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The Basics:

New BYC Breed Pages

Submit your own breed pages

Detailed Info:

This is one of the most exciting and biggest upgrades to BYC in years! For a VERY long time we've been wanting to revamp the BYC Breed Pages section of BYC, and we've gone way beyond what we originally set out to do!

In our quest to create the absolute BEST chicken breeds database on the planet we knew we needed to consider the following:

1) The BYC staff didn't have enough experience, resources, time, etc. to capture all the information for all the breeds.
2) We couldn't have a free form submission like we do for the coop design pages
3) We wanted to allow all our members to contribute. We believe everyone from novice to expert has something to share.
4) Present the data in a uniform way which would allow visitors to sort the information and find what they wanted quickly and easily
5) We wanted to combine two main projects, Revamped Breed Pages and Progressive Chick Pics

So after a lot of time and money we've created a completely new BYC Chicken Breed System (BETA)!

One of the key points to this system is the fact that there are two types of pages (Note: almost all the columns are sortable):

Main Breed Pages - These are the "master" breed pages created by breed expert members. They will have all the history, stats, pictures, etc. on the particular breed:

Simple Breed Pages - These are the secondary pages submitted by members. They may contain personal pictures, color variants, progressive chick pics, etc.

Any forum member can create either a "Main" or "Simple" page visit this link:

Here is an example of how you'd navigate the system.

Starting out at the Main Breed Index: https://www.backyardchickens.com/breeds/breed-chart

You could click on the Modern Game image which takes you to the "Main Page" for the breed: https://www.backyardchickens.com/breeds/modern_game/23006

there you could either:

1) Click on one of the thumbnail images:


2) Click on one of the "Simple" breed pages at the bottom of the page https://www.backyardchickens.com/breeds/modern_game/chicken/40

that we've done the easy part (
) we need you to help with the hard part: BEGIN SUBMITTING PAGES!!!

As a bit of an incentive, for every approved (by our staff) Main Breed Page that is submitted, you will receive a special 3 Month Golden Feather Membership to use for yourself or give as a gift to a friend.

Also, if you know breed experts, please encourage them to contribute to the pages!

We've done a LOT of testing to the system, but this is still the BETA / version 1.0. We're sure there are still bugs to be found. PLEASE reply to this thread and provide us with feedback on things like:

Bugs / Error Messages
Organization of the data
Position of the data and images
Colors / Themes
Anything else you think will make this system even better!

Thanks in advance for your feedback and page submissions. We know that as we work together as the largest chicken community in the World can create the absolute best resource for chicken breed information anywhere!



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For proggressive pics, should they just be quality birds, or can hatchery birds that don't quite fit standard (leg color, stray marks) It's sorta odd bc you want pics to be accurate, but helpful, so I'd figure I'd ask


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Zahboo. I think those would be helpful to people who are into showing their birds. If the correct photo of what the standard is is on the main page for the breed, then pictures showing faults posted on the supplemental pages could be compared so people know what to look for to improve their own birds.

Excellent idea in my opinion.


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Don't you think size shoud reflect "Large fowl" or "bantam" since "standard" is a misnomer as I understand it, actually referring to the fact that it meets breed standards? I realize that alot of people use it this way, but it seemd like we could help that by using correct terminology on the main breed pages.
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