1. DuckNana207

    Training silkies for a nipple feeder

    I have silkie bantam we wanted to switch to a nipple water system. We had it in their pen for a few days, and they didn't seem to get how to use it. We put it in place of their other water, but at the end of the day I would set thier old waterer in and they acted very thirsty. I showed them...
  2. robbyvg

    How Water-Loving are Mallards?

    I searched the forums prior to posting this but I either didn't type in the correct words or does not exist. Anyhow... I just ordered some Mallard ducklings from Metzer. I have raised Cayugas, Blue Swedes, Golden Layers, Khaki Campbells, Rouens and Pekins. I noticed the Cayugas take to the...
  3. Gearhead846

    Is it normal for my duckling to sleep by the water ?

    I have been noticing that just about every time that I have gone into my ducklings brooder that they are almost always sleeping, and sleeping right next to the water is that normal? And approx. How long do 3 week old ducklings sleep everyday Thanks
  4. TheChickenEnthusiast

    Can I place a galvanized waterer on a heater base?

    Hey chicken lovers! Can I place a galvanized poultry waterer on a heater base? Will it rust, break down, or otherwise contaminate my chicken's water? Are there any other concerns for using a heater with this waterer? Thanks!
  5. ArtsyLady

    Fresh water for ducks

    Our son has 2 ducks, and my husband added on to the chicken yard to give them space to roam when we are not outside with them. We keep ours fenced and covered because we have so many hawks in the area. Anyway we've sunk a 75 gal stock tank into the ground in there for the ducks to swim in and...
  6. Countryhippie

    Heated Water Bowl or Not?

    Hello! I live in Massachusetts and have 6 eight week old chickens (two cockerels and four hens). I had them out in the coop last night and our temps dipped to the low 40s overnight. They have only been out in there coop for about a week and this is the lowest it has gotten. When I went out to...
  7. RosyChickens

    Miracle !

    I was so sad on Tuesday when one of my friendly girls didn’t show up in the coop (free range during the day) After looking for her, I hoped she just settled else where for the night. But she didn’t show up the next day, or the next, despite looking for her. I was coming to terms that a...
  8. Crazy Duck Lover

    Keeping Brooder Dry

    I’m planning to purchase some ducklings from McMurray something in October. This isn’t the first time I’ve raised ducklings, so I know how messy they will make it. I have put pans with mesh on top of them under they’re waterer, even made a draining system for a bigger pan, but the pipe was...
  9. S

    Help with gutters for rain barrel watering system

    Hi! My husband is working on adding gutters to our coop so we can use a rain barrel to supply our water bar with water. He has traditional gutter sealant (from a box store) for the gutters. Is that safe to use if we will be using rain water pulled off the gutters to fill our barrel? Is...
  10. kaylyntheweirdginger

    How high should I put this?

    My chickens are used to the gravity feeder waterers and I bought one of these (see attachment). I have it in the coop which they are still getting used to. I'm not sure how high to hang it. I haven't seen them use it so I'm not sure if its high enough. I think I have it about maybe 18 inches...
  11. B

    Can Quails forget how to drink water

    I have 4 quails in a cage that could easily fit more but they aren’t eating much food or water but they are fine, so is there a problem? We are in August New Zealand the last month of winter
  12. Goosebaby

    My Goose Aspirated Water!!!

    Tuesday aspirated water this morning (8 am) it’s about 6 pm now and her voice is still faint, she’s still gurgling with a light cough, I’m so scared for her! Is there anything I can do for her?! https://www.instagram.com/p/CR-MHdQgSbC/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Chuckenman

    Chickens are pooping in the feeder.

    I put feeders in their coop with food 24x7 but they jump on top of the feeder and poop in it. And when the poop goes in their food they don't eat it anymore. A lot of their food is going to waste and I have to wash their food and water feeders every single day. They only eat some of their food...
  14. Michael A

    Water for feral chickens

    I keep hens in Florida but own a rental property in the cayman islands. There is very little standing water but feral chickens all over the place. On a hot day they are walking around panting searching for water. My hens have such a great life compared to these poor things. I don’t think they...
  15. A

    chickens in the hot weather! help!

    okay so i have 10 chickens(+ one turkey) outside in the coop currently and yesterday it was above 90 degrees, i didnt know what to do for them. they were panting and i was worried so i brought them ice water and later on decided to mist them with cool water because they were still panting! i saw...
  16. Lordofthegreenpeas

    Two babies seizing!

    My gosling started to flip over puke up water nd seizure yesterday and is now completely better. The new one is a muscovy and he started to flip over and puke up a whole crop of water a few minutes ago, he is also getting better. What is this? Did they drink too much? I've had this happen before...
  17. Lilliecs314

    Dirty pen!

    Hello! I have 2 ducks and they are semi-free range. I have a large fenced in area with their coop inside. Any ideas on how to keep the ground in the pen clean/dry and smelling nice? It’s very muddy, lots of poop and stinky. I put them in their coop at night and the food and water stays outside...
  18. Joyfillednomads

    From basic to chicken palace...??

    Chicken palace no. I just need automatic coop door, automatic waterer (maybe with a float), diy automatic feeder... Maybe a camera to make sure everything is OK. I had to have surgery a few months ago and doing chores meant me nagging older kids to help out, just to free up time and to make the...
  19. R

    Hatched chick with mother hen problem

    Hi everyone! I am new on chicken raising. I had a hen with 5 eggs. Staggered hatching: April 20 one hatched, then today april 22 one hatched. All 3 eggs still remain under hen. The hen is still sitting on the nest, i am concerned that the first hatchling will go hungry and dehydrated as today is...
  20. ThatChickenLady708

    Are chickens actually smart?

    I bought my flock one of those waterers that has the watering cups on them. You know, the ones that have the little trigger in the cup that they hit that releases water? They CANNOT figure it out for some reason! I can't seem to get them to hit it hard enough & I end up having to do it for them...
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