Sharing My Coop, Run & Movable Fence Set-Up


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Sep 1, 2019
We spent the morning putting up the fence for the ladies (Lavender, Peregrine, Coco, and Coco. No, I didn’t name the chickens). It’s a cool, movable fence that we got from a company called Omlet (if you’re interested, just Google “Omlet movable fence” for more info). We’ve had the fence for several years now, and it’s awesome. Our chicken coop and run are on wheels, so we can easily move the whole structure onto a fresh patch of grass in the yard whenever the chickens finish with one area. So we relocate the coop and run onto green grass, and then we take down the fence and reinstall it around the coop. The whole process takes 45-90 minutes. The fencing allows the chickens significant extra free area to graze outside their coop while still keeping the dog out. At night, though, the hens are locked up tight in their predator-proof coop. Plenty of urban wildlife such as raccoons, possums, skunks, and even foxes and coyotes come out at night looking for an urban chicken meal.
Looks pretty great is there ventilation any windows or vents for air others photos of the coop would help

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