1. A

    New member- Hello!

    Hi:frow Just a quick hello to introduce myself. I'm Alison and live in Surrey,England. Myself and my OH are currently building our coop and run so no chickens yet but hoping to get 3-4 hybrids Have visited this site a few times to get ideas and hoping to get lots of hints and tips along the way...
  2. dldolan

    Seal Fault? Genesis 1588 Hova-Bator

    HI! I've successfully used my Genesis 1588 for three years. This time, the windows were fogged up (humidity at 52%) and most of the time I would have to pressdown on the space above the temp/humidity to move enough of the foggy moisture to see the gauge. Is the seal going bad? What to do? I...
  3. Dani & Mikey

    Painting Inside Coop Questions

    Hey Guys, :frow I was wondering what kind of paint you all have used for inside the coop. It seems like a good idea to seal the wood on & around the roosts for easy clean up and longevity. Anyone have advice or experience you’d like to share on this?
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