1. KimTatum03

    Sexing ducks

    So looking for all experts here. Can you do your best to tell if there are any males?
  2. M

    A mixed batch of BYM

    Hey everyone! Hoping to get some input on a couple mixes we have right now. They are 8-10 weeks old and I’m finding the mixes harder to sex than the Orpingtons and Wyandottes we’ve had. I am questioning four of them. First, this little fluffy cheeked cutie definitely acts like a rooster, but...
  3. FlexG279

    Help Sexing 1 month old Pekin

    I’m a Newbie with ducks and even watching videos of other people sexing I still can’t tell…Any Ideas???? I can only get them to quack when I close the door but I know who it is.
  4. B

    Can anyone help at sexing my chicks??

    I have 4 chicks that are about 4 weeks old and would love to see if anyone had any ideas about whether they’re hens or roosters! I know 4 weeks might be too early but the suspense is killing me and I have no idea about sexing chicks so thought I’d see if anyone had any ideas! We have two...
  5. H

    Sexing a Prairie Bluebell

    I got two prairies and they were the same age should I be concerned about the lighter ones comb growth? I got two australorps and one ended up for sure being a male. This is my first year with my own flock.(I included 2 picks of the pullet in question, one of the other coloration of the same...
  6. S

    Sexing 5 month old chickens…PLEASE HELP! Don’t want to Harvest a hen!

    Hello! Our meat chicken made some chicks with our egg layers and now I have LOTS of chickens. We’ve waited to sex them so w can be for sure. We’d like to keep the hens and harvest the roosters. PLEASE HELP!
  7. HuevosGonzos

    Spitz sexing?

    Hi everyone! We have a beautiful Appenzeller Spitzhauben that’s around 10 weeks old. I’m almost convinced it’s a female, but it has some questionable behavior at times. 🤷‍♀️ I’m hoping this is just a breed trait, but what do you think based on the photos? Not the most cooperative bird while...
  8. Ligeia Black

    Female coturnix quail crowing? Is this really a hen? (Photos attached)

    Hello everyone, I am new on this forum, my name is Ligeia and I currently have five 4 weeks old coturnix quail. This is my first time keeping quail as pets, I absolutely love these birds... I have done a lot research on them and I am pretty confident that the one in the picture is a hen. My...
  9. C

    Help sexing these two 17 week old Olive Eggers!?

    Hello! These two chickens have a weak crow, some pointy feathers around neck and saddle, but small combs. Are they pullets or cockerels in your opinion?
  10. SilkySilkie

    Black silkie was sold as pullet to me but i have a feeling its a roo

    so i got this silkie ''pullet'' im getting weird feelings it might be a rooster because of the crown sorry i couldnt take good pictures ''shes'' very skittish and doesnt let me come near also i saw some green feathers on her wing shes around 9 weeks or 8 i know it might be a bit hard with sexing...
  11. S

    Any ideas of what gender?

    We have these two who are 16 weeks, any ideas of gender? They are living with 2 bantams who are 12 weeks. 5 eggs laid this morning and trying to work out who it was!
  12. C

    Chocolate mottled pekin

    If everyone isn’t sick to death of this question I would love to know if you think there is any chance that this 11 week old chocolate mottled pekin could be a hen? 😬 thank you
  13. Xhynokei

    Sexing Polish Chicks

    I have two Polish chicks, a golden laced named Izalith and a Buff Laced named Buffy, who are around 6 weeks old, and I'm wondering what sex they are. I don't see any combs developing yet and they are both very friendly which I'm not sure is significant or not but yea 🤷‍♀️ I've attached some...
  14. L

    Drake feather

    Hello, I am wondering if these tail curls are most definitely drake feathers? Thank you! (The ducks are 5 months old)
  15. Showbiz

    Help! Roosters or hens? 18 weeks old

    Hello, I started off with 19 and gave what I thought was 10 roosters away. I think I still have 1 rooster and 8 hens. Please lend me your expertise! Thank you
  16. FatChicksDigMe

    Alchemist farm month old silkie roo? Pic heavy

    I know its very early, but I was wondering if someone experienced with silkies can help. He is a paint silkie from alchemist farm, and just so cute and fluffy. However, while I hoped for a girl, seeing how tall he stands, how independent, and how big his feet and body is I think I can guess for...
  17. H

    Anyone sex quail?

    So, as a homeschool project, besides chickens, my daughter and I also hatched a few quail. First time quail owner here - I think I have one male and one female - ignore the pheasant and chickens in the background. Any guesses to the gender? They are tough to photograph, sorry. I appreciate...
  18. M

    Pullet or Cockerel??

    I’ve attached below a picture of one of our Blue Australorps. We’re stumped on weather it is a pullet or cockerel. The other 3 that we got with this one ended up being Cockerals and have crowed but this one is yet to do so. It is currently 13 weeks old. Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks! :)
  19. A

    Is This A Splash Wheaten Ameraucana Cockerel Or Pullet?

    Hi, I’m on the fence if this is a splash wheaten cockerel or not. Definitely acts a little boyish and is getting the bumps on comb (I will try to get a picture of his comb). Please let me know what you think
  20. M

    12 week old Australorps Roo or Hen??

    Hello! I’ve attached photos of my 4, 12 week old Australorps (that’s what we were told they were anyways) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are roo’s or hens? I have a feeling 3 of them are Roos but I don’t know too much about sexing! They have colour identifiers on their feet :)
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