1. M

    Cockerel or Pullet

    Hi all, I have a young roughly 16 week old blue Australorp, I’m having difficulty determining the sex of it. Any help would be appreciated
  2. S

    Cochin pullet or cockerels help please

    I have two 9 week old cochins and am new to the breed. I bought them as day old unsexed chicks. The white one I think is a cockerel but the buff one I am not sure on, any ideas? Thanks
  3. Lola Chick

    Is this bumblefoot? Please help

    I have a 3mo old Salmon Faverolle who is limping and has a black circle scab on her foot. I am a first time chicken mum, should I take her to the vet? It looks like she’s in pain and I’ve been spraying the vetericyn on her injury twice a day and cleaned out her bedding area. What should I do?
  4. L Home Farm


    I have a cream legbar pullet whose eyes look… odd. She’s absolutely healthy, preening, scratching, pooping, eating, drinking, etc. But her eyes are a strange shape, and I’ve noticed her blinking a bit and sometimes shaking her head. I got her & her 4 sisters from a guy who told me they were...
  5. S

    For Sale in North Texas: Pasture-Raised Started Pullets & Cockerels

    These chickens were originally produced by—and received from—Hoover’s Hatchery! We have had no health concerns within the flock since we’ve had them. They’re intelligent, curious, and accustomed to human interaction; many are also used to being handled and will happily engage with us. They are...
  6. E

    Is this an infection? plus crooked neck

    This is Tweety, she's a 3 month old pullet that's half Naked Neck and half Asian Black. She has these red areas on her face, somewhat symmetrical, but worse on the left side than the right. I don't know if the crooked neck is related or if my other pullet stepped on her neck while trying to get...
  7. M

    Unknown breed of hen

    She is about 5 months old now. She has yellow shanks a black b AK, mostly a partridge coloration. White earlobes and a pea comb. A very light breed. Thought it was brown leghorn but she is missing breast coloration. She is not flighty. Thought it could be a welsummer but they have red...
  8. LizzzyJo

    Easter egger pullets for sale in NW Ohio!

    Hi All, I have three Easter eggers for sale. $15 each. About 10 weeks old. Vaccinated. Let me know if you’re interested :) These are the last of a batch of 12 chickens that I’m selling this summer and I’m ready to be done haha - so make me an offer. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. BerthaBoo

    Help! Egg Bound Pullet struggling to get her first egg out

    Hi all, I have a pullet (21 weeks) whose been straining for a few days now, but she was able to defecate, so I wasn't entirely sure if she was egg bound or not, especially because she hasn't started laying yet. Today I saw her straining and saw the egg. I have her in the bath with epsom salts...
  10. Mattie15

    Adding A New Hen: Am I Doing It Right?

    I recently got a new hen. She isn't much younger than my other ones, she's healthy and still peeping- But the other ladies didn't accept her. I figured that. She's a different color, but I have a mixed flock, AND the others I have came from a mixed flock as well. The same flock, by the way. I...
  11. Mattie15

    Any guesses on breed?

    I got this hen today, but I don't know exactly what she is. The lady I got her from had a LARGE variety of chickens. She's a honey-golden color with green legs. (And don't worry, she's sleeping in that one picture, lol.)
  12. hensolo2539


    I've had her since she was a week old, but have no idea what breed she could be because my mum randomly bought her home from work alongside a barred rock rooster. I don't know if this will help, but she has a bit of an aggressive personality and sometimes picks fights. She is around 18 weeks...
  13. BerthaBoo

    Sick pullet - heavy panting??

    I have a pullet (20 weeks old) not laying yet, been panting very heavily for 2 or 3 days now. It’s not hot here so I don’t think it’s heat stroke. Her poops are normal, crop and body feels normal? No eye swelling or anything weird. Her comb flushes really red and then goes back pale, but she’s...
  14. M

    8 week Brahmas?

    These are RK pullets… or are supposed to be 😂 they were sold as buff Brahma pullets and they all looked the same when I got them but now that they’re feathered there’s obvious differences. Are they still all considered buff Brahma? Also, is the one with the red comb a roo?
  15. N

    Fowl pox? Or injury

    I have a pullet who’s got a rough, black bump on her comb. It’s pretty large, however looking through some old photos, and it seems like she’s had black on that part of her comb, since she joined us back in July of this year and the black spot is larger because her comb is(including photos from...
  16. L

    Is this a Speckled Sussex Pullet?

    This flighty chick was 2 weeks when I got her, as a Brown Leghorn. Obviously it’s not a Brown Leghorn and I’m not exactly sure what she is or truly a pullet. I have a Brown Leghorn pullet. Roughly 12 - 14 weeks old. Here are some pics
  17. Ometra

    Is it even possible one of these 3 is a cockerel?

    I have three French Cuckoo Marans who are 16 weeks old. I thought by now it would be perfectly obvious which sex they are. To me (newbie) they look like girls, but the behavior of one makes me think it’s gotta be male. At 16 weeks anyone think one is possibly a roo?
  18. S

    Cockrel or pullet?

  19. Sliiiq

    Chicken doesn’t like me

    Hey BYC, I’ve got a couple questions. I just had to swap my cockerel out for a pullet. She’s being quarantined. The problem is she, along with the rest of the chickens at the farm I got her at, don’t particularly like human touch. She looks to be about 9-10 weeks old, an ISA brown & leghorn mix...
  20. B

    Davenport IA 17 week Buff Orpington. Four available. $20

    Very friendly 17 week old pullets hatched 3/30, hand raised. Healthy and happy birds, just looking to downsize my flock.
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