Incubator temp went up to 102 during hatch after first pip. Is that okay?

    I’m hatching my second set of eggs and the first one just pipped. I noticed the temp went up to 102. This didn’t happen during the first set. The temp has been the same exact temp until now. (100). I cracked it a smidge to see if the temp would go down but not for long because I didn’t want the...
  11. J

    Pipping but not zipping

    Help! I am incubating duck eggs for the first time. I went to start lockdown but one of the eggs was an early bloomer and already had an external pip. By the time we turned off the rotator, filled the humidity wells, and put the egg back in the incubator it had been out for about 3 minutes. It...
  12. katelyn19

    Chick popped a blood vessel

    Hey in my last post I said one of my eggs was more developed and he really was. He’s hatching about a week before the rest. He popped open a hole, but I noticed he popped through a blood vessel and there was a little blood I put a moist paper towel around him, because I’m worried about him. Part...
  13. J

    Please help! Chick trying to pip but hasn’t not broken through!

    hello! I have an egg in an aquarium with a metal mesh top, temp is around 100°F and humidity is at about 50%. When turning the egg by hand I noticed that there was a circular crack in the egg as if it had tried to break through but it did not create a hole, or pip. I immediately put the egg...
  14. M

    Should i assist?!?!

    I have a chicken Egg That Is at the end of Day 22. The chick has been fine and growing properly. I candled yesterday and it was moving in the Egg with no internal pip. I Just candled again and i didnt see any movement but i did see veins by the air sack in the space that the chick hadnt taken up...
  15. Missmuscovy

    Bruising duck egg hatching!

    My duck egg is currently bruising when it is hatching. It has been externally hatching since yesterday.. is it having trouble piping?
  16. E

    Pip then Die

    I have had an issue with a number of baby chicks pipping but never succeeding in breaking out of the shell. Day 1 and 2 I see some small progress, but by day 3 the cheeping ominously stops. Is this an indicator of something I am doing wrong with the incubator/humidity levels/temp? Any insight is...
  17. Vivid Hatchery

    Horrible hatch rate, deaths throughout the stages. Please help diagnose.

    Okay, so I am having a terrible time hatching chicks. I know that most of us here keep our chicks backyard or on a small farm, and I am no different. I provide a balanced layer feed ration. Most of my flocks are around 1:5 gender ratio. My birds have a lot of places they can run and escape...
  18. Fisherlmiranda

    Need advice

    Incubating duck eggs. And a few days ago I was advised to run dry till first external pip. My hair cells were very small. But now were on day 29 for welsh harlequin eggs and they haven't internal piped. I can tell they are trying. I could see it for the last 24 hr. So continue running dry or no...
  19. BabySweetsTurkeys

    External pip but no hatch and pip at wrong end

    I have 6 chicken eggs incubating at the moment. It’s day 20, and my one egg has externally pipped at 7 A.M. and it’s now 11:17 am and it hasn’t hatched. How long after an external pip can it take for them to hatch? He was chirping a lot earlier and now chirps here and there. I also noticed...
  20. Rubberducky3


    Hatching ducklings and went to put on lockdown (day 25) and I noticed one had pipped. He’s been making very little progress and it’s been 36 hours. Is he just not ready yet since he pipped early? He also pipped at the wrong end. And advice??? Two other eggs have internal pip and 2 more haven’t...
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