1. jewelg

    Run planning - how high does hardware cloth need to go?

    Hi, folks - in planning out our run, we know we'll have a roof (at least a partial one) and a predator apron, but I've seen photos of some runs with hardware cloth lining the entire height of each run wall, and others where it looks like the hardware cloth only goes up a few feet...
  2. J

    Newbie raising Coturnix Quail on grass!

    Hey everyone. I’m new to BYC but have been an avid reader for months now, fantasizing about raising some birds! I got the chance to contact a local vendor and purchased 20 Coturnix Hens for eggs( my goal at the moment). I put in A LOT of work building my quail run. It took me about a week to...
  3. My Chicken experience and thoughts

    My Chicken experience and thoughts

    First of all,I am no expert or claim to be one. I like science backed data. I have read every single book I could get my hands on. I have read every article and instruction I could find in English online. I am not a band wagon type of person nor do I jump into things without feeling informed as...
  4. Back of covered run

    Back of covered run

  5. Covered outdoor run

    Covered outdoor run

  6. CHlCKEN

    I need help with a DIY chicken run separator!

    My littles are growing up so fast! The three big girls have met them through bars and although don’t think much of them now, they will when the 4 chicks move into the big run with them. I want to make a temporary diy run separator for my omelet run, one with a door so there is simple access. How...
  7. Poulette Masion

    Poulette Masion

    Hello, I hope this article isn't too confusing for anyone. I am new to the chicken world. When I decided to get a few chickens, I knew what i wanted. It was much earlier in the year. I couldn't find a coop that was good enough, all the reviews were terrible and the coops fell apart in a year...
  8. Marty0Dent

    What do you think of my first try at duck coop?

    Hi everyone, This is the first time I've build anything of this magnitude and wanted some thoughts and ideas on my set up and plans. Any criticism or improvement ideas welcome! Oh, I have 2 Pekin females, 1 Khaki Campbell female, and 1 crested Cayuga or Black Swed(still unsure) male just for...
  9. T

    Assistance with coop height.

    Hello! I need some advice from experienced hen keepers.... I have built my coop and I am raising it off the ground to allow the hens access underneath for shade during the summer and dry land during the winter. It currently stands 1 foot (12 inches) off the ground. Is this enough room for a...
  10. A

    Run material help! Sand? Wood chips?

    We are planning to use sand in the coop for ease of cleaning but I’m concerned that the girls will get bored in the run with just sand. Thoughts? Add a raised bed with something else for variety? Small composting pile/bin? We are planning to do at least one grazing box. We need something...
  11. black_cat

    What should I put on the floor of the run?

    I am planning to get three chickens (possibly bantams) with a 6x5 run. I was planning to put sand in part of it so that they could take dust baths, and was going to leave the rest as grass/dirt. I am planning to put hardware mesh under the coop to prevent anything tunneling in. Would that hurt...
  12. The Hen House: The story continues!

    The Hen House: The story continues!

    Hello again! We finally finished our coop and the chickens have been having a blast. It’s a bit of an odd design but we love it and like how moveable it is. On the coop, the front has a latch for easy access to the eggs. On both sides there are windows for plenty of sunlight and lots of...
  13. MamaGer8ty

    Meat chickens with dual chickens?

    We have four Cornish hens that will be going to freezer camp in a couple of weeks. (I saw someone else said that in a post and I loved it. I can’t remember who said it though.) Is it ok to put them in the coop with our egg laying chickens until then? Should we keep them separated and in their...
  14. C

    Free range in a (possibly?) dangerous place? What do you think

    Hi everyone! I am new to chickens and would love to get some advice on a few questions. So I have my run and coops in my back yard, the majority of the back yard is a pool and a hillside with lots of plants that people have said are poisonous to chickens. Like irises, hydrangeas, hosta's, old...
  15. B

    To free range or not to free range?

    Hi! I’m new here, my name is Bobbi. I am a new chicken mama to Orpingtons, Cochins, and sapphire gems. I’m working on converting an old milking barn into my coop. I’m currently in the dilemma of trying to decide if I should let my chickens free range during the day or not. My boyfriend and I...
  16. Movable Mini Run

    Movable Mini Run

  17. C

    Chicken and duck questions

    Hello all, i had a couple questions if someone wouldn't mind helping me out. 1) can i use grass clipping from my yard inside my coop and run? 2) my ducks are about 8-9 weeks old and my chickens are about the same age. My question is here is when can i move them out to my run/coop. The coop...
  18. C

    New Member - Jim C. from Maryland

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Brand new to chickens! Just bought 4 chicks on March 16th, built a 4x4 brooder in a week, then bought 2 more on March 31st! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 6. (3) What breeds do you have? One Amberlink, Two...
  19. Legacy Farms

    Monster Run

    The monster run my husband had envisioned being 24'x37' ended up being 24'x24' because the digging here is brutal. He came home Thursday from work and asked how I only got 5 posts in all afternoon. So I handed him the breaker bar & shovel...two holes in, he decided 24x24 was big enough! 🤣...
  20. reesechickpic

    coop run vs free range

    Hi all, I am sure there is a post about this out there but I wanted to put my specific circumstances into play. We are building a coop that said it is suitable for 12-15 chickens. we got 15 chicks, they're two weeks old now. after more research, I think the coop size is fine for 15 chickens but...
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