1. munchkinlover

    Chicken Dorm Mother

    Hi ya'll. Glad to find this site!!! I am a first time mother of 13 wonderful birds. They consist of 2 Silver Wyandotte, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Easter Eggers & 5 Golden Wyandotte. We didn't get exactly what we ordered and ended up with 3 roosters, but they really get along fine (at least for now)...
  2. FloridanaFarms

    Chicken Tractor Trailer For Sale

    Hello! We are selling a Florida Coop chicken tractor trailer my husband designed and built. He built this coop on top of a pop up camper trailer frame. We built one before that we currently use with our own flock. Since my husband has a lot of free time over the Winter, he decided to build one...
  3. F

    Sharing My Coop, Run & Movable Fence Set-Up

    We spent the morning putting up the fence for the ladies (Lavender, Peregrine, Coco, and Coco. No, I didn’t name the chickens). It’s a cool, movable fence that we got from a company called Omlet (if you’re interested, just Google “Omlet movable fence” for more info). We’ve had the fence for...
  4. bateshomesteaddream

    Tractor catching chicken feet

    advice on how to stop chicken tractor from potentially catching there feet when moving it around the yard? We just put chickens in a tractor we built out of pvc to move them around to fresh greens during the day....went to move it & realized quickly that there is a problem. They run to the back...
  5. The Dangers of a Tractor-style Coop

    The Dangers of a Tractor-style Coop

    This was my flock before yesterday. Now I've got three dead chickens and two injured. If it had been predators, I could understand. If it had been my own mistake, I'd be upset but it would make sense. No, my chickens were killed by something simple and that we never saw coming. My...
  6. seaduds

    Coop plus tractor with laying boxes?

    Hello! I'm planning to purchase 6-8 chicks in the next month or so and have questions about my potential home for them. A friend of mine has an unused coop kit that he's gifting me in exchange for eggs in the future, which is convenient. I'd love to let the chickens free-range (as the previous...
  7. Katonk

    Hybrid coop: tractor with deep Deep litter,

    Hey all, so I've been unsuccessful in finding a whole lot of discussion besides just disjointed musings on someone combining a tractor with deep litter. Important points and needs: :loveI like the chicksaw 2.0 design by Justin Rhodes but it's pretty easily torn up by all the fun wildlife out...
  8. Nibarlan

    Scrapwood Tractor- Total cost $20

    I've been working on getting a coop/run built that is nearly complete(been documenting most of it and will make a whole article on the process once it's finished), but all but one of my chicks are nearly all feathered out and have been wanting to get out of the brooder....or they think they...
  9. sneakychicken

    Chicken Startup Kit for Sale; Tractor, Supplies

    If you live in or near Stafford County, VA, I am selling my chicken set up.... Chicken tractor and starter supplies for sale. I used this inside a pen so the girls could roam about during the day. The tractor is helpful if you are gone overnight since it can keep them in and hold their...
  10. thecreekhouse

    My Christmas present coop!!

    I’m so excited! I’m getting an awesome new coop and run for Christmas! Here’s a photo of it (only mine won’t be painted orange; it’s being painted traditional barn red and white. This is my new coop! 6 foot coop and a 14 foot run. All on wheels to move to fresh grass daily. Hardware cloth...
  11. A

    Which prefab tractor? Money is no object.

    My daughter received 6 chicks for her birthday. We've got about three weeks until we are going to need to move them outside. I'm thinking a tractor is the ideal way to go. We have plenty of land (12 acres), but LOTS of predators including weasels. I want the very best Fort Knox of chicken...
  12. D

    Yellawood Coop?

    Hello, we are about to build a chicken tractor to hold 4-6 chickens. Has anyone out there ever tried using the Yellawood plans? We’ve looked at so many pics of chicken tractors online, it’s so hard to figure out a good design. Thanks for your help and input...
  13. Wooden Eagle Farm

    Chicken Tractor ideas

    We are thinking of a chicken tractor for our meat birds when we get them and moving it around our horse pasture near our house. Hoping I can get people to show us what they have and use for this. Thank you ahead of time for your input.
  14. L

    Industrial Grade Chicken Tractor

    A couple years ago i set out to build a heavy duty chicken tractor out of as much reclaimed material as possible. I borrowed some ideas from the internet and patched together a heavy duty tractor, emphasis on "heavy". I just posted a vid on YouTube if you want to check it out. Just search...
  15. L'il Chicken Hilton

    L'il Chicken Hilton

    The wife received 10 chicks from our daughter on Mothers Day 2013, it was so fun that Pam bought ten more. Oh boy, the start of a very busy summer. We considered building one of the great chicken coop/ tractors we've seen here on BYC. But we had most of the items already so we got started. Built...
  16. Waddle In Duck Tractor

    Waddle In Duck Tractor

    This duck house is designed for summer use in WI. I house the ducks elsewhere in the winter. We have a dog who keeps predators out of our yard, so it is not predator proof. However, I do include options for making it predator proof. It folds up for easy storage when you remove the end pieces. If...
  17. Carolina Clubhouse

    Carolina Clubhouse

    This story starts with a phone call from the wife; says the store has chicks. She and the kids bring home six. Two days later, we lost one; and another trip to the store. Somehow one replacement becomes five additional new chicks. Wow, now 10 chicks and not even a box to keep them in. My first...
  18. Summer Tractor Coop

    Summer Tractor Coop

    My second tractor coop for SUMMER... The "girls" love this one and all 11 large girls fit in it fine In fact they usually all sit on the top most roost a piece of 2x2 with more rounded edges. ...GRANDMAS on the cheap... SUMMER COOP project . I am cheap as blazes would love to...
  19. Bynaturefarms Chicken Coop

    Bynaturefarms Chicken Coop

    Still trying to figure things out here. Here is my chicken Tractor.
  20. My Chicken Tractor Designed By Me Built By My Hubby

    My Chicken Tractor Designed By Me Built By My Hubby

    This is a Queengoddess one-of-a-kind chicken tractor! I drew the design myself and my husband went to work building it. I love, love, LOVE how well it turned out. It is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. The chicken "run" area is 4 feet tall. I have a nesting box area that sticks out the back (you can...
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