1. Crazychickengirl2

    Pip to zip

    So I know that birds first pip then after awhile they zip. But why can't they just go straight to zip? What takes them so long?
  2. Crazychickengirl2

    Pip to zip

    So I know that birds first pip then after awhile they zip. But why can't they just go straight to zip? What takes them so long?
  3. Crazychickengirl2

    Pip to zip

    So I know that birds first pip then after awhile they zip. But why can't they just go straight to zip? What takes them so long?
  4. Lemon-Drop

    Calling ALL Dog Fosters and Non Fosters Alike! Fostering Dogs - Tips, Recommendations, and Places

    Hi there! :frow So, originally, I was hoping to get a Golden Retriever or some other large breed dog from a breeder as a puppy. I realized that it's a little out of budget, and I'm moving out soon, so it wouldn't be the best fit. This is a little bit of our current situation: We will be...
  5. Countryhippie

    Deworming Chickens

    Hello! I have read so much mixed information about deworming chickens. I am still a beginner to all things chickens, so I hope someone can help answer my questions. A quick background on my chickens: I have four hens that are about 9 months old. My hens have a run in which they stay in most...
  6. Lemon-Drop

    Calling all dog experts! Hoping to get a Labradoodle, any information to be aware of, and do you recommend them?

    I may not be able to get one, but I am hoping to get a Labradoodle. I want a dog that is around 40-60 lbs, and I'm slightly allergic to dogs so I want one that is at least mostly hypoallergenic. I also have some mental health issues, so I'm hoping I could get it trained to be an ESA. So now for...
  7. robbyvg

    Duck Call/Signal: Emergencies that Need Help!

    I would suggest that we in this forum have a sticky thread that serves as a digital ER - at least the best we can. It should be a sticky because I have seen too many emergency threads not get the attention they need simply because, in their distress, folks can't verbalize and be descriptive...
  8. tiho_prskalo

    Any tips for my new chickens?

    Hi, is there any tips for my new chickens? I do not need to write about it because i wrote it and in this app is saved for sure, so here it is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mom buyed 10 hens and i have a few questions: 1. Why...
  9. AngelaY

    Quarantine questions/scaly leg mites on rescue chicken.

    Ok, so we just rescued a chicken who had been dumped and living in the woods by herself for about a year. I know what I'm supposed to do regarding incorporation, taming, Etc... I just have 2 things I'm not too sure about: 1: I'm very glad she's safe, but I'm terrified that she might have some...
  10. D

    My new chicken has bald spots… I’m new!

    Hello all! I got two chickens today from a place off of the road in a rural town. The chickens there seemed to have a large pen and it was not over crowded. I got handed two chickens- one with a full set of feathers and another with some bald spots of raw red skin ://. It was pouring so in the...
  11. DuckFather

    No where else to go

    Hey again, I am just wondering if there is a place to bring your ducks where they wont get eaten? What I mean is, I'm moving and can't bring them with me. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do because I raised them and don't want to see them go but I know they'd be happier then moving to...
  12. P

    When Do We Decide To Split The Flock?

    Hi all, My quail are now 6 weeks old, which I know is where they'll be reaching sexual maturity and begin producing potential eggs and roo foam. I know that the rule of thumb for keeping quail is 1 roo for every 4-6 hens, and that eventually my lot will need to be segregated to keep the peace...
  13. C

    Hello y’all !!

    Hello y’all new duckling concerns have brought me here. I hope to learn how to properly care for him and maybe save his life.
  14. K

    Duckling is Sick!!!

    Hi everyone! I am new to the world of duck ownership as of this past Monday. Up until today, my two ducklings have been fine, but I noticed this morning that one was sneezing quite a bit. I thought it might be some dust from the clean shavings I put in their brooder, but when I got home from...
  15. G

    Turkey beginner

    I want to raise 1 hen turkey with my female chicken flock, but there are some questions I have: 1. I have close neighbors, will a hen turkey be loud? 2. Will snipping off her flight feathers really prevent her from flying? 3. What is the best breed to have as a pet? 4. I don't want chicks and...
  16. CaliFarmsAR

    ~~~Muscovy Duck Club~~~

    I have seen a lot of duck clubs, but none on this awesome looking duck!! Who doesn’t like Muscovys? I thought I would start one, that way we can learn from others, share pictures, storys, etc. How I got into to them: I have just recently got into this breed and love them already. I was...
  17. Y

    Introduction! and Question!

    Hello all! I am an 18-year-old male and I currently am taking care of a chicken that we randomly found roaming our neighborhood. I check this site often and took some great tips from here! Thanks! My question, however, is that recently, the chicken that we found and took care of (as a pet)...
  18. Wild-Turkey

    A Few Mixed Questions About Coturnix Quail

    Hello, I currently do not have Coturnix quail but plan to raise them a couple years in the future, I have a few questions about them if that’s fine. :frow What size aviary would be appropriate for around 5-10 starting out, also would they be fine with an inside aviary and an outside aviary they...
  19. L

    Help! First time trying to diagnose a sick chicken (photos attached)

    Hello everyone! I've always been a lurker, reading posts and gather information, but at the moment I'm stumped and worried I may or may not be doing the right things. I have a 6mo. Australorp hen who we found on November 30th acting pretty unusual in the coop the other day. We brought her...
  20. Joylime322

    Ducklings and Quailings?

    Happy morning BYC Community! I may have done a thing.... My neighbors duck recently laid an a few eggs and when they cracked one open to eat there were cells and a few veins! So I took the other egg (on impulse hehe) and stuck it in my NR 360... But I have 25 quail eggs arriving on Friday...
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