1. ShrekDawg

    Walking/Running Thread

    I made a hiking one but I wanted to make one specifically for walking and running cause it’s slightly different and I currently walk a lot more than I hike. Which still isn’t much but better than nothing. And it’s starting to be more lately. Yesterday I walked a lot because I went to an...
  2. T

    Flies galore

    Hi all! We have got so many flies! We used to let the girl free range o the far side of the backyard, but foxes so now they’re in a 1.8x4.5m run. Plus also the missus wanted the far side of her backyard back. Back the we did have flies, but because they were so far away it didn’t feel that...
  3. S

    Something invaded our run

    Hi. I was hoping to get advice. I went into the run to open feed containers and let the girls out this morning and found a large pile of freshly dug dirt. Looks like something dug it's way out?? I took a photo in the hole and you can see light to where it tunneled through. The exit was about...
  4. Silkie Mike

    A store-bought coop in a 5x10 run

    I bought a coop at the local bargain outlet for $150. I put some locust posts up to make a 5x10 rectangle. Going to trade in the 3 foot fence for 5 foot fence tomorrow. They are just peeps so they are I just took they out to the coop for a couple hours, today. Otherwise, they are still inside...
  5. 4

    Moving adult chickens to new home

    We are getting 5 adult (2-3 years old) hens from a neighbor moving to NYC. They currently free range in a small backyard, but we will be keeping them in an 80ish square foot run most of the time. When they are transferred to the run (new coop too), we are moving them at dusk. Then, should we...
  6. S

    Help with base of run

    I think I made a mistake when I put my ladies out in their coop with the attached run. I didn't prep the run in any way, shape or form, and just assumed the dirt/grass/weed situation was good enough. Now that it's been a few weeks obviously the weeds/grass are gone and it's just bare soil, but...
  7. How We Built Our Run and Coop

    How We Built Our Run and Coop

    I'm Terri and my husband is Alan. We're new to all of this, but I already have family and friends asking us (of all people) for advice on keeping chickens safe. I couldn't believe they were asking US! But I did this for my big sister, my bro-in-law and one of their friends. Thought I'd share...
  8. Bananabread

    Just finished coop, welcome feedback, thoughts and recs

    Just finished my new coop build and created an article about the building process that I linked below. I welcome any feed back or recommendations. Already heard from a couple people with helpful thoughts and recommendations. Always looking to improve and "build" up everyone's experience!
  9. Jim Q

    We LOVE our new Coop and Run (and so do our chickens)

    Eleven years ago I downloaded plans for a chicken coop from BYC but alas, our timing and location just weren't right. After moving to a nice property along the Gulf Coast of Alabama we finally got enough time and space so we built a coop and got our cute baby chicks in February. All I can say...
  10. Cedar Shake Coop

    Cedar Shake Coop

  11. RADK

    Does my run *need* to be a walk-in?

    Hi all! New to chickens and starting to plan my permanent run for my 12 BSL pullets. My run will be long and skinny : 21’x5’ and built along the outer wall of our barn (the coop is a room inside the barn). My question is… does it really need to tall enough for me to walk in it? I know it...
  12. goldiehenandcompany

    Decision making for new run area - posts, construction

    Hello all! I’m hoping for some guidance as I begin building a more permanent run area for my three geriatric, special needs chicken friends I recently brought in. They have a prefab coop that I would like to place inside of a run. I have no build experience and just obtained run plans for a...
  13. BoomChickWow

    Help with Coop and Run Materials!

    I was set on using sand in my coop and run based on advantages I had read about and the “Chicken Chick” and others recommendations. Now I am questioning it after reading an article in how it should never be used. I might be overthinking but now I am not sure what to use! I live in a residential...
  14. G

    Vacation time! Coop door left open? Ducks and Chickens..

    Hello! I have 9 ducks and 9 chickens. They each have their own coop, with a 16 ft covered run in the middle that they share. Their coop doors open in to that run. My questions are, what do you do to prepare to leave your ducks and chickens for a weekend away? Do you leave you coop doors open...
  15. C

    Show me your DIY Chicken Coops/Runs/Etc. (Please!)

    We are beginning construction of a better/larger/more quality coop for our flock and would love to see what you fine folks have built so we may pull ideas from your builds, if we may! Show off your work, please! Tell me why you built it the way you did, if it’s predator proof, what material was...
  16. S

    Too much peat moss?

    We live in a small town where sand is not really an option to fill our huge run so we filled the whole thing with peat moss. They’re just going in their run now after being inside the house and they’re eating and digging through it (as predicted). Our run is covered and doesn’t get wet so I’m...
  17. C

    Wood chip mulch for run?

    Does anyone have any experience in using wood chip mulch for their chicken run? (The kind you see at playgrounds, not sure if I’m using the right name) My run is so muddy and STINKS because it’s at the bottom of a slope in my yard. I researched it online and seems safe to use, however...
  18. C

    Chicken run skirt idea

    I am building a 10x20 run. I am covering all sides with 1/4” mesh wire (maybe a bit overkill but want to be extra safe) however my question about keeping foxes and raccoons from digging under is if I can lay down 3’ wide chain link fencing around the perimeter (tie it into my mesh to prevent...
  19. briannamonique16

    How many chickens can I safely fit?

    I have a 4x6 coop with an 8x6 attached run, there is space under the coop as well so technically 12ft of run “ground space”. I have 10 6 week chickens right now, two of which are silkies (all pullets). Chicken math is real and I want 5 more but do you think that would be over crowding them...
  20. katie_94

    What to grow in a grazing bed in Florida?

    After losing one of my girls to an unknown predator, we no longer let them free range without constant supervision and extended the run by 20ft. Since they'll now be spending most of their day inside the run, I plan to build a 2ftx9ft grazing bed with removable hardware cloth top. I occasionally...
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