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  1. S

    Silkie chick swollen featherless neck pecking wound pictures included

    4-5 week old silkie chick. Developed small wound weeks ago assumed from pecking dispute due to small brooder. Only two chicks in brooder. Both placed in very large brooder, site cleansed and Neosporin, and no pick applied. Feathers appeared to be filling back in, 3 days ago feathers spear to be...
  2. N

    Silkie doesn’t stop cheeping

    Only one of our silkie eggs hatched and she was cheeping constantly except for at night. We’ve made sure her brooder is at about 95 degrees and put a mirror and feather duster in her brooder in case she was lonely. She only stops cheeping for maybe one minute at a time and she does not seem to...
  3. B

    How long do u keep a heat lamp on a silkie chick a day ?

    Also how do u change the temperature down every wk ? This is my set up I am getting her 2 sex link chicks to be with tmrw It reads 95 in her tank
  4. B

    Do baby chicks need a uvb light?

    I have my baby silkie chick in a 20 gal aquarium w mesh top and a red heat lamp on it and aspen bedding I just found her in the st yesterday and want to give her the best care
  5. Silkiechicmom

    My Broody Hen is finally getting what??

    Hello! My silkie hen has been broody for almost a month. I have finally sourced some silkie chicks and I am planning on getting a few and sticking them under her come nightfall. I would love advice on this process. Do I need an additional heat source in the coop? I have a radiant heat...
  6. Revery Willow Homestead

    Sudden onset of leg weakness

    I brought home 4 silkie chicks on Friday. Aside from the typical adjustment phase, all were active, eating, drinking, and thriving. This morning (Monday) I went to the brooder to see one of the chicks on its side. I assumed it had been knocked over or fell off the stuffed animal in the brooder...
  7. A

    Silkie chick color?

    Hi all :) I’m very curious to hear opinions on this chick’s future color? I was told it should be a splash. Unfortunately I have no idea of parents’ colors. It’s a week old. The wings and feet feathers are white, head is yellow and back and chest are this grey/smokey cream/blue...I’m not sure...
  8. SoftSilkie

    Silkie Chick Cost

    Hello ya'all! I recently got into hatching and plan on starting a hobby business of selling day-old silkie chicks. My question is how much should I charge? The silkies are pet-quality blues, splashes, and blacks, all strait-run. I was thinking about 3-5 dollars per chick? They will all be from...
  9. SoftSilkie

    What Is Your Favorite Silkie Color?

    Hello fellow silkie lovers! Just for fun, I wanted to do a vote to find out what everybody's favorite silkie color/variety is. Putting all thoughts of show and non-recognized varieties aside, vote on the poll for your top 1-3 favorite(s). You don't have to own the color to vote for it, and...
  10. LemonyCatapult

    Silkie chick with noticeable wattles?

    I have a month old Silkie chick who has enormous wattles compared to my other silkies from the same hatch. Wondering if this is normal or perhaps a glimpse into what this chick’s sex might be? These are my first Silkie chicks, my other silkies I got as cockerels/pullets. Here are some pictures...
  11. C

    What I've learned so far...

    We are just finishing up with week two of raising our first chicks. We only have four, as we live in town and wanted them to have more than enough space to be comfortable. Two Saturdays ago, the trip to Tractor Supply was made and we excitedly picked out two little yellow banties (which I...
  12. Aporter0190

    Sick chick?

    I have a silkie chick I got from tractor supply Monday and I noticed today it’s been standing in one spot head down. It doesn’t run when I pick it up but it does get lively and wants back on the ground. It doesn’t lay down either.
  13. Aporter0190

    Odd chick

    I have a silkie chick I got from tractor supply Monday and I noticed today it’s been standing in one spot head down. It doesn’t run when I pick it up but it does get lively and want back down on the ground.
  14. KikiDeAnime

    Thin Silkie Chick + Not Keeping Heat

    So our 8-9 week old bantam Partridge Silkie chick isn't able to keep heat on herself and is a little thin. She sleeps in the same brooder as the other 2 Silkies that I bought with her and they're doing better than she is. I finished treating them all with Corid for coccidiosis 2 weeks ago. What...
  15. backyardchicks

    She May Be Small, But She Can Still Get Her Head in the Bucket to Eat!

    She May Be Small, But She Can Still Get Her Head in the Bucket to Eat! This is my 6 1/2 week old white silkie eating out of the feed bucket I made for my chickens. I do have feed at a lower location, but she prefers eating like the others do!
  16. lncrane08

    Can first generation silkie cross chicks have silkie feathering?

    Can first generation silkie cross chicks have silkie feathering? So this chick was a surprise hence her name SURI. My white silkie roo was about 8mos and was taken by a fox the day this chick popped out of an egg from under my broody silkie frizzle girl. I had tried everything to break her...
  17. K

    What Colours Are These Silkies

    I’m wanting to buy blue and silver silkies and found some 5-8 weeks old, but the seller isn’t sure who is blue black or silver, any ideas on which ones I should take? Wanting hens if I can get them so any ideas on which ones might be ladies are also greatly appreciated
  18. Tiggerusa


    Hedwig is 8 weeks old and super snuggly! Any gender guesses? I go back and forth. We will keep a roo as long as he doesn’t bug neighbors!
  19. C

    Silkie hybrid???

    I got these chicks from a breeder that likely had hybrids, but she thought were pure silkies. They are 2 weeks now and look to be growing in normal feathers. They have black skin and five toes. One has the characteristic dome head. Are they pure silkies or hybrids? They are already double the...
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