1. ellieanne22

    Duckling/Duck Questions

    Hey, everyone! A few weeks ago, I remember seeing a post that was a list of the foods ducks could eat and at what age they could eat it. I looked and couldn't find it again anywhere. Does anyone know which post I am talking about? And if so, could you please link it? Our silly ducklings are...
  2. BlueHorse17

    12 Week Genders?

    Hello everyone! Trying to help a friend out. What are your thoughts on these birds? Cockerels or pullets? They’re all 12 weeks.
  3. H

    Cant tell if my chickens are really pullets

    I have 1 Olive Egger, 1 Black Maran, & 1 Blue Maran Pullets. They are 6 & 7 weeks old ( they look a little younger to me to be honest). According to the person I got them from, they are all Pullets. But, I just don't feel confident that they are all Pullets. Anyone think one of these guys is a...
  4. J

    Hen? Rooster? Oh. Rooster.

    I bought a small chick one day and months later it is now a fully grown chicken. throughout that duration I was talking to a friend of mine online who claims to be experienced in terms of raising chickens and just farm stuff in general. earlier on into the chicken's life, said friend told me...
  5. M

    9 week old easter eggers

    I think 1 & 3 are cockerels, what do you think? They're 9 week old easter eggers from tractor supply.
  6. C

    What breed and gender are these 4-5 week old chicks

    Alright, I confess, I made a big mistake when I decided to bring my three boys along to pick up some chicks. I was completely unprepared for the constant begging and puppy dog eyes. The game plan was just to get three, but somehow we ended up coming home with nine from a straight run. In the...
  7. BlueHorse17

    12 Week Delaware - Cockerel?

    Trying to help a friend figure out the sex. Bird was bought as a straight run chick from a feed store. 12 week old Delaware. I’m leaning towards cockerel but that is still a small pink comb…
  8. O

    Update -- sexing "production reds"?

    Hi everyone, we posted here about a month ago asking about sexes of our chickens that were labeled as production reds from TSC. They're about 1.5-2 months old now and would like your opinions again. One is obviously a starlight green egger (below), which we believe is a pullet. Can anyone help...
  9. M

    Sexing 7 week old Pekin bantam, Polish and silkie !!! Help!!!

    Hi everyone, This is my first time having chicks but we had a v.stubborn broody silkie so I twist DH arm into buying her some day old chicks (chickens for my chicken don’t count right) … I think I may have had worst luck and have all boys . They are 7 weeks old today. I’m hoping to still keep...
  10. LiizardWiitch

    Silkie sexing

    My silkies are nearing 7 weeks old... I know its *extremely* early to sex silkies, but I feel like some are looking rooster like Chick 1 no comb Chick 2 looks like it has big comb already Chick 3 no comb Chick 4 looks like comb is forming
  11. F

    6 Week old Barred Rocks -Sexing

    Hi Team, First time hatching some eggs and I was just after some help sexing these 2 barred rock chicks. I have heard they are easiest to sex when they first hatch however when we bought the eggs we were told they were Rhode Island red eggs so it was a surprise when these guys started growing...
  12. coltgrizzz

    Sexing a few chicks (and a turkey)

    Got these chicks (and turkey) on March 4th so they’re around 10 weeks. Any ideas? Also I am aware #1 is bald he is recovering
  13. M

    5 week old lavender orphington - help needed!

    I have a 5 week old lavender orphington premium pullet from hatchery. The chick ia feathering out nicely, but this comb is having me question the validity of the sexing. Unfortunately my other lavender chick died early, so I have no comparison. Is anyone familiar with this breed to give me some...
  14. N

    Adult quail leg injury. Hen not laying. Culled Bumble bird okay to eat?

    Q1) I have a 16 week old quail who isn't behing like a hen or a roo. It doesnt crow or mount and doesn't have foam. It doesn't lay eggs. The rest of its covey is normal and laying since week 8. No stressers, 15hrs light, good food, tried solitary with very controlled food and also now with...
  15. M

    Easter Eggers- hens or Roos? Almost 6 weeks old

    Hi chicken friends. I have 4 chicks total- 2 EEs and 2 Isa Browns. I’m unsure of the sex of the ees. I basically adopted them from someone who did not know how to raise chicks. Those combs are making me nervous. Any input would be appreciated greatly! The last photo, the EE is in the back.
  16. A

    Male barred rocks?

    Purchased from a local farm store as barred rocks - I was thinking they're both boys due to the redness of their combs (especially Chick 1) but I wanted to double check before I looked into rehoming them. 5.5 weeks old at time of pictures being taken. Chick 1 on the left, Chick 2 on the...
  17. P

    Sex please?

    These are five and a half weeks old RIRxlLeghorn and RIRxArabi locals Here are they together The red one is number 1. I made a mistake oops 😬
  18. Chicken Midwife

    Updated; Easter Egger + Bantams sexing

    A little over 6 wks
  19. S

    Gender of 5ish week Buff Orpington

    I believe I brought this one home around the end of March, it was the only BO in the 7 chicks I purchased - the other 6 were black australorps, 5 of those were roosters lol - so I don’t really have any BO this age to compare it to I do have some BO pullets that I brought home at the end of April...
  20. tielie135

    My new tom?

    Just got some turkeys from my neighbour's. She said 3 hens and a Tom but the Tom is really odd so I am hoping maybe someone knows what's up. He is about 3 years old, ridley heritage x. He walks very upright never puffed up, drums, gobbles or shows any interest in ladies. He is smaller than any...
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