1. samcrook2

    Colombian blacktail ? Confusion ?

    This is my first time with sex links - I bought six Columbian blacktail (white Sussex x Rhode Island Red) eggs from a farm that I have used many times. I ended up having two pulleys out of that that I sexed at hatch. However they are now about 15 weeks old, and one is presenting in my mind how a...
  2. R

    Sexing silkies

    I have a beautiful bearded Silkie who I'm guessing is around 4 months old. I haven't seen any major rooster like behaviour and no crowing. However while drying in front of the fire today I noticed they are developing a rather upright stance and straighter tail. They are also bigger than the...
  3. AlphaLupa

    Sexing Barred Rocks

    I have 2 barred rock chicks I really think are pullets but wanted some more opinions. Here are pics of their heads, wings and feet.
  4. V

    Is Chick Khan boy or gal?

    Was sold this chick as a Barred Rock hen. It definitely not a Barred Rock, I suspect either black or red sex-link. Real question is, is this a cockerel? Pics at days 2 & 4, 2 wks & now at 19 weeks.
  5. samcrook2

    Sexin barnevelder

    This is my first time raising barnevelder chicks. They are from two genetic lines which also doesn’t help with sexing them against each other. I was sure they were both pullers from the speed they both were feathering up and the length of their wings at 10+ days. Wanted to see others opinions as...
  6. S

    Sebright sex help

    Looking for someone to help me decide if I have roos or hens. I have sebrights that are currently 8weeks old Here's the scooby gang...
  7. samcrook2


    I was given 4 eggs from a friend of a friend to stick in an incubator to see if anything popped out. Cut to 8 weeks later and we have a new addition to the coop but I can’t for the life of me find out what breed he/she is !! They are the brown one next to the Pekins. Can anybody help.
  8. J

    Pullets or cockerels? Sexing 3 week old bantams.

    Hello, amazing chicken community!!! 🐥 My name is Jasmine & I am new and VERY excited to be here! I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out if these are pullets or cockerels. They are both 23 days old and to me, they are definitely looking a bit more like cockerels than pullets. But...
  9. Maddog_photog

    Swedish blue sexing - Bill me - drake by mistake

    Hey guys! I just read that Swedish Blue drakes have green bills, and now I am concerned one of my Swedes is a boy because one has a green tint to their Bill. Can anyone confirm or deny that this green tint is indicating a male duck?
  10. Kristina Kaufman

    Sexing my chicks

    I am having some trouble determining the sex of some of my 4 week old chicks. Can anyone help? I have a Dominique and Mille Fleur D’uccle (frizzled) that I’m unsure of. Seeing a lot of pink/red on the Dominique but it’s legs have a shadow grayish look to them so I’m unsure. My Mille’s cone is...
  11. K

    Pullet or Cockerel? 13 Week Old Speckled Sussex

    Can anyone give their thoughts on sex of this chicken? See pics. The saddle feathers to me scream roo, but at the same time its comb and wattles are really underdeveloped for 13 weeks. I've got another confirmed roo that has a massive pink comb and big dangly wattles at this age (different breed...
  12. kbarrett513

    Easter Egger Sexing - w. Pictures (4-5 Wks Old)

    As my little Easter Eggers are growing, I'm starting to worry that a few of these little buggers may be cockerels. I've heard that looking at the ridges/combs are a good sign for determining sex but since this is my first flock, I figured I'd take it to the experts! These three are the only...
  13. M

    Help sexing SLW AND GLW

    Ordered all of them as presexed female one day old chicks. Have a feeling there’s a few roosters in the mix but they’ve got me stumped. Maybe a trained eye can help. My EE’s and faverolles were a breeze to sex; these two breeds, not so much. The gold laced Wyandottes are 11 weeks today and came...
  14. A

    11wk old Ameraucana/EE, Is this a rooster?

    We got him/her 11 weeks ago as a day-old chick along with 2 other chicks, one being another ameraucana (may be an EE, I can't tell, but we were told ameraucana). Since we got them, this one I'm asking about has been much more aggressive. The only clear signs that she may be a rooster are her...
  15. Fromchickenswithlove

    Pullets or roos?

    Hi everyone 👋 so we have four flock members, 2 faverolles (salmon and bircher) and two warrens/goldlines. I’m wondering whether the goldlines are roos or pullets. I spotted what looks like the beginnings of a thin black tail feather on one yesterday and thought I should check. They hatched on...
  16. Chicky5

    Breed & sex at 6-7 weeks (getting to know my new chickens!)

    Hi! I’m a new chicken owner, having bought 5 chicks at a feed store a few weeks ago. My kids and I chose randomly, and I was told they were all 2-3 weeks old at the time, making them 6-7 weeks old now. They love being in the yard during the day free-ranging, and have already learned their...
  17. C

    Do i Have 3 cockerels?

    6 weeks old Chick 1: Cashew 75% EE / 25% BO Thick legs, , developed pink comb, top of pecking order Chick 2: Calliope 75% EE / 25% BO Very docile, smaller light pink/yellow comb Chick 3: Richard Feynman 25% EE / 25% BO / 50% Golden Comet hybrid Docile, smaller light pink/yellow comb Here...
  18. B

    Sexing 3 week old speckled sussex

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help me to try and identify the sex of speckled Sussex they are 3 weeks old? Can anyone help.
  19. L

    Thought it was a hen.. but... what do you think?

    Her feathers are forming different than our other wyandotte.. maybe she is just developing faster.. she doesn't ACT like a roo at all, but she has me wondering.. she is 12 weeks old. Or he is.. Lacey.. what is a good Male name changeover in case? Lol..
  20. Lana416

    Do I have 2 Roosters!? 12 week old Wyandotte & Orpington

    Hello, I am new to backyard chicken farming. We purchased 7 “female” newborn chicks in April (born 4/1/20). They are now about 3 months/12 weeks old, all different breeds. We received an “extra” Wyandotte that is I believe is a rooster. Another one that I purchased, a black Orpington, is also...
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