1. kristeninprogress

    Differences in egg colors?

    I've had a 22 week old Sapphire Gem laying for a little over a week now. Out of 10 days, I've gotten 8 eggs. I know the breed is supposed to be an eggcellent layer, so I wasn't thinking too much about it, but I'm getting two different shades of brown. Nothing crazy, but enough to be able to tell...
  2. rascal66

    Looking for Blue Partridge Brahma in western WA

    Does anyone in western WA raise and sell Blue Partridge Brahmas? Id love to get a cockerel for my future breeding. I'll consider chicks, older birds and even hatching eggs. Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm hoping to find a local breeder.
  3. chickstagram

    Disoriented, crouch-walking Pullet. What's wrong with Pippa?

    Hello BYC fam! We are first time chicken tenders and sometimes have no idea what's happening when things go wrong. Earlier today I noticed Pippa, our 3 month old black maran pullet, crouch-walking. My first search advised to check her feet for swells or bumblefoot, and in her raw, dirty...
  4. centrarchid

    Hen / Pullet Stands Ground Against Sharp-shinned Hawk

    While looking out front door of house I could see a game pullet (~8 months post-hatch) walking slowly with tail erect and head held high. The back part of her hackles stood out a bit as well. She was making vocalizations I could not hear. It was evident she was looking at some sort of bird...
  5. L

    is my light Brahma a hen or rooster?

    I am unable to tell the gender of my Brahma chicken. We got it in late may to early June
  6. LothalRebel

    Indoor/outdoor chickens.

    This is my young hen Zelda, she’s about 1 month and is the sweetest little hen. She likes to snuggle on my lap and today she was trying to dust bathe on the floor.:love
  7. Claudinechick

    Sexing a polish chick

    I have a six months old golden laced polish "rooster"with a very spiky crest but the weird thing is that he does not have any comb or wattles and he is quite small compared to my other six months old polish pullet. Is it possible I have a pullet with a bad looking comb or a feminine cockerel?
  8. C

    Need info on Pullets

    I know, they are certainly not baby chicks but, again, I have been tasked with writing about the specific issues surrounding caring for pullets for Tractor Supply Company's publications Out Here. I can get basic info from the associations but I need some people who actually HAVE chickens and can...
  9. J

    What is my Blue Wheaten?

    Hey there! So a month(ish) ago I ordered 2 chicks from Claborn Farms in Waco TX. I got a Black Laced Wyandotte, and a "Super Blue Egg Layer". So Mabel here is allegedly by definition any 2 breeds of blue egg laying chicken. Maybe more than just 2? She's a pretty Blue Wheaten, but I'm just...
  10. RiversideChick

    I feel silly even posting this...

    I'm 99% sure these two are cockerels, but we ordered sexed chicks so just to be sure... Gold Laced Wyandottes, just shy of 4 months old. The two in the front of this photo with greenish tails. No crowing yet. Generally very nice dispositions. They always defer to the older hens (we have a mixed...
  11. TopazMaster91

    OEGB - broodiness, personality, egg-laying, maturity?

    I have (among other bantams and LF) a self-blue OEGB girl who is roughly 15 weeks old, and after scouring these forums for information, I've finally given in and created this thread specifically to ask OEGB keepers for some information: Roughly when do the pullets mature and start laying eggs...
  12. chickenbritt5908

    Floor eggs?

    My bantam pullet has randomly started laying her eggs on the floor of the coop. I’ve read that newly laying pullets will do that, or if there isn’t enough, clean litter in the nesting boxes. But this girl has been laying for months and I just put clean bedding in the boxes. Seems really random...
  13. yodelinginca

    Hen losing feathers on neck, changed comb. Is she sick, stressed, or molting?

    We have a flock of 5 hens, all different breeds, 9 months old. Our brown leghorn was the first to lay, but stopped 2 months ago (she's our only white egg-layer so we know for sure she's not laying). Before she started laying, her comb was full, bright red and straight up. When she started laying...
  14. P

    Legbar pullet with a bad leg help please

    one of my 8week old legbars has recently injured her leg she got her wing stuck in the brooder I put in the grow out pen in case they got scared I assume she hurt her leg trying to get out any ideas of what I can do she’s eating and drinking and I’ve separated her to stop bullying but she is...
  15. karenmragan

    What color pattern is this?

    Hello everyone, I've been having trouble identifying my three month old pullet's coloring. I'd like to know what the color and pattern is officially called. Her name is "Peppers". She is a backyard "mutt".
  16. Kungfoomanda

    Silkie...Pullet or Roo??

    As y'all know, Silkies are hard to sex. We have five beauties that we can use some help with. So let's play a game of Pullet or Roo!!! #1
  17. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Chicks

    Decided to broaden my search. I am looking for almost any bantam chicks now in the Seattle area. I am willing to drive out about 2-3 hours to pick up a chick or pullet. Breeds that I am really into are Bantam Orpingtons, Australorps, Cochins, Easter Eggers, and any mixes of these. Any color is...
  18. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Cochin Chicken

    Hi! Super new to the forums here ^^" I was wondering if there was anyone in the Seattle area that has any Bantam Cochin Chicks for sale. I would opt for hatching eggs and hatch them myself but I can't find any farms that would take the extra hens/roos if I were to hatch too many. I would be...
  19. TopazMaster91

    Apparently I'm a very appealing "rooster"

    My Buff Orpington pullet (9mo old) was digging somewhere I'd rather her not dig, so I reached down to move her aside, and she FROZE- slightly put out wings- crouched low to the ground- and STUCK HER TAIL UP! She squatted for me! I stared at her for a few seconds, arm outstretched; she stared...
  20. TopazMaster91

    [Integration] Apparently my three older pullets are savage?!

    So, I have three pullets, ages are around 9-10 months old. They are the following breeds: Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Cream Legbar. For the first 8-9 months of their lives, they were alone, happily cohabiting a crappy pre-fab coop from tractor supply (note: new BIG coop is almost built!). They...
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