1. cityfarmer12

    Is it dangerous to let ducks swim in water runoff?

    Hello everyone! I have a small flock of 5 ducks that are currently penned up near the house in a chicken tractor. This winter, I am working on fencing off the back half of the property (about half an acre) to give the livestock (ducks, chickens, turkeys and hopefully goats) more room to...
  2. TheChiggens

    As winter hits! What to use for water?

    What are the best water bowls for winter? With chickens. Its realy discouraging every morning to crack ice. And throuh out the day. As temps are in the teens. It continues to be a time consuming chore. Its hard to decide heated water bowl, rubber bowl, nipples, metal bowl? I have kinda a low...
  3. CvilleDon

    Question about heating water in the coop

    I have a hanging 5 gallon bucket with horizontal nipples inside my 4' x 8' coop. I want to put a heater inside the bucket to keep it from freezing on really cold nights. I'm also hoping the heated water will act as a radiator to slightly warm the coop for my 4 hens, but I don't want to over heat...
  4. ginny_e

    Cold frame for keeping water from freezing?

    Hi all, I have had my 4 chickens for a year and a half now, and just added two Indian runner ducks this past summer. I made it through last winter by using the black rubber feeder bowls and changing the water in the morning and evenings. We live in Massachusetts, so get some pretty cold temps...
  5. Poppy Putentake

    Low-Tech Winter Waterers -- Insulated and otherwise

    Here is how to make the simple waterers I have been using for my small (5 birds) flock of chickens through Vermont winters. No electricity needed! For insulated waterers, I start with two plastic containers like these. One will fit inside the other. The inner one originally held about 11 oz...
  6. E

    Farm Innovators 250 Watt Stock tank deicer - question!

    Hey all - I recently got the 250 Watt Stock tank deicer. The instructions mention two things: 1. don't use an extension cord (which I would need to), and 2. Install a ground rod 8 ft deep. Have others done this?? I can't find anything in other articles or posts about this. Temps are already...
  7. Quail_Kid

    Help! 11 degrees ºF outside and need some water!

    My water heaters are working fine but the water cups are frozen. So I am manually giving them water in bowls but I have to go out there every 30 minutes and get out the ice and refill. Can I use Snow for them to drink?
  8. emilyenorris

    Silkie hen went for a swim. . . frozen.

    Yesterday I came home from work and found my free range silkie hen in the goat water bowl. It was in the 30s yesterday. Her head was dry. I am guessing she fell in and could not get out. It is one of the rubber bowls that are about a foot deep. I have never had one fall in that I am aware of...
  9. Rravenrose

    What should I feed my chickens? And how should I water them?

    I just recently got two chickens and though I have some experience with chickens in the past I have no idea what I should feed them or if there's a special way I should give them water. Some chickens kinda just wandered into my yard and I've looked for their owners but nobody has claimed them...
  10. DuckDaddy29

    Oxine in Waterer - Ducks

    Good Day- Is it okay to put Oxine in my ducks water? I have read that Oxine helps break down the slime build up in their waterer container. If its okay to put Oxine in their waterer, how much per gallon should i use? Thank you in advance.
  11. HomeTweetHome1

    How can I keep my biddies’ water clean?

    I have 2 chicks, about 2 weeks old I’d say, as well as a couple ducklings. They are constantly soiling their water. I’m changing it every couple hours or so now... I’m wondering if there’s any way I can keep their water clean, litter dry, and avoid waking up to thirsty chicks at 4:30 in the morning.
  12. CoturnixKeeper

    bleach for water sanitation?

    I keep a few quail on my property and I fill/change their 1 quart water holder every one or two days, can I put one or two drops of bleach in their water to keep it from getting smelly? I know minute amounts of bleach can be used to purify water for humans but will it harm a quail?
  13. J

    URGENT- Hen is lethargic with pale comb and can’t stand!!!

    i need help!!!! I have 2 free roaming chickens that live together which are about 2.5-3 years old. They are Rhode Island Reds. Part of the backyard is near a wooded area/forest. The smaller of the sisters all of a sudden started staying in her coop and will not eat or stand! She seems very weak...
  14. Tortilla

    Muscovy Mother Duck Problem Emergency

    Today when the mother duck was in the break, i saw her Drinking Water and going back to her nest ,when he was at the nest he spitted all the water that he drinked on the eggs. They stayed about 4-5 minutes with the water on them, i comed, i dried them and put some New Straws over the wet straws...
  15. imneva

    Are you freezing water containers for your chickens or am I alone in this

    So I have been filling empty jugs and 2 liters for the up coming high heat coming the next couple of days. I do not have electricity in my coop. Too far from the house. So I figure ice packs the size of milk jugs should do nicely.
  16. Mk.mom.13

    Duck eggs non stop in kiddie pool

    I have two Pekin hens and a Pekin drake. One of my Pekin hens has been broody for approximately 6-10 weeks now and something keeps getting her eggs, I check ALL day with no luck of the culprit so I’m buying a trail cam this weekend. Lol sorry off subject anyhow! My non broody Pekin hen only lays...
  17. sofiagrace901

    Yummy Summer Snacks

    Hello everyone! I spoil my chickens a lot.. especially in the summer. Tennessee gets hot and humid! I thought it would be nice to share some of the snacks I feed my hens in the summer. 1. Frozen Coconut Oil Cubes: For these I simply mix oats and coconut oil (you can put some banana in there...
  18. Christopher28fair

    Proper water for chickens

    Given a choice between a freshly poured bowl of sparkling clean water and a one-inch-deep puddle of muddy slop they themselves are standing in, your typical chicken will choose the muddy slop every time.
  19. TwoChicksChix

    Bird Wheezing, Sounds Like Water in Lungs

    Hi everyone, I have an older bird, probably around 6 or 7, who has started to wheeze a bit when breathing. It sounds like a popping thing too occasionally, like he’s sort of gargling water. He seems to be the only one of my outside birds who’s acting like this. It started a few days ago, I...
  20. WildCHILD400

    Lathargic chick PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 2 month old FBCM from an auction. I recieved it severely dehydrated. I have electrolyte and probiotic water I have been giving to her through an eyedropper every half hour. She hasnt eaten for the two days I have had her and who knows how long before. HELP she doesnt move much, has...
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