1. Chirpy_Girl

    Orpington pullet or Roo??

    Can you help me work out if this is a pullet or roo? It’s 12 weeks old, has started getting slight red patches on the face, and loves to chest bump the other chickens.
  2. SunnyRue

    Pullets sleeping in egg box

    I recently added 2 chicks to my flock. I transitioned them to living outside a couple months ago, and I noticed in the beginning that they would sleep together in one egg box. I thought that maybe they would start sleeping on the roost once they got integrated with the flock better and were more...
  3. Hippiechicklover

    Egg laying song without an egg

    My Columbian Wyandotte, Dolly Parton, is making what I think is the egg laying song... but she hasn’t laid any eggs that I know of. Background info on her, she came from a stressful environment at 3 months old. She’s quite established now, 4 months later, but still no sign of any eggs. Anyone...
  4. MamaNoccy

    Rooster breeding with 10 week olds?

    I have a 6 month old silkie rooster who this morning I caught breeding with one of my 10 week old frizzles. Poor thing was screaming its head off I thought something was killing it! He's been around them since they hatched and has always been very friendly and paid them no attention up until...
  5. micknapp

    Pullet has split beak?

    Hi! My 9 m/o EE has a split beak. (photo) She isn’t having any issues eating or foraging or preening or pecking at people. it has no affect on her life whatsoever. she just looks like she has a gap-tooth. I’ve tried to trim it back and place one of those manicure saver fiber things with...
  6. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  7. A

    Pullet or cockerel? Rhode Island Red, 5 months old.

    Hello dear community, It's my first time raising chickens and first time posting here. I purchased these 7 Rhode island Red chickens and now they are about 5 months (19 weeks old). I noticed some of them have larger combs and wattle and I suspect they must be Male. Do you confirms this...
  8. micknapp

    Russian Orloff Pullet holding out on us

    Hi! I have a 37 week old Russian Orloff pullet who is holding out on us & will not lay an egg (lol). She had a pretty severe inner ear infection around 15-20ish weeks, and was on sulfamethoxazole for 2 weeks or so. Any word on if that can prevent laying or severely delay it? she’s healthy and...
  9. EmilyEnns

    “Purebred BCM”

    Hi All, So i picked up some “purebred black copper maran” chicks this summer. I’ve got 3 hens, 2 of which look like they are purebred but then i’ve got this girl who’s got some fuzzy cheeks! any guesses to what she is? or what color of eggs she’ll lay?
  10. ChickenMasta1105

    When do I start feeding my pullets eggshells?

    Hi! My pullet chick is 9 or 10 week old, and I am wondering when I should start feeding her eggshells for calcium. Also, before anyone points out, yes , I know I will mash it so it is not recognizable as an eggshell. Also please tell me the quantity I should feed them per day, and how many days...
  11. SunnyRue

    Pullet or Cockerel

    Here's my ameraucana girl Beatrice. She and her buff orpington friend Bonnie are almost 3 months old now and I'm wondering if Beatrice is a pullet or a roo. What do you guys think?
  12. A

    Light Sussex Cockerel or Pullet?

    Hi, I’ve got a light Sussex who’s recently started crowing and I’m starting to wonder if she is actually a he. I think she’s about 20 weeks old. I’m pretty new to keeping chickens so I’d love to get some more opinions. Thanks in advance!
  13. B

    Roo or Pullet?

    Hi, I have a Plymouth rock chicken. I thinks he’s a rooster but he’s not crowing like the others and he’s much calmer and is never involved in any of the pecking. I know some hens of this breed have combs and wattles so I’m unsure. What do you think?
  14. Barredrocker99

    Not sure what’s on my white leghorns egg?

    I know pullets are prone to having abnormal eggs every now and then, but I was wondering if anyone knows what’s on this egg that one of my White Leghorns laid? It looks very similar to cooked yolk(lol). It’s not attached to the egg, and I was able to just wash it off with warm water. I’m not...
  15. N

    What’s best for a newbie to start - chicks or pullets?

    We want to end up with 6 hens this coming year, each one of a different breed (BCM, Silkie, Polish, Lavender orpington, EE, Cochin). Our plan was to get 6 chicks this Spring, but upon more research I’m concerned we will end up with some roos if we get them all as chicks from local breeders. I...
  16. Barredrocker99

    All of my hens have stopped laying simultaneously

    I have 10 hens, and they’re about 7 months old. I was getting eggs from just about all of them daily, and for the last few days they’ve all just stopped laying. I’ve gotten about four eggs total in the last four days. It’s definitely getting colder here, could that be the reason, or is it...
  17. M

    I have two Easter eggers I’m starting to question

    I have Mary (the black and white) and Winifred (brown and grey). I’m suspecting Mary a bit more, three comb, and she/he’s been a bit more aggressive toward our main hen. But the more I look at Winni I feel like her tail feathers look a bit more roostery. I haven’t had Chickens in a long time...
  18. KiwiChickenGirl2020

    Do you think the 6 week old white and buff chicks are male?

    Does anyone have any idea if any of these chicks are girls? I think that the Sussex ( I think that it might be a cross though because it's legs turned grey) might be male. It has red wattles but a tiny tail. They are all six weeks old today. ...
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