1. NubbyRyuu

    My Leilei laid Two First Eggs

    Not seeing this pop up on the Already Asked thing, and I'm not getting answers from people I follow, so here I am. My Leilei is a 5mo SilkiexBarbu Cross who I've confirmed laid 2 first eggs as opposed to 1. How I confirmed was I saw her poop and I thought her vent had prolapsed! I quickly...
  2. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Chick/Pullet WA

    I'm looking to buy one female bantam to equal out my flock. Not looking for any bantam in particular just any kind ^^ I'm located near Seattle and I am more than happy to drive out a couple hours to pick up! Let me know if you have any peeps you're looking to rehome or part with!!
  3. M

    Injured Pullet

    A 3 month old pullet was attacked by older hens on 12/31. I wasn’t there to see it, but I’ve seen older hens drive her away from the food in the past, and her mama bird was found dead in the yard. I’m fairly certain the other hens are responsible. No animal tracks in the snow, no one missing...
  4. Juliamilton

    New Easter Egger “pullets”. Are they in fact pullets?

    We just added a few new “pullets” to our flock. What do you think, are they in fact pullets? Please tell me they are 😩 lol Bird #1 is black and gold. Bird #2 is the silver and buff/gold Edit to say they are about 3 months old!
  5. C

    Crowing pullet or cockerel?

    This 13 week old lavender orpington has started crowing! Apparently this is rare so maybe she is a he?
  6. Barredrocker99

    Egg with no shell at all?

    Hey all! With the colder weather approaching, a couple of my girls are going through some pretty gnarly molting. One of my Easter eggers hasn’t been laying for the last couple weeks(I know this because she is the only one out of 16 chickens who lays very light brown eggs) due to her molt. Two...
  7. M

    Araucana chicks - boys or girls?

    What is the sex of these two Araucana chicks? Not sure how old they are exactly, I think they're a little over 1 month. Somewhere between 1 and 2 months old. A couple of photos may be a little over-exposed from the light. All Red chick Chick with Black Leakage Both of them together
  8. TheChickenEnthusiast

    When is a Barred Rock Hen Fully Grown?

    I know that it can take up to a year for hens to fully grow…But I was curious if my breeder bought Barred Rock Hens (born in June 2021) will be smaller than my TSC Barred Rock Hen (born in April 2021)? My TSC hen is very large, and her tail is almost completely upright. My breeder bought hen...
  9. M

    Any chance this chick is a pullet??

    First time chick mama here. This is an 8 week old GLW from Meyer hatchery. Any chance it’s a pullet as we were told when purchased?? Thanks for your help!
  10. FoodFreedomNow

    Finally...Olive Egger Pullets Are Laying!

    What's better than a first egg?? :wee Found this little surprise today in the run (not the nest box - naughty girl - but will let it slide because she's new to it 🙄). Hoping it means the rest of the 6.5 month old girls will start laying soon, too. The pullet egg (L) is from a blue-laying EE...
  11. AleyMoore

    2 Swedish Flowers, 1 Splash Amerauacana - Dallas TX

    Hey all!! I’ve got two Swedish Flower Hen pullets I’m looking to sell, unfortunately they aren’t the color I was wanting in the breed and I want to keep my flock as small as I can while living in the city. Both SFHs are pullets and the Amerauacana splash is a cockerel. The two SFHs I’d prefer...
  12. C

    Is this frizzle bantam a rooster?

    I bought this frizzle at 6 weeks where it was suppose to be a pullet but I'm pretty sure I heard it crow this morning. Can anyone confirm if it is a hen or rooster. Pictures are current at 12 weeks of age
  13. L

    Polish chick around 3 months old I was told a girl?

  14. K

    Cockerel or Pullet?!

    My baby Lavender Orpington (9 weeks old) has exhibited some concerning cockerel behavior! I have heard an attempt at a crow twice since (she?) moved into the coop. I've attached some photos here. Could you help me determine the sex? I'm in Santa Barbara and we can't have Roosters! If Glitter is...
  15. C

    Help sexing chicks: lavender Orpington and polish

    Hi! I need help sexing my three new chicks: lavender bantam Orpington, mottled polish and white polish, all 4 weeks old. Thanks!
  16. R

    Pullets - Winter

    I have 6 pullets (2 Barred Rock, 2 Rhode Island’s, 1 Welsummer, 1 Americauna) that are about 4 months old. They will be 5 months in the middle of November. I’m in Northern California. Will they start laying, or do you think they won’t lay all winter and will start in the spring? When should I...
  17. ArizonaChick9

    Swollen foot on my puller

    My baby barred rock, Melody, has a swollen foot. I am wondering if it could be broken? It is tender to the touch but I don’t feel anything broken. No signs of mites and I don’t think it is bumble foot (there is one small spot but the top is really swollen to be a mild bumble case). Any other...
  18. RogersMotoChicks

    Easter Egger Pullet or Cockerel?

    Trying to figure out if my 18 week old is a pullet or cockerel. I’ve already determined one to be a cockerel (black) when it started chasing the dog and cats away. He’s very protective of the girls and has a cockerel strut. The other one (white) though isn’t aggressive but has the look of a...
  19. Diveks

    Limping 3 month old? not bumblefoot.

    so ive just gotten this brahma about a month ago and i didnt notice her limping until the next day when she started laying down a lot. eveyday that passed her limp is getting worse, and now she is not using it at all and hopping on one leg. she had a bad case of mites but the vet has fixed that...
  20. Adil_Ali

    Help! Weak chicken.

    Hey there, I have a polish pullet that’s gone really thin and weak. What could I do. I went in the coop today and found one of the roosters dying. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be able to make it. But I think I can do something about the hen. What can I do? Cheers, Adil
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